All reports about female scammers

Name:  Elena Krylova
Aka:  Evgeniya Romanova
Age:  29
Location:  Moscow Russia
Address:  Moscow, street Vavilova, the house 48, apartment 38. 119333, Russia.
Report:  this woman tried to get $900 from me to pay for her tickets to meet me... here is her letter she sent me... this info. includes a bank name address and phone number Hi my darling Joeseph!!! I write to you from Moscow! I rented a room in apartment. The mistress of apartment very good woman. I will write you the address where has now lodged. The city of Moscow, street Vavilova, the house 48, apartment 38. 119333, Russia. Joeseph, today I have visited embassy and the airport. In embassy I have filled all documents, for visa registration. It was pleasant to me, that in the visa centre affable people work, I saw the consul, it has passed on a corridor and all has greeted, it very serious man and the polite man. To me have helped absolutely in everything, I have given all necessary documents, also I have made photos for visa registration. Now I look forward my visa. I have got acquainted with the girl and have asked it, what is the time it is required what to receive the visa, the girl has told, that all now becomes quickly as it is a lot of people wishing to receive visa and on it, the embassy works much faster. In embassy to me have told, that I should get 2 air tickets. Air tickets are necessary for visa registration. The matter is that employees of embassy should be precisely assured of exact dates of my start and returning back to Russia and what to note exact dates on the visa. I thought, that tickets can be ordered through the Internet, but in embassy have told, that now very strict rules and tickets it is necessary to buy originals and it is necessary to give them for this purpose, that of embassy would assure them, that they could see dates of my start in your country and returnings back to Russia. To me have explained, that this main condition for visa reception. I very much was surprised to such rules, but to me have told, that it is important what quickly to receive the visa. Today I have personally visited airport Sheremetevo-2 and have considered the prices for air tickets, a choice of air tickets very big. My darling, we need to hurry with purchase of air tickets as it is necessary to give tickets in embassy, that on my visa would name dates of stay in your country. I have considered air tickets, cost of one air ticket makes 450 dollars. It is necessary for me to have 900 dollars on two tickets that I could get air tickets. Joeseph, I did not wish to ask from you money, but I have bought the laptop, and as from me the big expenses here in Moscow. Now I do not have money to get air tickets. I have paid registration of the visa and the medical insurance in embassy. Also I have paid residing at a room. I now had few money, but this money is necessary for me to live in Moscow. You can help to get to me air tickets? Already I said to you, that I should get air tickets in Russia, for this purpose that my tickets would assure of embassy. Today I also have visited bank, it was necessary for me to learn, how I can receive from you money quickly as I spoke that the prices for tickets rise in price every day. On the Internet I have studied, that you from the country can transfer the help to me very quickly, this system is called
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Name:  Nelly,Nelli shikolnyk,shkolnik
Aka:  Nelli,Nelly Jellick
Age:  48 feb. 18
Location:  Ukraine ,Russia ,Untied States
Phone:  +7 966 707 0199
On web sites:  my world, charmdate, Wyze, Russianlove sites
Report:  Contacted Nelli on charm date where we exchanged many letters but did at time seem as if I was writing different women. it wasn't until I visited her and proposed that she came to my country and she did not behave as she did when I first met her . For some reason she became very angry with me and returned to Ukraine only later to send me a e-mail stating she was still my fiancee . She returned after a number of texting ,phone and e-mails to marry me. She persisted in wanting to visit her children who fled to Russia . After spending much of my savings for her passport, visa and money to help sustain her because she wasn't working, needless to say ,directly and indirectly I spent a five figure amount . The worse accrued after just two days of marriage when she left me in Ukraine on the next day she sent her friend to tell me
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Name:  Lisa Skidmore
Age:  31
Location:  Cinn. Ohio
Phone:  4175012720
On web sites:  Date sites
Report:  Lisa and I met on a date site, we started liking each other very much. She needed money she said to pay her cousins part of the bills for living there. Which was 350 dollars. I also sent here money other times for food and other things. Her cousin smith was always the one to pick it up for her so he was probably in it also. A few weeks later I sent her 200 dollars so she could drive down to ga and live with me. For some reason she ended up in Memphis with her car broke down. Memphis is no were near ga so I don't know why she went there. So she's broke down in Memphis and I sent her money to fix her car and give here more money to get here. Total of around 800 more dollars to fix it and to get it here. So she got on the road for about an hour and called me she was broke down again. This time I knew for sure that I was being scammed. So I stopped talking to her and would not give her anymore money. This whole time she keep telling me how much she loved me and how bad she wanted to be with me. But it never happened. She probably robbed for for around 2000 dollars. I think she needs to pay it back. I'm heart broken and now broke I gave her all my money to get her here and she didn't come.
