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Name:  Tiffany grey
Age:  24
Location:  nigeria abeokuta
Phone:  +(234)7030211425
Report:  dr micheal adeniji ims me to tell me my fiance that she in hospital from car accident and she serious injured.. the hospital is highyway roadside automoblie hospital.... need 500.00 to for treatment for tiffany grey..he found in her bag to look for her family and i m only one informs he got soooo he told me tiffany coming back from airport with ticket that she be here aug 31 in bakersfield califoria.... so i ask him could u give me information on the ticket to prove me ihe right... he wouldnt answer that so i check up all hospital and could find right answer about him is real dr and fake hospital he clam he is the dr for tiffany and she is serious injured need treatment i think something happy to tiffany grey from this dr adeniji or babatunde omolaja .. i need fbi go check her to find her she is safe and taken care of... tiffany told me she is heading to internaional airport to get the ticket and be hom,e to me aug 31 in california... she never made it back to hotel to return to me and give me information of time to pick her up..... fbi please go now find her..something bad happen to her... i have the phone number from dr micheal adeniji thats told me he found her bag to contacting meee ... number is +234703114255 need to trace that phone to catch this guy and let me know she is safe dr adeniji contact me thur tiffany sn wildgirl2_misscute and dr called me to my grey hasnt return to motel yet and i need help to find her plsssssss help me how to contact fbi or police tofind thecams and my future wife
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Age:  25
On web sites:  ANTHEACLUB
Report:  scammer qui demande $ 240 pour traductions de lettres
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Age:  30
Location:  Tver - RUSIA
Report:  Dice vivir en un dpto. con la hermana, que no tiene internet, que la comunicacion la haces desde su trabajo, que tiene buen trabajo y automovil, que busca el amor fuera de Rusia, que ha escogido Argentina, que esta desesperada por reunirse, que sus padres ya saben que ella esta vinculada amigablemente y que su corazon habla de sentimientos muy fuertes y que con seguridad se va a vincular amorosamente (con su presunta victima). Que le gusta mucho el verano, la plaza, las vacaciones y comidas extranjeras.
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Name:  Ekaterina Rassvetnaya
Age:  22
Location:  Ukraine 13002 Romanov
Address:  13002 Romanov Street Yuzhnaya 56
Phone:  +380937533497 (Mobile Phone)
On web sites:  www.cute.only and many many others
Report:  will update by email !! when I get the Scam Report ID !
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Name:  Elena Vladimirovna Trohimchuk
Age:  23
Location:  Ukraine, Nikolaev
Phone:  80988464177
On web sites:  Online-Dating-Ukraine (Natasha); Hotrussianbrides; Originclub; dream-marriage; amazing-women; anasta
Report:  To whom it may concern: I had been corresponding with Elena Vladimirovna for more than half a year, with letters and online, before I went to see her. Lena invited me as a guest to Nikolayev between the 2nd and 9th of July. I spoke to her on the phone the 2nd. The 3rd of July she wrote me a sms telling me the place of our meeting. I think we had a nice first meeting and we agreed to see each other in the evening the day after. In the afternoon the day after I sent an sms asking her what time we should meet. I did not get any response. For the rest of the time in Nikolayev I did sent her some messages out of concern. She did not answer so I was afraid that she might have been in an accident or something. I wrote to her that I was worried about her. Of course I could not enjoy my stay in Nikolayev as I worried about Lena and spent a lot of time waiting in the apartment for a message from her. At our first (and only meeting) we had a pleasant time, she told me that she liked me very much and she kissed me. However she stopped all communicating with me afterwards. I gave her some jewellery on our first meeting and she asked me to buy her some shoes, which I did. I have not got any explanation or honest excuse from her part. This is why I have to assume that she is a scammer or gold digger. I have saved all our correspondence and all pictures she send (about three letters a week and one hundred pictures. Kind regards Rasmus Blomqvist (nick name: Patric Door)
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Name:  Charolette 
Aka:  Dina
Age:  31
Location:  Ghana
On web sites:  lavalife
Report:  Same old same old routine....says she cares alot about you then starts asking to help pay some of her bills.
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Name:  Amanda Burns
Age:  32
Location:  Nigeria Ile-Ife
Phone:  0112347059281208
On web sites: and others pretty sure
Report:  She claims to have lived in Elgin,Illinois with her dad,her dad died and went to visit her mom thats in Nigeria,she claims her mom worked in the missionary there and is not working now due to having breast cancer,she also claimed that she had plenty of money in an account to get back on but she went through it just living there for 8 months,now she needs 770.00 just to get back on,well like a fool I fell for it and sent it to her,because she said that she wants to come and be my wife,we had been talking on yahoo messenger for about 2 months plus texting on the phone.She is on a site showing she has another name and email address this is it,( jessica desmond.
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Name:  Alsu Muhamethanova
Age:  29
Location:  AstracA?n, Rusia
Report:  es una chica muy hA?bil, porque sabe enrredar muy bien con todos los comentarios que va escribiendo para tomar confianza del usuario. Cuando ya ha madurado la relaciA?n pide que pagues su boleto y visa para poder encontrarte con ella en el paA¬s donde tu vives, tiene carA?cter muy fuerte si no has depositado el dinero a travA©s de Western Union. Es muy astuta para manejar la situaciA?n dando confianza y sobre todo mandando varias fotografA­as de ella. Mucho cuidado en ella!!!
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Name:  Olga Tihomirova
Aka:  Alisa
Age:  27
Location:  Near Penza Russia
On web sites:  yahoo personals
Report:  A friend of mine recognized her pictures, so I verified her identity through the personal photo on the listed profile. Furthermore, of the two letters I recieved, there were many copied areas of text. She has been trying to pass her self off as a dentist with me as well.
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Name:  Tera Koomson Biado
Aka:  Sandra burkey
Age:  30
Location:  Swedru City, Accra Ghana
Address:  P.O. Box 881, Ghana Swedru, Accra Ghana
Phone:  233 247 060690
Email:  Tera k
On web sites:
Report:  Tera k koomson Biado of Swedru city, ghana had scammed me out of over 80k USD and did it with her traveling and trying to send 10 Gold Bars of hers,and send them to me in the States, supposed ly for a new start for her and myself.I told her ,
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