First name: Melissa
Last name: Harrington
Aka: Lauren E Dern, Lauren Ella Dern
Age: 25, 28
Location: Nigeria, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Minneapolis, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver
Phone: 1-306-993-6969
On websites: match, zoosk, facebook, hotmail, yahoo messenger
Report: Lauren initiated contact with me on a dating site called In her first e-mail to me on the site, she wanted me to contact her via her personal e-mail address on hotmail and take the communication beyond the dating site. Her first e-mail to me on hotmail was a long diatribe of her's, gave me her life story, sent me photos of her (I later realized she sent me stolen photos of an American pornstar by the name of Melissa
First name: jennifer
Last name: morton
Age: 26
Location: nigeria
On websites: badoo
Report: scammer ask to make serious realtionship without ask ur information
First name: Evgeniya
Last name: Lysenkova
Aka: Angel
Age: 28
Location: Kansk
Phone: +79513672093
On websites: unknow
Report: From the beginning of the article already prepared a letter to the questions answered. Later gradually require offer financial help to pay for the visa, ticket, and finally send out pocket money
First name: Chonglipat
Last name: Malithong
Age: 31
Location: Thailand
Email: RY
On websites: Thaiheart
Report: She is a con artist and a lier and hide my son. She ia a liar
First name: celina
Last name: sinnathurai
Aka: rita jane james
Age: 34
Location: nigeria - osogbo
Address: 14 ajegunle street
On websites:
Report: I cannot believe this woman is a scammer. She really did have me fooled. I did ask myself this is too good to be true but never once thought this could happen to me. She found me so thats the first sign i guess. Then she immediately stop her profile once we started chatting outside the website-second warning sign i missed. Her profile said she was 34 and living in New York - USA. She claimed to be spanish/american. There were several questions i keeped on asking over the three weeks we chatted and she never once answered any of them - another sign i missed. She claimed to be in nigeria claiming her deceased father estate being gold and gems that he bought and left it with a major company there- another sign i missed. She never once ask for money but when she needed some would come up with a pittyfull story making me feel sorry for her. It worked the first time when she said that she was slightly injured while crossing the road and woke up in the hospital minus her wallet. I told her i would send $500 aud but instead sent her only $300 aud. A few days later she gave me a strip show on cam and i started to get suspicious with the moves she was doing for my benefit - she looked in great shape considering what she had been through. At this stage i did accuse he of being a scammer and she wrote back begging for my love for her and that she was telling the truth. One week later she said that she needed around $1000 aud for solictors fees. She did not ask for it again but mad me feel sorry for her and i agreed to sent her it. She was begging me to use certain money tranfer outlets that don't excist in australia. She knew what she was doing and i really started to get suspicious and NEVER sent her anything. This was a few days ago. Have left her hanging on thinking i might send her the money. I came across this site trying to find answers and to my surprise i found her. I ALSO FOUND HER UNDER MAAME PAKER. Men, be carefull out there. She's good at this stuff. She told me that her ex was screwing her best friend and he dried up her bank account. I don't care about the $300 but i do care about my feelings. My advice to anyone out there be wary of the dating sites. Thank You Stop-Scammers.Com for your database in helping me to prove me right that she was intead a scammer. I going to let her hang on for another week and see what she would do before letting her know what i know. Maybe the scammer can become the scammed hahahahah.
First name: olena
Age: 28
Location: zoltoe
On websites: UkraineDate
Report: I have been in touch with Olena for about a week now..And will be in touch with her soon.The way i found out she is a scammer is looking up her home town Zoltoe. And the first thing that come up was watch out for Alena so here i'am i have photos of her and letters from her..She is on UkraineDate now as she has asked for my e-mail address again as i changed my profile picture, and new it was her as she did not view my profile....
First name: elena
Last name: semenko
Age: 26
Location: Ukraine
Address: 92700, Starobelsk, quarter Vatutina 4\19
On websites: Rbride
Report: Always this very stupid scammer
First name: Elena
Last name: Scherbakova
Age: 38
Location: Russia,Dimitrogrov
On websites: zoosk
Report: classic scam, butters you up and after 5 weeks wants to meet you,but has no money, gives you address of how to wire funds, smelled a rat and checked out scammer site, sure enough Elena popped up with different email addresses, thanks for the info. good thing Im
First name: Elena
Age: 23
Location: Russia/ukraine
On websites: dating web sites
Report: Writes lengthy letters of devotion. Reverse image searched her,to find actual Russian girls profile on facebook and vk. Informed person posing as
First name: Dorothy
Last name: Brugman
Age: unknown
Location: UNknown
Phone: 1502-632-4530
On websites: Unknown
Report: I registered on job website Yesterday I got a txt message from the above phone number