First name: Marivic
Last name: Godinez
Age: 24
Location: Ormoc City Philippines
On websites: Christian Cafe
Report: Although some Asian women do date older men one has to be suspicious still. What gave this person away was the fact that I responded to their message and they haven't replied back. Most dating sites send an e-mail when some one has responded to them so this person would have seen that and who it was from. Also by looking on the net I discovered that this person had requested money off a man on another site. Well for wasting my time to start with and to put a dent in this scammers activities I have placed a report in here about them. This could be a man/men using a stolen picture. Unfortunately alot of Asians (or people pretending to be) on my site that write to me are scammers. They always get something from me. Their picture put up here in the hall of shame. This is another one that bites the dust.
First name: stella
Last name: lucky
Age: 43
Location: indianapolis
Phone: 317=606-2381
On websites:
Report: said she was a buyer of fabrics and other goods for resale in States. I connected with her on 11/08/2013 she told me she was going to fly to Ghana on11/11/2013 and would be there for 1 month. was suggested I buy her an Apple I-pad so we could stay in touch. was sent several pictures 12 total I think of her in bright blue dress pink shorts and top 4 pics were of her in two piece bathing suit. 4 pics were in park were she and her 'child Angel' were feeding ducks. I saw her the pics she used on another site.
First name: christabel
Last name: payne
Age: 32
Location: dwenho ghana acca
Address: zantifa
On websites: yes
Report: I had only known her for two days and she had come.on that strong i knew that she would ask me for money within days she did ... she does not stop she will tell you she will tell you she needs money to visit the embassy and comes. visas ,passports etc .. and then you will never here from her once you have put the money there...
First name: grace
Last name: dede
Aka: inusah kahar
Age: 28
Location: tamale city ghana
Email: dont have e mail
On websites: dont know
Report: this girl who i seen on here as hannah kahar is asking for money to move to the uk
First name: Rabbi
Last name: Mamuda
Aka: on yahoo chat it is oparebeamary, and lisa hector
Age: 26
Location: , Ghana ACCRA
Address: Lashibi NDC house 8
On websites: Unknown
Report: This person starts off playing hard to get, then after about two or three weeks, they will start flirting and then lead you into thinking she is from the USA or Germany. The then tell you to help them get back to the USA and if you offer to prepay for their airline ticket, they state to you that they do not like your airline you picked an they will buy the ticket there and come to you. It took me over two month to get them to get them. They also use a video they took off of of this young dark haired girl.
First name: alida
Last name: Shagimardanova
Age: 29
Location: Yakutsk
On websites: zoosk
Report: Starts off with romantic requests. Next, about meeting. After that, she wants money so she could fly to see you.
First name: Svetlana
Last name: Panzyga
Aka: Sveta
Age: 25
Location: Pryluky
Address: 17500-515
Email: chkalova lane 5/7
Report: sent an email wanting to talk to me, but I never known this lady
First name: Tonia
Last name: Jobe
Age: 24
Location: Gambia
Email: tonia
On websites: sfi
Report: wanted to check authentcity of an apparent s as your'll would say she goes by the name jobe in the line of Jobes that i've seen since checking the network in my opinion since she's been a scammer god knows she might be trying to come clean ,but on the other hand i'm stunned to know that i was given such a low blow so to speak and i'm still believing that there were other parties involved who lead her to my inbox by that i mean natives of her own country residing in my country i still can't believe it and by that i mean serious consequences ,violating the character which god has to feed her own agender
First name: raschupkina
Last name: tatyana
Aka: Tatyana Buzunova
Age: 28
Location: Russia Novosibirskaya
Address: apt 6 gogolya 7 novosibirsk novosibirskaya oblast
Phone: +7-953-796-7107
On websites: unknow
Report: She contacted me on gmail to ask for money to pay for her visa to come and study in our country.
First name: jamar
Last name: nuru
Age: 35
Location: accra -ghana
Address: via coffe road 212 accra
On websites: yahoo facebook twoo iwantu
Report: asked for money to come in Italy but always finds excuses to be send back money, deceives people by saying that owns 30 kg of gold ingots I known as jamar nuru on facebook a few months later changed its name calls himself-loving jamar . - spend a few more months and changes name of new-hope jamar - still chuch Cchuch-and-then-walid mordar with these names has cheated many people. we are all contacted but no one has ever exposed a complaint because they do not want to be recognized endings from other friends or relatives