First name: Natalya
Last name: Mindoubaeva
Aka: Elena Batinowa
Age: 25 or 26
Address: Kazakova Street 19 Flat 3 Moscow ,Russia 105064
On websites: Probably Craigs List
Report: I got all the same emails as everyone else. The friend who works in the amusement park and then the bar...the frined that is getting married, the pictures are all the same and she never answers any direct questions including flat out ones like...send naked pictures to your future husband. The money question finally came today along with the fake passport, the promise to pay back money , the statement that she can stay six months which is impossible according to what I have learned. his whole process took less than two weeks from finish to start. DON'T SEND MONEY!
First name: maria
Last name: sokolova
Age: 25
Location: ukraine or russia
Phone: 00380969166373
Report: 2nd letter said she was 36 but is 25, said she had lost mother and father in car crash not true seen pic of mother.said her name is elena tyurina not true she is maria sokolova, said she was from vernary in russia but is from ukraine lugansk or cherkasy. said she was a cook but a teacher. I sent her$600 for flight to heathrow london she did not turn up. 1 hour later phoned and said so sorry but she had set fire to the hotel room where she was staying. The manager of the hotel said he will keep her passport until she paid $800 for the damage. Then asked me can i help. No way baby. Don't fall for this women she will break your heart just like she has done to me. stay away from this pro scammer.
First name: Louboc
Last name: Sidjukova
Aka: Amurchic
Age: 33
Location: Nourlat, Russia
Address: Sovetskaja 68-3, 423040
On websites:
Report: Soviet bitch trying to steel money from good guys. stop her (and probably his husband too...)
First name: Kimi
Last name: Jacob
Aka: Meena Gabriel and many others Im sure!
Age: unk
Location: Cotonou Benin
Address: c/136 Atinkamey, Box 06 BP 3667
On websites: asian euro
Report: She didn't get any money however everything she told me was a lie from the beginning. No valid phone number. She says she works for a NGO out of the Redeemed Christian Church in Cotonou doing relief work for no pay, yet she has money to take taxi's to the internet cafe all the time. Will though in things about the weather so if you check that she will be right. Has a phony South African Passport and want's to marry someone to get out of Benin. Supposedly she live with her widow mother Esther and a kid sister, she has all the photo's to back them up when you ask to see them. They are working out of an office doing business under many different names, one of them is Mekus Investments Limited. Also they have the ability to produce any document you want to see and are tied in with other scammers in the same location. Be careful because they are willing to spend a lot of time to get to your money. She/HE always was online when she/he was supposed to be there. They are ruthless!!
First name: marina
Age: 25
Location: kherson
On websites: rbrides
First name: Natalya
Age: same
Location: Slovakia, FSU
Report: sent me an email out of the blue, I knew it was iffy straight away, I replied to her to get more information out of her, my reply was only 2 sentences or so.She kept on sending new emails and saucy pictures, I think that she is a semi literate idiot. Most of her messages didn't make any sense! Anyway, she has annoy someone else, no doubt!
First name: Kimi
Last name: Jacob
Aka: Meena Gabriel
Age: unk
Location: Cotonou, Benin
Address: 136 Atinkamey , PO Box 06 BP 3667
On websites: asia euro
Report: Claims to be South African and a dancer. Claims to work for a NGO affiliated with the Redeemed Christian Church. She claims to have a mother Esther and a younger sister she lives with in Cotonou. Claims mother suffers from malaria attacks and she owns a cafe. She had never asked for money, but addresses and this site help expose her. Also has a phony South African Passport. She is very good about meeting to chat on YM at appointed times. Watch out for her!!!
First name: rita
Last name: rich
Age: 24
Location: nigeria
Report: she is scamming every men that like nice girls
First name: barbara
Last name: moreia
Age: 34
Location: lauro de freitas/ rbahia/ brazil
Report: met 2 years ago on single site continental romance i am sure she is a scammer her name has popped up on other sites azaro,latineuro,new love,continental romance,latin girls broke with her this month after i refused to give her any more money i have several documents of fake documents tht she sent me to try to convince she was serious plus she sent me over 50 potographs of herself met her last year in bahia brazil looks older than she claims very dangerous and very clever with men i think she has been doing this for years very attractive great body works out a lot has a 16 year old daughter even have her bank acct details don't want her to destroy some else life
First name: Temi Felice
Last name: Keech
Age: 27 - 30
Location: Ibadan, Nigeria
Address: No. 2 Deeper Life Close Apete
Phone: 234 806 161 2500
Report: fake family: orphan, uncle & aunt in Arizona fake job: Coordinator for a fake project granted by the ADB (Africa Development Bank), or ADB and FHA (Federal Housing Authority). fake drivers license: (you will notice the number and address is the same as this one) Story: needs money to pay workers and materials for a project started by her late mother to build affordable housing in Nigeria. The project is one of the many projects allowed grants from the ADB. ADB withholding grant money until project completes, money needed by you to start project.