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Name:  zhanna zabanova
Aka:  friends that pick up her money-aleksandra woronchikhina and popova polina
Age:  31
Location:  moscow,russia
Phone:  +31387554955 3/30/2015 +31132143669 4/1/2015
On web sites:  ?
Report:  She e-mailed me about wanting a relationship this went on for a month.then she claimed she was in love with me and wanted to come to the usa to stay with me.Thencame the money for the trip to me.first she claimed she would be able to pay for claims she get payed end of month,and started asking for money that I sent by western union,I first tried money gram ,I was told shes a scammer and wouldn't let me send I sent her this and my gut feeling was I wanted to believe she was for real I didn't want to believe what has been written about her..during the month of 3/20/2015 to 3/1/2015 I sent her a total of $4000.00 travel fees ,airlines ticket,$500 for some tax on the money and spending money.After I sent all this to her I never heard from her again and this was the day she told me she was coming to fly to the usa.I feel really mad right now so if anyone else get a e-mal from this person be aware she is a scammer and she will rip you off of your money!she needs to be spent to a Russian prison !!!!!! these two girl friends pick up her money for her Aleksandra woronchikina and popova polina her friend work with her
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Name:  mukda Greakachachai
Age:  35
Location:  thiland
On web sites:  chemistry
Report:  she wants to come to United States to see me as Passport a visa don't know if they are real said she got them to agency
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Name:  Emily Roland
Age:  27
Location:  England
On web sites:  Angel Return
Report:  4/5/2015 she sent me 18 photo's. She wants my phone numbe rand said i could contact her on her mobile phone in England. She sells spices all over the world. She wants honesty and i told her that i am 64
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Name:  Kayla Rees
Age:  29
Location:  Ramsey, Isle of Man
Phone:  07593787782
Email:  Kaylarees629
On web sites:  Zoosk
Report:  She saw me on Zoosk said I was the one sent photos and said she wanted to fly over tomorrow into Bournemouth with Glen.Nash. Travels, wanted me to pay ?180.00 into Natwest bank acct 24322180 S/C 52-21-30. She is now saying someone is doing this as she is being blackmailed by a man that wanted sex and she refused so he made all this lot up
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Name:  anastasia anikina
Aka:  vera ganshina
Age:  29
Location:  russia
On web sites:  ok cupid
Report:  i got a email from vera ganshina out of the blue saying she was looking for the love of her life i did not respond to the first email then i get a second email from vera ganshina with two photos then she started asking for money for airline tickets to meet me in the uk
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Name:  Mary Amponsah
Aka:  Rosaline Asante
Age:  35
Location:  Ghana-Accra
On web sites:  Plenty of
Report:  Try to get ?200 pounds for her up coming birthday party (UNLUCKY) checked out this web site first , happy day's . She pinged me on plenty of fish with a different picture .? Then when I replied she said her name was Rosaline with new pictures then she emails you telling you she loves you ect ,she talks to you on Skype so you see her face to face and is real and then says how wonderful you are ect then asked for money .
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Name:  vera 
Age:  40
Location:  Berdsk
On web sites:  zoosk
Report:  Sent photos old typing format broken English 40 years old .!!! I am 54 !
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Name:  Julia Kashirina
Aka:  Julia, yuliya, Uliya, Yulya Fialka, yulia 26 , juliaK ,Hot_Blond_U, yuliya K,
Age:  26
Location:  Simferopol
Address:  60 let Oktyabrya Street, dom 13, kv 42 Simferopol 95000 Ukraine
Phone:  +380 (66) 405 96 87, +380 (99) 487 35 66, +7 (978) 758-18-07
Email:  I am not certain
On web sites:,,,, ukrainedate, many many more
Report:  Dated Julia for 2.5 years. Has been dating and is engaged, living with Pavel Sorokovik the entire time. Pavel was also a driver of mine. I have spent over $50,000 on gifts , travel and membership fee to write , chat , and send gifts to her. As well for her to learn english and visa documents. Which were never done. He has taken anywhere from $50-$100 for taxi services. She has admitted to me, i have talked to translators not her. She runs apartment scam, romance scam, driver scams, and translator scams. Her business is nails by julia and operates out of a barbershop in Simferopol. All photos are professionally scrubbed. On facebook , her profiles are without photos and are registered by a man . Same as on VK you can find them both under alias' Julia Fialka, and Pavel Sorokovik, where he states is engaged. They all keep very secretive.
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Name:  Veronika 
Age:  29
Location:  Ukraine, Khrakov
Report:  Several friendly letters and then all a sudden, madly in love with me. Talks about the war in Ukarine. She said she came from Donetsk. First sha moved to Kahrakov and then she leaves to Russia. From Russia she nedds money to pay fees and visa, over 300$. I said NO.
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Name:  Elena Badrina
Age:  30
Location:  Russia St. Petersburg
Address:  Parkovaya 33 150#
On web sites:
Report:  I found her in other from my email , she haven't use PC in her house, but I like her a lot . We was send from and back us ! I caught her that scamming now !
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