All reports about female scammers

Name:  Anny Smith
Age:  46
Location:  Indonesia
Report:  Supposedly ill with breast cancer, has money she's hiding from relatives, wants representative to help the needy and poor, her doctor and lawyer are both in on the scheme....don't fall for it!
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Name:  Carey tola spencer
Aka:  carey bright spencer, bright carey spencer, Ayuse, olumide, Ayodeji Sunday, Funmilola Animasahun, Tola Falola Salvage
Age:  28
Location:  Manchester, U.K, London.U.K, Amsterdam, Holland, Ikeja Nigeria.
On web sites:  unknown,
Report:  This is so called Carey Bright Spencer, This is the young lady i saw on a web cam in Nigeria. She has also traveled to all the places above and South Africa. Says she buys and sells Antiques In Nigeria. I did send money to her in Nigeria, London and in Amsterdam. her brother used this account( name is olumide....FATOKUN .A
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Name:  Elena Kuprina
Age:  36
Location:  Russia, Sint-Petersburg
Address:  KAZANSKAYA ST. 33/5-35
Phone:  +79215998627
Report:  I met Elena in a nightclub in Helsinki. I have met her a couple of times in Sint Petersburg, Moscow and in Amsterdam. We were planning to live together. Elena has an expensive taste and her whishes kept growing. Also she wanted monthly support and money to buy apartment for her Son in Sint Petersburg. Support i gave her and also some money for down payment to apartment. Over the year that i have known her she came up with lots of costly surprises, i need money for this, this and that. Every visit resluted into shopping a lot. Last thing that happened was that she told met she had to give back lot of money to a friend. When i did not come up with the money she told me she was in danger. After this she told me she had a shock and was going into a hospital. Last thing i understood is that she was going back to Helsinki or to London to work in a club. She does not respond anymore to calls, email and sms, and also her friends do not want to talk to me. Given the amount of money i spend on her and constant push for more, and her dropping out the moment i stopped giving makes her a true gold digger.
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Name:  Ekaterina Tarasova
Age:  26
Location:  Russia,Cheboksary
Address:  Gagarina street,house 15,appartement 101,428015 CHEBOKSARY
On web sites:  MSN
Report:  Met her at Msn She is writting me through mail. I'am not convince she is a scammer. Last week she told me she need 320 euros for passport and visa.
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Name:  love mabou
Age:  22
Location:  senegal dakar
Address:  unet 12
Phone:  1213165
On web sites:  so good so nice
Report:  so good so nice and lovely one so good so nice and lovely oneso good so nice and lovely oneso good so nice and lovely oneso good so nice and lovely oneso good so nice and lovely one
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Name:  Maria 
Age:  28 or 29
Location:  Yarega, Russia
On web sites: personals
Report:  Exchanged several emails with this person and since I have a suspicious mind, I did a search and found one of the emails she sent was sent to someone else too (on a different scam site).
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Name:  Olesya Belova
Age:  25
Location:  Russia, Sosnovoborsk
On web sites:
Report:  Sends an email on, and if you respond, she sends a series of emails over the period of about a week. The last one says that she is stuck in Moscow and needs 980$ to get to the US to meet you to visit or live with you. She has numerous pictures of herself which are very pretty.
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Name:  Aliona Lavender
Age:  27
Location:  Kishinev Moldova
On web sites:  Lucky Lovers
Report:  Contacted me and told me she knew Anna Capatina who was impersonating Cristina Rus. This group is dangerous and operating from Yokshar Ola in Russia and in Moldova. Tried to convince me that Anna Capatina was in fact Cristina Rus. Bullshit!!!
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Name:  Ekaterina Bezrukova
Age:  27
Location:  Volgograd,Russia
Address:  RUSSIA 644099
On web sites:  Singlesnet,com
Report:  She wanted money for visa and documents.
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Name:  Anastaia Lozovaya
Aka:  Anna or Ania
Age:  supposedly just turned
Location:  at the
On web sites:
Report:  This young lady and I,just recently started a correspondence in the first few weeks of this past February. At the time it was about basic info between the two of us...her family,being a university student,her dreams of having a family,and meeting the
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