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Name:  Gabriela Anca Nitu
Age:  25
Location:  romania
Phone:  0040 729058071
On web sites:  facebook,Gabriella Love.
Report:  surname------ Nitu middle name--- Anca first name-------- Gabriela date of birth----- 15 -01- 1988 duration or valiability of passport; 25-04-2012 to 2 -04- 2017 sex-- female passport serial Number - 05753381 city of passport issue - Bucharest country - Romania airport-otopeni booked a ticket to the lady. When she arrived at the airport, she had to have a 300 eu for and could see that she had the money and survive for 14 days in toll resuscitation at the airport. so she had to have 150 because she had to buy space for suitcase and travel insurance of some not, she had to go home. all a hoax. koffort and assured I had taken a ticket. do not be fooled by this lady. with beautiful eyes
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Name:  Joyce Bolt
Aka:  enchill abbrmms
Age:  31
Location:  ghana
On web sites:  justhookup
Report:  I believe this to be encill abbrmms .doing the rounds again as Joyce bolt.some one needs to shut this scammer down!
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Name:  Hannah Yawson
Aka:  Karen Dreams
Age:  34
Location:  Ghana, Team Community two
Address:  1st Pas Grant rd 00233
On web sites:  Yahoo messenger and most any and all social dating sites.
Report:  I met Hannah on a dating site. We communicated on yahoo messenger for over a year. She asked for money here and there for food and such. She claimed to love me and want to cometo the USA to be my wife. One day she claimed to be in SALT lake city Utah but when I got there I found she was still in Ghana. Lies after lies.
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Name:  alla tsykal
Age:  27
Location:  Russia/Leninogorsk.
On web sites:
Report:  I received a message from this woman, exactly with tha same text she sent to another man in England. In the end, after several letters, she asked for money, as usual.
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Name:  Olga Valentinovna
Aka:  Olga Damofera
Age:  29
Location:  Yurga, Russia
Email:  olga,,,
On web sites:
Report:  I am a subscriber to One day I received an email from Olga Damofera stating to respond to a different email address and that she did not live in the state of Washington. I did and have received a subsequent 53 emails (almost daily) from her between August 25 and October 28, 2014 (still has not stopped). Things I noticed that were strange: She did not always answer my questions, as if she wasn't a good reader and that she used some American slang words like
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Name:  Victoria Kissiwaa
Age:  28
Location:  Sunyani,Ghana
Phone:  00233245609599
Report:  Dear Sir, i sent you for the last time pics of Victoria Kissiwaa and our chat. If you don't post her then i'll contant a few friends of mine, they are working for the secret service in Germany and they give to FBI Or CIA. It seems that you want to cover her.
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Name:  laura philip
Age:  35
Location:  Sherwood, Arkansas . also Washington State indiana, from Aurora Illinois.
On web sites:  Facebook
Report:  Friended me on Facebook sent me her photos and before long told me she was in the US army as a Sergeant grade 3. She was in Libya when we texted. Soon she was telling me she loved me and wanted to come and see me when she got stateside. She got home and said she needed money to come to see me I sent it and she went off line for 48 hours then she came on and told me she had been mugged but the money turned up soon after. Again she promised on her life that she was coming here and said she wanted to marry me but needed more money to get here. I sent that money again she went offline for 48 hours and once again she told me she had to use the money to pay for her child care. More photos came as well as intimate and nude photos where exchanged she made believe she was coming here then she wanted $8000.00 to get her benefits from the US army and gimme a so called email which I checked out and got a reply but it was filled with spelling mistakes I knew this was a scam I told her no more money would be sent and if she didn't come here I wanted my money back she didn't come back I demanded my money back and she became hostile I'll send you you're stinking money back I sent her details but again no money came back to me. She went off line for a week and when she came back on again she asked for money yet again. No money was sent and contact slowed down until I get a message once a week. Be careful of this woman.
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Name:  keren micah
Age:  24
Location:  Senegal
On web sites:  miumeet
Report:  I came into contact with thus person who calls herself Keren Micah (on miumeet dating site) Within a short time we had exchanged email addresses (I have a separate email address for new contacts, I'm aware of scammers). Very soon she started to tell me how she was a refugee in Senegal. How her parents were murdered by rebels. She said that she really trusted me. She wrote how her late father late father had an account with 3.9 million dollars in it and how as next if kin she would be entitled to transfer the money to a foreign business partners bank account. I had already checked her name in the internet and found articles (not on scam stoppers) which showed emails thick were almost identical to the ones that she'd sent me. So I knew what was coming. I played along with her. Saying things that would make her believe that I'd do almost anything for her. I agreed to pay the charges for solicitors etc. she eventually sent me the name and address of an account transfer manager. I contacted him by email. And he replied giving me instructions as to what I needed to do to get the money transferred. I checked his name in the internet I found out (confirmed) that he was a scammers. The name of the transfer officer is sir Phillip Hampton Email ( number?? 00447045782177?OR? 447790128709.Office Fax number 00447031921694. To cut a long story shirt. I eventually told her that I knew what she was up to and that if been aware that she was a scammer. She even had the nerve to send me a return email making out that she didn't understand what I was talking about, asked me to make sure that I pay the fees
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Name:  Jibril Abduliai
Aka:  unknownBaye ciessey
Age:  32
Location:  Ghanna Accura
Report:  I contacted at mate1 for two months she needed money for food I sent 100.00 to Jibril Abdulai once quit corrosponding
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Name:  Natalia 
Aka:  unknow Mari
Age:  31
Location:  Russia Kazan
On web sites:  Unknown
Report:  I look at phot on page 61 of photo, s and there was a photo of Natalia age 31 , that is one of the photo, s Ekaterina Dudinova send to me , address being Birsk City 452451 Chkalova street 14b-6 , but that letter came back from post , they tried 7 time to deliver my certified letter , than they send it back to me in Perth W Australia, i think she lives in moscow , because that were she wanted the money send too , i think she find out from your web site , about the report i send about her, being a crook , because she does not react to my emails and offers for money
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