First name: lydia
Last name: amoath
Age: 30
Location: ghana
Report: she is just after money
First name: Janet
Last name: Michael
Aka: Flora Grace Hughes
Age: 27?
Location: Nigeria
Report: I had been chatting with this woman on yahoo messenger for 8 months aproximately. She is a perpetual liar. She is always asking for assistance and wanting a Laptop or DVD player and money.
First name: angela
Last name: gates
Aka: dirtyangie
Age: 27
Location: new york
Report: 4 the past 6 months i have been speaking 2 this person who calls herself angela gates from new york she says she works for sallys jewellery i now know she is fake i found all her photos on a hawaii modelling agency website she says her ex boyfriend took all the photos i have sent her all my life savings i thought she was 4 real but i now know i was being scammed all along she has a myspace page http;//
First name: Nikki
Last name: Thompson
Age: 39
Location: Australia
Report: She is a scammer She used many different kinds of names! How good scammer she is that you cant easily figure out, but then I used to get to know her better I noticed that she's hiding something, she used to work with a company that usually scam, I had a bit conversation of her and when I said that If she scam, she actually feel that don't wanna continue having conversation with me. She was changing the subject, or even she will just answer me when I put off the subjects about scam. The real point then, I think she is, bcoz she do not say,
First name: Kimmy
Last name: Smith Williams
Aka: Tatjana Trishkina
Age: 27
Location: Debaltsevo Ukraine
Address: Pushkina str, 24
On websites:
Report: She uses a translation company then runs out of funds and has a company called Intext2005 contact you with instructions on how to deposit funds into her account. They are good as far as answering your personal letters. I do believe that the pictures of this person are of a model downloaded off the internet and is not the person who is writing the letters.
First name: Brenda
Last name: Garcia
Age: 28
Location: Nigeria
On websites:
Report: Tried to have me send $200 to
First name: Kristina
Last name: Frolova
Aka: Green
Age: 34
Location: Bolingbrook Illinois
Report: Citizenship scammer,,, becarefull can read all about this at
First name: Serena
Last name: Ferguson
Aka: AKA.... cloramejams
Age: unkown
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Yahoo Messenger,and
Report: I knew this one from long time back as When i met her i was a member in and she was going as clora james in mingles,she tried to rip me off,but did not succeed. Finally some guy got in with her and thet haked me and stole my yahoo identity,which at the time was She is also listed in or, This is a Photo of Kelcey from She is ONE MISERABLE ReNTLESS SCAMMER.!!Operates out of Lagos Nigeria. Curseded Scammers.
First name: Ekaterina
Age: 33
Location: Angarsk
Phone: +79177189912
Report: After 10 mails she claim to be in love, then she want come to visit me and need money
First name: stezia
Last name: anna
Aka: anna stezia
Age: 26
Location: kazan
Report: we demand money for a travel