First name: Doris
Last name: Tayler
Age: 29
Location: Irvin Texas
Phone: 281-603 4895, +234 802 3875135
On websites:
Report: I was contacted via email by a woman through a dating site ( pretended to be an american, actually the pictures are of a very famous model, Wendy Fiore. Thank God for Google image search. That's when I found out this person was stealing Wendy's image including personal details such as things she likes and dislikes. We've exchanged several emails, she pretends to be a modeling contractor living in Irving, Texas. Today she calls and leaves a voice message, when I see the missed call it was from Nigeria. The number is 234 802 3875135. So be careful if you are approached by this
First name: Ann
Last name: Shawn
Age: 30-40
Location: Africa
Phone: 469-619-7847
On websites:
Report: I received a message on, asking me to contact her by email or phone. Typical dating scammer, supposedly living by Dallas, Texas
First name: natalyia
Last name: domashove
Age: 32
Location: ukraine kherson
Phone: 938003456
On websites:
Report: i date this girl for 2 years her cod name on the site of toplop whesa Natalyia sweet hearth after on year she staart to aske me for help, on wich shee whant to loerne english i send her 700 dolers thn she aske for money to by compuiter , i send 700 dollers then she aske me to send money because she whant to met me in my contry then i send 1400 dollers but she dident stop there she keep asking for more money then i refuise until she aske me to gow to met her in kherson i whent to kherson on 11-05 2014 to met hear, i travel for more then 24 hours , when i arrive in kherson shee dident show up she send this guy as apartemente manager the name is alex or sacha this guy the apartemente manager is hear acompiss he manage to still 1000 doller, when i see that it whase to dengerouse i left its tumuch to explaine all i have from hear is some pics shee send me in this twe years and i whant to aad this pics on the scamer liste how can i do that pls help me stop hear and hear acomplesss
First name: doreen
Last name: soll
Age: 31
Location: swedru ghana
Phone: 0023 324 3924871
On websites: ulove
Report: she says she's dutch and her parents died. she has to go to Ghana to take care of her grand mum. she is also going to school to become a nurse. she also wants to get you into messenger
First name: maryana
Last name: kiprich
Aka: mariana
Age: 27
Location: poltava, kiev
Phone: +380666186146
On websites: angelika
Report: First came the missing me and loving me after a week of correspondence !! followed by provocative photos,I knew it was a bait, suddenly her mother got sick and needs a $1,000 for hospital... etc... etc...
First name: olivia
Last name: robertson
Age: 32
Location: Accra Ghana
Phone: unknow+233573168079 and +233272717627
On websites: ymail and yahoo messenger
Report: She appeared on with Ann Angel stolen pictures which I recognised later. Money transfers on to the name Olivia Robertson. It lasted 18 months and some thousands were sent by W.Union. A fake US Passport scan was sent and they still ask for a flight ticket.
First name: Linda
Last name: Quainoo
Age: 32
Location: Ghana Lapas Accra
Address: 2nd Oyacrescent Street Lapas 00233
Phone: 0023576763345
Email: nancyjean@yahoo
On websites:
Report: I met this girl on the Oasis site We have been corresponding for a while. She said that She wanted to come to England to be with me and needed to renew Her American Passport. and asked if I could help with the money. So far she has had ?230.00 out of Me. But thanks to you she won't get any more. In fact i know the chief of police in Accra. and I shal be phoning him about her. I suspect that her run is about to come to an abrupt end.
First name: Diana
Last name: Owusu
Age: 31
Location: Ghana
Phone: 614-420-9722
On websites:
Report: Had a thorough text messaging conversation with this 31 y/o lady claiming that her parents were recently killed in a car accident. She had to move to Ghana from Lancaster PA to live with her maternal grandmother. She send me various pictures of a stunning model, she claimed was her.
First name: ekaterina
Age: 26
Location: nickolaev ukraine
On websites: bridge of love and bride forever
Report: she was chatting with me on both sites and made all efford to let me know she liked me and wanted me to marrie her, but i stated in profile clearly that i do NOT want to marrie and when we started to talk of rhis she got mad to me and say things that never happend or i never say,, than she did not want to know me anymore , only if i pay for papers and ticket,, because otherwhise her mom will not let her go,, and this all after me spending on these site about 400 euro on buying credits to chat with or without cam , and i saw that most woman have pictures on scam sites , now after i checked , ony she was not on it yet..
First name: Sanya
Last name: David
Age: 32
Location: Commerce City, Colorado, United States
On websites: Facebook
Report: Sanya David I think it will be nice If I come to you first because I haven't tell my mom about you I believe you understand what I'm trying to say Michael Yes, I do. So do you want to meet at my place? Sanya David Another problem is I can't fund my gas to drive to you Yes I will love to come to your place Michael Really? I could pick you up? Sanya David I love driving so I will like to drive to you Michael Ok Sanya David I don't know if you can fund my gas to drive to you anyway and I will come after church Michael So do you need help paying for the gas? Sanya David Well if you could buy me a $100 moneypak card at walmart, I will load the card on my prepaid card and buy the gas with my card and drive to you Michael Ok. Sanya David Is it okay with you and can you get me the card? Michael Yes, I can. I do work tomorrow. When I am on my break around 11am. I will get one for you.