First name: Elina
Last name: Kravchenco
Age: 20+
Location: Russia
On websites: Unknown
Report: This woman scammed me of several thousand $. The usual dribble a lonely heart likes to hear. Toxic hag at heart.
First name: Sandy
Last name: Sackeyfio
Aka: Esther Darku
Age: 33??
Location: Accra Gjana
Address: 4550 hwy 101n
Phone: 233247360666
On websites: Findsexhub
Report: I have bank account numbers.. I have western union reciepts. I have more names... I have an
First name: Lena
Last name: Dzyubeylo
Age: 27
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Address: 33 Anny Akhmatovoi St.
Phone: +380(95)333 25 29
On websites: Charmdate
Report: She is a very cunning scammer. Beware!
First name: Sandra Mary
Last name: Hastrup
Aka: Hannah Johnson, Alisa, Erica, Janet, Dora, Alina
Age: 38
Location: Ife, Miami, Amsterdam, London, Arcardia, Salt Lake, LA
Phone: 303-308-5665
On websites: mingle2
Report: First contacted by her on Mingle2. She was very Convincing. Scammed me for big $$$. Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoin. I stopped sending money. I'm stringing her along now trying to get her to slip up. I had at one time gone to the FBI about this case. They were now much help. They recommended I file a report online. I haven't done it yet.
First name: Marina
Last name: Chupina
Age: 42
Location: Russia, Tomsk
Address: Gogolya street 55-10
Phone: +7 961 375-28-30
On websites: Russiancupid
Report: I almost fell for this, my gut feeling told me to do one last check before sending money, i am glad i listened
First name: Marina
Last name: Yiasoumi
Age: 20
Location: Nicosia
Phone: +35796476007
On websites:
Report: She say is make massage, I sent her a text on WhatsApp, we are agree to meted hotel. She ask me to buy for her pay safe 100 euro, and to send her the number on the ticket by photo . The person after they don't answer my text.
First name: MARLEY
Last name: MARTINA
Age: 33
Phone: +447459843715
On websites: FACEBOOK
Report: Have been chatting with her for about 4 weeks when she asked me for ?8,000 to get an inheritance worth ?3,4 million,I have now found out she is a porn star from America.Her porn star
First name: Danielle
Last name: Delaney
Age: 32
Location: pheonix
Address: 4410N central ave 2135 1618 W Ruth St Tucson AZ 85705-1388
Phone: 480 420 8810 602 598 2699
Report: Pure scam. She is a porn sex worker. Do not fall for any sob story about a sick mom or dead dad inheritence. She also has dozens of alias and accounts She will then when caught, pretend that others have used her pics and name to scam people. This is untrue but a diabolical way to not only get away with it but to make the person feel bad and treat her well going forward. Nothing she says is true. She faked a german accent with me for 2 months. Soulless These are the address I've found for her and possible accomplices 2530 N 3rd St 1a, Phoenix, AZ 85004-1398 *****possible actual address 3325 S Elson Ave 1, Tucson, AZ 85730-2206 Beatriz Gutierrez 2802 W Claremont St, Phoenix, AZ, 85017 View Background Report Misty Hessler 2541 W Georgia Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85017 View Background Report Sarah Bruen 8144 N 33rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85051 View Background Report Naomi Chavez 4026 W Keim Dr, Phoenix, AZ, 85019 View Background Report Patrick McIntyre 6817 N 17th Ave 16, Phoenix, AZ, 85015 View Background Report Misty Hessler Phoenix, AZ, 85017 4140 N Central Ave 2135, Phoenix, AZ 85012-1857*****possible actual address 4406 E Pueblo Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85040-2030*****possible actual address 4140 N Central Ave 2135, Phoenix, AZ 850121857 (845) 794-2465 3325 S Elson Ave Tucson AZ 85730-2206 Neighborhood: Stella Mann SHOW MAP 1618 W Ruth St Tucson AZ 85705-1388*****possible actual address Ginny Anderson 3700 N 1st Ave Tucson Arizona 85719
First name: Sylvia
Aka: Mary Jane
Age: don't know
Location: Peterborough
On websites: Our Time
Report: Fell in love with me, without having met. Poor English. Had to go to Cairo to retrieve her late husband's gold. Was robbed on the street. Needs $1950 US immediately.
First name: Sarah
Last name: Cath
Aka: Agness Schnell, Annabelle Pync, Sharon Pezzica
Age: 35
Location: Jefferson city, Mo, Des Monies, Ia, Las Vegas, Nv
Address: 11422 Shagrila ct,Centertown Mo650023
Phone: (928)-793-3659 (908) 991-6580 (213) 784-2188 (850)325-0189
On websites: Hangouts ,messenger, Instagram , You Tube
Report: I I actually met Sarah Cath on Hangouts she just appeared without an invite talk to her feel Head Over Heels with her and then she was going to come visit but I actually met her as Agnes Schnell about a year before. And she told me I could come pick her up at her place needless to say false address the first time I gave her the benefit of the doubt when she said that it was for her safety we talked a little bit more told me I could come get her and then changed her mind and decided she drive down needless to say I did one more time and yet another false affress. And she attempted four different time she tried to drive down four different time she had a wreck supposedly, no reports from the highway patrol. And she'll promise to be down with you and come see you but Every time it cost me $50 Amazon card for gas, flat tire because she was putting a tube in a tubeless tire. And all she's doing is building her Bitcoin account and the way I found out she was a scammer was usig herpicture in a reverse image check on _social a picture image and that's how I also found out she was using the same picture Agnes Schnell had sent me a year before and also came up as Annabell Pync and no telling how many other names she's got it's always broke supposedly to be getting a job at Sprint. And I personally know as know that she's using three different name in Facebook four names all together that I know of, four different phone numbers, when you see the Many Many pictures all I can say just be careful around her if you get to be around her at all, and protect your your billfold and your bank account at all times!