First name: elizavita
Last name: shubina
Age: 29
Location: ukrien
On websites: Russian Cupid
Report: She is scam for Visa, Air Flight
First name: Julianne
Last name: Chamness
Age: 28
Location: Philippines
Phone: 1 (604) 674-9875
On websites:
Report: She introduced herself as a self-employment with textiles and stuff like that from a factory that her favourite aunt gave her. She said that lost her parents when she was eleven... She was now in Philippines to supervise the business there... After one week through she was sending email with questions about how you will be in a relationship, she asked me to borrow her 10.000 dollars because they suddenly change the law and she couldn't sent the orders to her customers. She claimed that has a money order from her customers but she couldn't use this money because she couldn't cash the cheques. Her plan was to pay the fees so the products would be gone to her customers and then she would take the money orders to been cashed out to another country (except Philippines). She promised to give me back the money as soon as she would left Philippines and come to visit me to give me the money back!!! As you understand I never send those money....
First name: sandra
Last name: lou
Aka: & temitope Awoniyi
Age: 32
Location: lagos nigeria
Address: 100 s windriver st apt 102 A
Phone: unknown2348070642985
On websites: yahoo & confirio
Report: i sent her & him over 3,500 for her to come here he pretends to be her lawyer from nigeria
First name: Grace
Last name: Konate
Age: 24
Location: Cote D' lvoire
Phone: +221771228233
On websites: and
Report: She is in a scam of money. Grace has been sending me emails and other people on facebook telling us to inbox her on her gmail account. Her ideal is of wanting to transfer USD $700.000 THOUSAND saying its her inheritance left by the father when he was killed in 2011 due to a bullet shot.
First name: Katyunnka Katya Ekaterina
Age: 29
Location: Fedorovka Ukraine
On websites:
Report: Thank God for being smart and alert, and for having a website like this. I was in the 'too good to be true stage' after she just came out hitting on me non stop. Then one email a day. I said hmmm lol something isnt right, did a search on Fedorovka, and her pic comes up w ur logo across it!! Wow can I please get a reply letting me know u guys received this, I think I have info that wasnt currently there. It may help the next victim.
First name: katrina
Last name: williams
Age: 28
Location: Australia
On websites:
Report: I was chat in tis woman in . I was suspicious, asked his name in google and I find his name, pictures...
First name: Jenner
Last name: borgan
Aka: unknown uses the name Jenner Borgan
Age: 33
Location: united states sunnyvale CA.
Address: unknown94089
Phone: unknown5872690288
On websites: zoosk
Report: said she went to malaysia on business and does not have enough money to get home
First name: Michele
Last name: Coghlan
Age: 39
Location: Lagos Nigeria
On websites: not sure
Report: This woman has scammed me for more than $50,000 dollars , she claimed to be in Nigeria as a us citizen and had lost her daughter and mother in a Nigerian hospital , and claims that the us embassy will not assist her because of the ongoing corruption in Nigeria ...
First name: tatyana
Last name: sergeeva
Aka: tanyaunknown
Age: 29
Location: rusia kansk
On websites: si
Report: una mujer, decia querer visitarme, pero le faltaban 320 Euros para billetes de avion.
First name: Melissa
Last name: Harrington
Aka: Lauren E Dern, Lauren Ella Dern
Age: 25, 28
Location: Nigeria, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Minneapolis, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver
Phone: 1-306-993-6969
On websites: match, zoosk, facebook, hotmail, yahoo messenger
Report: Lauren initiated contact with me on a dating site called In her first e-mail to me on the site, she wanted me to contact her via her personal e-mail address on hotmail and take the communication beyond the dating site. Her first e-mail to me on hotmail was a long diatribe of her's, gave me her life story, sent me photos of her (I later realized she sent me stolen photos of an American pornstar by the name of Melissa