First name: Elena
Last name: Zavodina
Age: 28
Location: St Petersburg, Russia
Address: unLeninskiy prospect 67 korpus 1, known, 210
Phone: +7-919-151-0430
On websites: None, direct email
Report: She is asking me for money. - Use web-site at home to transfer money. You could send money anywhere at Saint-Petersburg. Could you please help me? I really need it. Could you send me 500 USD?
First name: jessica
Last name: williams
Age: 37
Location: The Netherlands, but now staying in the Philipines
On websites: skype aka jessica.williams 291
Report: Nice girl to talk to, but wants Money for this and that, and allways 1000 excuses for not doing what she promissed.
First name: Linda
Last name: ADJETEY
Age: 32
Location: Accra Ghana
On websites: Amateur match
Report: We have been talking some weeks now yesterday I sent here ?120:00.and that is the last time I have heard from her.
First name: imrana
Last name: farouk
Aka: meganqt
Age: 34
Location: ghana africa
On websites: has her own sex model also chat hour and zoosk's
Report: talked to her for month's said love me wanted help to pay for papper's to come here sent copies found out they were fake then found pic's on web site megan qt. saw video's etc she then said from all modeling she had alot of money to send to my acount her lawyer in UK name kelvin would handel it tell him all my info told him some and he tried to empty my bank acount but only had $5.00 in there because didn't trust them
First name: Lucy
Last name: Nicholas
Aka: Nic
Age: 25
Location: UK Glasgow
Address: 10 rosedale rd fishponds bristol bs 164ee
On websites: (C-date)
Report: 1.The scammer 2. I got a message via that she wanted to see me 3.Februari 13th 2014 until march 11th 2014 4. No not really though she said all the time that she wanted to visit me 5. She asked for 400GBP to book an air ticket. 6.I sent 400PB to her bankaccount and then she came back and told me that the airticket cost 850GPB and asked me for another 450GPB which I sent. I recieved a booking confirmation whichn looks allright I Think. Then she asked for 600GPB to go to hairdresser and buy things and she asked for 2000GPB to show immigationofficer for VTA. I denied the last two 7. She didn?t show up. She was never on that flight and I can prove it because I recieved an e-mail from her at 09.55 PM that she was at the Airport Stockholm-Arlanda and she could not find me I should have picked her up at the Airport. The ETA for the flight was 10.55PM 5th of March 2014 and she missed that Sweden is 1 hour before UK. After that she was argueing several times that she had been on the Airport and could not find me. Of course she had cancelled the ticket and refund the Money and she tries to justify to keep the stolen Money. For the sake I asked her to pay me my Money back. Last message from her was from 11th of March and she told me that it was me who should compensate her for wasting her time.
First name: Susan Louise
Last name: Gordon
Aka: Susan Finch
Age: 43
Location: Waxhaw, USA
Address: Bigham Road
Phone: 706-478-7067
On websites: Seniorsmeet, Match, Facebook,
Report: She made contact first on Seniorsmeet web site. She always wanted money wired to her mother, Wanda, in No. Carolina. She needed and asked for large amounts, then small amounts. Funds were requested at least thirteen times but sent only ten times. Total of $10,000. When emailing or texting she doesn't use proper grammer and often doesn't understand what I have stated so simply. She scams by using her daughter(unsure if real)her mother, her modeling work, and accidents. Always needs money as hers is tied up in job in London. Sends fake pay check for millions, in Euros, to you to hold on to until she comes to you. Family lives in No. Carolina. She goes for men and woman. Has more on the line at same time. Things are just ending as I contacted another of her victims and thus became a snitch and wicked person of whom she is sorry she trusted.
First name: sandra
Last name: micheal
Age: 30
Location: usa/ south africa
Email: sandraluv2caress and globaloilventure@gmail .com
On websites: unaformdating
Report: I filed I C 3 report nothing she is still going got 30000 from me got into my computer from cape town I havr tould F B I I have all this eavadance no one care they don't have man power but I have fedx and thing of people in usa with address that where used to filter money 2 folders of transfers and names and phone number with real address even talked to one other man that lost more than me what to do with all this I know I whont see any money but for god sake stop her
First name: Yuliya, Kristina, Kristinochka
Last name: Gorlanovua
Aka: Krystya
Age: 30
Location: Russia, Dimitrovgrad; Moscow, street KRASNOPRUDNAYA, 7-9. 107140, Russia
Address: KRASNOPRUDNAYA, 7-9. 107140
Report: 1. She initiated contact with a email 2. Don't recall a website 3. Still responding, trying to keep it going 4. Always sending photos, doesn't seem to answer questions I asked 5. Requested money, $900, for flight to me 6. Never sent any money 7. Still ongoing
First name: Tatyana
Last name: Melnikova
Aka: Tati
Age: 24
Location: Russia and Moscow, Siberia
Report: 1. She did 2. Blind email, do not know from which website (how can I tell?) 3. Still corresponding, over a week 4. No 5. Assistance in purchasing an airline ticket to my city, never told her where that is. 6. Tatyana Melnikova, $720 via Western Union or Moneygram, first requested 03/18 7. Still playing along
First name: anna
Last name: antonnnovna
Age: 29
Location: innova
On websites: Moscow
Report: This Scammers girls by the name of Anna Antonnvana told me that she got her annual leave and wanted to visit my country. She has all the money to buy air ticket but lastly she saif she psend on all the trains fare and visit visa need money. So she does not have money to buy air ticket and she asked me to lend her the money by sending her the money thru western union and she will pay me back when she arrived my country. After she received the money, she again asked me to send US$3,000 for proof the Embassy to issues visiting visa that she has money to spend in my Country. I found this very odds and realised that I had been scammed by this Russian Whore for sure. My advises to all do not send any money to all this Russian whores anymore in future not matter what she begged or said to you. I learned my lesson well this Russian whore desire to be shot on the head.