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Name:  Jane mcbill
Age:  40
Location:  london uk.
On web sites:  Our time
Report:  I have been chatting with her for 1 year and 8 months never met her yet she has given me two gifts
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Name:  linda kamai
Age:  30s
On web sites:  FACEBOOK
Report:  SHE JUST STARTED CHATTING ME UP ON FACEBOOK AND WANTS ME TO GO TO DIFFERENT SITE . I refused but she kept insisting. I said goodbye , and good luck with your next sucker.
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Name:  Janet Mark
Aka:  alias Ester Okyereunknown
Age:  34
Location:  Winnebe, Ghana
Email:  Ester100@gmail
On web sites:  all dating sites
Report:  This female did a great job on me when I was at my lowest time in my life, she took me hook line and sinker and I fell for it all.It was totally unlike me as I am never taken in by anyone but my mistake cost me ?4000 English pounds, my car, my health. I will never forget her and I won't give up on making her come to justice. I have hundreds of pages of emails that she sent, photos and copies of all the money orders. I went on here and out of the blue there was her picture even down to the tattoo on her hip, omg she must have made a career out of doing this. Even though I reported this to the British fraud squad nothing was ever done, they never asked for anything from me just put me in a stock pile.She is heartless and even though no one is helping me one day I will make sure she pays for her crimes. I doe'nt have a great deal of money so I cannot afford all these investigators that look into scammers but I will not give in. If there is anyone out there that can give me any information about who I can contact to start the ball rolling I would appreciate the information.
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Name:  Maryann Batcagan Gonzales
Aka:  grace
Age:  33
Location:  shenzhen china
Phone:  86151181693
On web sites:  fdating
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Name:  Veronica mark
Age:  31
Location:  acrra Ghana
Email:  wonderfullady19 @yahoo message
On web sites:  thro Facebook
Report:  Said she wanted he and needed money to be with me found out that she is a scammer on Ghana scammers
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Name:  Anne-Maria 
Age:  34
Location:  New York City, New York, USA
Address:  New York City, New York, USA
On web sites:  top face
Report:  a new scammer
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Name:  jennifer owusu
Age:  30
Location:  ghana accra
Address:  Ghana Kumasi Kumasi House no.nt121 zip code 0023 3 Premper2nd street
Phone:  0554214497
Email:  not sure used a flake one
On web sites:  Skype
Report:  i now know that she went under different names Joyce Donkor, Portia Osei ,Josie Ghana,Naowi Owusua Jocci Mattew ,Rody Smith ,Cynthia Botchway ,Stephanie Melo and many more names she is the same person and also has well over 50 plus Email addresses she scam me out of about ?13000 for all sorts of reasons from a new passport and documents to travel twice plus other moneies for flights then there was the Gold which i send her money to help her and her family to get documents of ownership she promise me she was going to send me back ?4000 to pay off my debts the only thing is she made out she needed more documents so i wasnt going to full for this thats when i found out about this site and check her out a found her on your scammer list i do wish now i found out before i let all my money go to her .
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