First name: ekaterina
Last name: tarabykina
Aka: angel
Age: 28
Location: russia
On websites: anything fraudelent shes/hes on .
Report: Just lettong you guts know to be on rhe lookout for this scammer they thought i was going to send money...hell no i didnt. But it sounds all sweet to be able to talk to a russian beauty and not be scamed.
First name: Joy
Last name: Nelson
Age: 32
Location: Nigreria
Email:, joynel001@yahoo,com
On websites: Hi5, Foreign women, Meetzur
Report: This person will drag out a long story with mom and a lawyer lives in san Francisco and DC church stuff and all adds up asking for some money for a flight that she only has so much and she needs more to meet you and if you send it then she will ask about money is for a medical checkup and don't have that money because she has the money just for flight but cant buy ticket till she has medical checkup but this story is very long and will say a lot of stuff to. I found out the photos she sends are stolen from a journalist / model with a different name in Brazil so the profile's are fake.
First name: Alexia
Last name: Sam
Age: 30s
Location: Accra Ghana
On websites: Dating sites
Report: My Dad is a 86 year old . He is a dietetic and can't barely walk. Alexia and her gang are scamming him out of Thousands of Pounds. He also wants to visit her in Ghana on his own on the 18th October. I want her and her gang stopped .
First name: Anastasia
Last name: Dimitrova
Age: 29
Location: Ukraine Odessa
Phone: 380635665830
On websites:
Report: girl stole my 600 dollars
First name: Olufemi
Last name: Soyinka
Aka: Femi
Age: 40
On websites: no website
Report: Olufemi Soyinka (FEMI) Scam Artist and Fraudster by Charl Trudoux (Capetown South Africa) I would like to warn the world about a Scam Artist by the name of Olufemi Soyinka better known as FEMI or Soyinka Femi based in Lagos Nigeria. His runs a company by the name of
First name: elina
Last name: gorm magnus
Aka: elina gorm / abilgail johson
Age: n/a
Location: lagos, nigeria
Address: n/a
Phone: +2348066615296
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: she wants money weekly to eat for food, not sure if its her, or a black man using her photos, but photos can be found on face book. using elina gorm magnus, again, not sure if her photos are stolen
First name: Rhonda
Last name: Harris
Aka: Diana Frimpong
Age: 30 + -
Location: UK west Afica
On websites:
Report: Emaild me as Diana Frimpong, nwe Idea bud reconesed her when she skyped me with out sound. I Got A good screenshot of her.
First name: Elaine Jane
Last name: Paredes
Aka: Erica Amber Salvador
Age: 31
Location: San Jose City Philippines
Address: 107 Escobar street San Jose City Nueva Ecija 3121 Philippines
On websites: speed filipino
Report: Met this girl on Filipino cupid. Was using two separate profiles I later found out. Skype chatted for almost three months. Talked to her 9yr old daughter as well as her mom. She talked to my 4 kids as well. Very legitimate or so it seemed. I paid for all the paperwork and interview. Paid for the visa and plane tickets. Then she stopped communication. She used her real name because of the I.D. required to pick up the money from Western Union. About a month after she stopped communication I got an email from Western Union telling me that I had changed my password. I had not.... She hacked my account and tried to send herself more money. I still haven't heard a work from the NBI after contacting them with all the evidence. Beware of this girl.
First name: Izabelleny
Aka: Izabelleny
Age: I don't know.
Location: USA
On websites: Okcupid
Report: I have been contacted by someone who claim to be a girl on okcupid. She calls herself Izabelleny. She was in love with me already at the first mail, and wanted to chat private on I tracked the ip address: A Google search told me that she was a scammer.
First name: lidia
Last name: biama
Aka: unknownbernice james teye
Age: 32
Location: accra ghana
Phone: 233 265974619
On websites: facebook as bernice james teye
Report: I ran a check of all the scammers in accra Ghana and her photos showed up that are on her facebook page with the name Bernice james teye before I ran just her name hone number gmail and nothing came up but whne I ran her photos the ones on facebook showed up please contact me if you need more info she did not get any money out of me and she used the Christian angle she contacted me off a site called lovebeginsAt,com as berny , 40 from bloomfield we talked for less than a weeek