First name:
Last name: Baker
Age: 28
Location: Ikeja Lagos Nigeria.
Address: 10 Anifowoshe st., Joyce hotel and suites, Ikeja ,Lagos, Nigeria ..... 1207 Turner N.E. Grand Rapids MI
On websites:
Report: First, let me say that I do not believe the woman in the photos is this scammer. Kind of a different story than the usual.
First name: marina
Last name: klimenteva
Age: 29
Location: russia cheboksary
Report: she would visit me but did not come and ask me for money
First name: Natal'ya
Aka: Irina Zarubina
Age: 28 and holding
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
On websites:
Report: Her URL is: I reported this scammer to about 2 months ago. But they did not remove her. Which makes me wonder about the site. I had reported her to in September of last year wherein she was using an entirely different name. I did not write to her (did look at her new eye-candy), but decided to report her here.
First name: Yuliana
Age: 25
Location: Voroneg
Report: i have pictures
First name: Anastasiya
Last name: Dubnikova
Age: 31
Location: Russia Khabarovsk
Address: Lenina 33
On websites:
Report: This
First name: Ulyana
Last name: Byharena
Aka: Irina Dvoryanlina
Age: 28
Location: sladkovo, Russia
Address: Gagarina, 12 street, Flat 18
On websites: Lavalife. True, Great dating and lnow on Fun Nation.
Report: On this site I found her and she seems to have been very busy. Now In Canada. We exchanging Emails starting on Feb 24 2008, The letter at first seemed so common, but changed in the continued 12, More about, Love, more Sex and she promised me the Moon and Stars. She made a Mistake and called herself Nina, I almost sent her Money too but when I said I will not send it by Western Union she got upset, told me she was Now in Moscow preparing Visa documents to travel to me and had little Money to Live there, She saked for 1,200 Dollars (US money). I said I will send it to Your Bank - no bank, I said I will send her Plane tickts I'll buy here. No she said she wants the Money in her Hand, For Visa passport and Plane fair. I then said lend the Money come here and I will repay all e debts plus 20 % Interest, But she eventually got fed up. Once she I new it weas a game, I susted tio aPay with her, She realized this and got Nasty and mad once I would not use W.U. or a Money Gram. She conitinued a;ot of other stories because I told her I loved her. Then I got another Email a week later from her But Diffenet Email address and a different Name, I knew it was her again... But she eventually got Fed up and went on her way to Try another Man I guess... I have benn Hit too many times for Money, fron Ghana, Nigeria China and Now Russia, it is the worst...
First name: Svetlana
Last name: Pesoschnowa
Age: 26
Location: Russia, Moscow
Address: barbolina st 21 flat 42
Email: seeksmile 47@yahoo
On websites:
Report: I started corresponding with her . She seemed sincere and then asked for money thats when red flag went up. She had unexpected expensed and couldnt make it without my help to the U.S.
First name: Natalya
Last name: Ohotnikova
Aka: Ohotnikova Natalya
Age: 29
Location: kirov area
On websites:
Report: you can found her in the dark streets of muscow.
First name: Melodie
Last name: Spencer
Aka: Stacey Thompson
Age: 28
On websites: e-harmony
Report: I met this person on e-harmony and it quickly went to Yahoo IM. He/she claimed to be from around the Waco,TX area and was over in the UK for a modeling seminar. I happened to look this person up and found a profile of her saying she was doing a modeling seminar in Nigeria. E-harmony e-mailed me, during the course of our communications, saying they had removed one Stacey Thompson from their services..they never gave me a reason why but now I know. This person had asked me to acquire a form needed for modeling, while she was in the UK from a guy in Washington named Bert Palmer. This form was the most expensive piece of paper I have heard of...$375 for this form. The person using this woman's photos is very slick and convincing and he didn't get anything from me. I strung him along for quite awhile.
First name: Anniter
Last name: Kline
Aka: GoodSlave02
Age: 29
Location: United Kingdom, Newcastle
On websites: ALT, CollarMe, AdultFriendFinder, FriendFinder, HornyMatches
Report: Anitter is a an artist with the scam, she claimed to be destitute and needing assistance. She was willing to serve as a domestic slave in return for support. She needed money for rent, and some bills (600 GBP) then airfare and travel expenses (400 GBP). All of a sudden there were problems, and she needed to bail a friend out problems ; another 400 GBP because she used the airfare for that purpose. Then she all of sudden said she went abroad to help. Later she offered to come if I just paid her travel. Another 300 GBP, then all of a sudden she was supposedly detained by her old boss. This was followed by about a month of pleading for help and another 200 GBP to come over. After two months she had extracted over 2500 GBP and never showed and then lied repeatedly. I am raising this because I want to warn others about her and to avoid contact. I used Western Union to send the money and required ID to collect so this confirms her ID.