First name: Joy
Last name: Demonte
Age: 28
Location: Italy/Nigeria
On websites:
Report: After several emails she a)changed the pic on the site, and b)that night they asked for my online dating username and password so they knew I was only talking to them. after they got the info. they hardly chatted with me. so i got suspicious and was not able to log in to the dating site. So I created a new account and searched my old login and there it was with a brand new pic and completely different info. I reported it to the site via email but have not heard back. the site listed a customer service # that when called did not have an option to speak to someone live. I am not sure if the site is in on it or not. By using my profile I am not sure if they were able to access my credit info. I had used or not, so far nothing appears, but it is way too early to tell
First name: Yekarterina
Last name: Osokina
Aka: Ekarterina
Location: Russia
On websites: At least one of those addresses above are hers.
Report: She scammed me out of money. Told me she needed money to get from her moms to Moscow. And she was getting a Fiancee Visa. She also claimed she needed money again for exspenses, and flight through agency. She got over $1,250.00 USD Via Western Union.from me. This is deffinetly her. I have 3 different pictires of her. Her first name is Yekarterina, Last name is Osokina At least thats who cashed the Western Union That was back in August 2007. You have her posted as Anna age 32. Page 264.
First name: Kristen
Last name: Chiantella
Aka: holdme07
Age: 29
Location: Brooklyn NYC USA
Phone: 718-637-0516, 347-385-9679
On websites: AirG Mobile chat
Report: Initiates contact with men on AirG, which is a mobile chat. Claims she doesn't have a computer because it broke. Begins by making flattering compliments to a man. Falls in love with him very quickly, within two to three days. Starts talking about marriage unrealistically soon. At the time she told me she was a 2nd grade school teacher. Who knows what else she says she does. Claims she owns a beautiful Victorian home and has alot of money left from family members who have died. Then after just a few days, she tells the him she's willing to sell her home and quit her job, to relocate to where the he lives, to be with him. After emotional bonding has developed, she begins to ask him to buy prepaid calling cards and to send the pin to her, via, mobile chat. She'll ask for this several times, so that she can boost her minutes and call him. But the strange things is, once he pays for more minutes, he doesn't hear from her. Anyway, she tells him she's flying out to visit him. However, half way there she gets stranded at an airport and she's supposedly put on
First name: Tracy
Last name: Harrington
Aka: Andrea James / Diana Leo Billy
Age: 25
Location: Lagos Nigeria
On websites:
Report: wants to live with you needs mony for flight/ requires money for bills
First name: Nadezhda
Last name: Kourlina
Aka: Olga
Age: 26
Location: Aden Krasnoyarskiy Krai, Russia
On websites:
Report: Nadezhda Kourlina emailed me with the name of Olga. She stated that she was coming to the U.S. in 3 weeks and wanted to meet me. She emailed me 4 times before I checked out this website and I emailed her back each time. The only information I had given her was the town and state that I lived. Can she hurt me by the information that was given out. I did save all of her emails if you would like them.
First name: Janet
Last name: More
Report: Asking for money and saying she is in love with the men she has contacted
First name: Sarah
Last name: Williams
Report: Asking for money,claiming to be in love with the men she has contacted
First name: Mary
Last name: Copeland
Address: 200 dupree woodstock, road lot 74 georgia30189
Report: Claiming to have a child,and has asked for money. the information you have here is for Western Union
First name: Mary
Last name: Williams
Age: 33
Location: Washignton Heights NEW YORK, Appleton WI Raised in England
Email: Mary William
Report: In the second email I did one email trace and I saw the email comes from LAGOS NIGERIA. Hi Chris, Great to read from you and love all i read about you.Will tell you a little about me below. My name is Mary William, I am 33yrs old, I live in Washington Heights,New York and Appleton,WI own by my late parents.I was born in the month of February on the 22nd day of 1975.Raised in United Kingdom and states,im of mixed race (American/Spanish/latina)Hair:Blond Height: 5'8
First name: laurin
Last name: taylor
Age: 32
Location: west africa
On websites: date me free
Report: talk to this lady talked on messenger she sent me this letter regarding about 2.6 million dollars needed my help to tranfer it to me so we can have a good realtionship together