First name: caroline
Last name: polsky
Age: 39
Location: dakar senegal
Phone: 221771717947
Email: caroline polsky29
Report: heres another one for you people! request money to come to the usa to be with me and wants 1700.00 to send her threw western union typcal scam lol ! sent you a copy of her letter to me ! thank you
First name: Sandra
Last name: Williams
Age: 28
Location: 120 Deansgate, 2M 2BY manchester UK
Phone: +447045717149
On websites:
Report: My cousin was a victim of one Sandra Williams. This time she is not single, but married with almost 2 year old son. The face is different though. But the
First name: Martha
Last name: Deiss
Aka: Linda Wales
Age: 28
Location: Smyrna
Address: 30080
Phone: 011447923462322
On websites: myspace
Report: She contacted me on MySpace.Said she was born in Texas and spent part of her years in Portsmouth UK.Said her parents were killed in car wreck and was going to claim family properties. Then needed money for attorney,taxes,etc,but estate was worth 300,000 pounds. I started researching and found her on this website.
First name: Elena
Last name: Volkova
Age: 28
Location: Zelenodolsk
Report: Hello guys She very clever inteligent women It is very danger. She seems to be so realistic... I have been written to her for more than a month time. She doesnt respond for any questions. Always write some stupid words like i love you your wife in the future etc. Also wanted 420 euro for visa passport etc perhaps order by some travel agency..
First name: Bawah
Last name: Ahudu
Aka: Nancy Blue, Andi Pink
Location: Ghana and UK
On websites: Yahoo messenger
Report: This on e takes the pics from the porn star and post them as hers. She goes by Sweet Nancy Blue. Ask for laptops, ipods.mp3 and mp4 players. Cd players.
First name: linda
Last name: fin
Age: 28
Location: ghana west africa
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First name: Lia
Age: 30
Location: Ghana
On websites: Meetic
Report: She collected my 20,000 $ for a Plane Ticket and didn't come tome
First name: Natalya
Age: 28
Location: Penza, Russian Federation
On websites:
First name: Ferderico
Last name: Galoii
Age: 48
Location: nigeria
On websites: latino singles meet
Report: takes money, says a sick child
First name: Tina
Last name: Alex
Location: Lagos Nigeria
Address: No. 1 Redeem Church Marry Land
On websites: yahoo
Report: Wanted $800 to pay taxes and would get 2.5 million to come to America to marry me.