First name: PAMELLA
Last name: WILLIAMS
Location: BRONX NY
Address: 9362 East 42nd st New york,ny 10014
Phone: 1-403-399-7992
Email: shoppers,inc,
On websites:
Report: well my name is vickie and i recentlly went on a marketing website. Many days after, i recieved a letter from a company NAME,
First name: amina
Last name: moro
Age: 33
Location: ghana-accra
Report: wants me to send money for visa and pass port and other things
First name: Olga
Age: 25
Report: I saw profile here. but wanted to add another email address to your list.. Luckily I found your site before getting attached.
First name: marie
Last name: burghers
Aka: gelndale maryland
Location: USA
On websites: e-harmony
Report: met on e harmony spoke to each other through emails and IM told me both her parents died and she was all alone,she was in the art business and was in Nigeria on a business trip.and she needed some more money to clear her stuff from custom
First name: Svetlana
Last name: Kirova
Report: In this photos i can see a popular russish singer, Katja Lel ))) don't believe, mens - just look: , also by and...she is married
First name: Anastasia
Last name: Makarova
Age: 28
Report: ATTENTIONS!!!! It's not really!!! I live in Nederlands, but I know this girl, before Nederlands, I was living in Moscow - it is not photos from she!!! In this photos a russishe TV-star Masha Malinovskaya, and you can see her- if you'll be find a some russishe tv-programms, of magazines. You just can go to
First name: Shelby
Last name: Smith
Aka: Shelby Annah
Age: 35
Location: Nigeria
Address: a church in Ibadan,nigeria
Email: shelbyannah73
On websites: yahoo
First name: Amet
Last name: Johson
Aka: Joyce Amoako Attah
Age: 31
Location: Ghana
On websites:
Report: I have been chatting with whom I know as Joyce for several months and had no suspisions that she may be anything other than genuine. She has answered all questions I have asked in trying to trip her up , very convincingly. In the time I have known her she has had her purse and phone stolen after withdrawing her 'life savings' to purchase air fares etc, to come visit me. Obviously to try to get me to help her out with money to replace what was stolen
First name: Lyudmila
Last name: Shirokova
Aka: unknown Verokiss or verakat
Age: 29
Location: RUSSIA says she is from New york
Report: I got letters asking for money got reciets sending here money i have Pictures and her russian visa She is on Lava Place right now.i have here email adress here adress but dont know were its at
First name: Kimberly
Last name: Burchfield
Age: 33
Location: Minnesota ,Oklahoma city
On websites: lust 4 you
Report: I have been chating with this lady for about 2 weeks now .. She asked about helping with her fathers inheritance ,, says she is from Okalhoma city Ok ,, She has A attorney in the U.K Christopher Horan and Associates , Toi nin,, Chan ,in robertson minnesota, Also a member from nigeria, I recently sent $300.00 to her attorney , In this matter to see what her game is ,, Now she wont return e-mails or chat on messenger ,,