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Name:  Jessica Kouakuo
Age:  26
Location:  Senegal
Address:  Coloba Darkar , Senegal
Phone:  +221779911678
On web sites:
Report:  She was an orphan, her father died in civil war, in Senegal. Now she live in camp, where situation is not good for her. She want me to be her husband. Her father have $1.7m in Standard life plc, that have to be transfere to her next-kin (her husban) she want to come in my country.
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Name:  Natallia Silchanka
Aka:  Natalya Shilchenko
Age:  24
Location:  Belarus homel
Phone:  +375336505212
On web sites:
Report:  Got to know this woman place dating page. He asked for money for a visa 260euro. I sent him via western union money service. Three days before the start of the journey, he asked still have money for a taxi trip to the airport 200 euro. I sent him yet for taxi money. He would never come to Finland and did not reply to your messages.
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Age:  ?
Location:  19
On web sites:  Skype
Report:  I was contacted via Skype, a girl by the name of Comfort. Her Skype name is bbbbbbbb2001. She has sent me fotos of Josie Model (with clothes on). The email contact is Peter Essel
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Name:  Joyce Harusi Mwalimu
Age:  20
Location:  Kenya
Address:  Zewal interprises 73701 00200 nairobi
Phone:  +254717461605
On web sites:
Report:  honey i could not pay for the one month [03-11-2014 23:53:19] Bo Aron Jensen: so now u see what i mean with hellen use all ur credit now we cant talk because of it [03-11-2014 23:53:28] Bo Aron Jensen: why [03-11-2014 23:53:54] joyce harusi mwalimu: bcause i remain with 500 [03-11-2014 23:55:33] joyce harusi mwalimu: are u there [03-11-2014 23:57:42] Bo Aron Jensen: thats not true 18000 + 2500 is 20500 and i send u 21700 so its 1200 left [03-11-2014 23:59:24] joyce harusi mwalimu: noo,,18000 laptop and 2500 for the moderm [03-11-2014 23:59:57] joyce harusi mwalimu: ok [04-11-2014 00:00:17] Bo Aron Jensen: yes 18000 + 2500 is 20500 and i send u 21700 so there must be 1200 left [04-11-2014 00:01:02] joyce harusi mwalimu: yeah [04-11-2014 00:01:27] Bo Aron Jensen: and [04-11-2014 00:02:17] joyce harusi mwalimu: i buy something [04-11-2014 00:02:59] Bo Aron Jensen: what [04-11-2014 00:05:11] joyce harusi mwalimu: extension which made a shout in the charger then i hade to take the original one for 450,,then honey we were with the little girl i had to buy them food to eat [04-11-2014 00:06:07] Bo Aron Jensen: my love im not here to feed other people [04-11-2014 00:06:55] joyce harusi mwalimu: honey i know she just asked me to go with her [04-11-2014 00:07:15] Bo Aron Jensen: is not what i pay for [04-11-2014 00:07:31] Bo Aron Jensen: that is esters job not yours [04-11-2014 00:08:44] joyce harusi mwalimu: ok if i buy the red wine with the rent money then what will i pay the house with?? [30-11-2014 18:45:06] Bo Aron Jensen: ill give u 6000 tommorow ok my love [30-11-2014 18:45:17] joyce harusi mwalimu: ok And much more
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Name:  Olesya Kovtun
Age:  32
Location:  St. Petersburg
On web sites:
Report:  Exactly the same experience as other members of this site. She sent me many emails and telling me she did not need any money because her dad owned a big building company in St. Petersburg. Even though she seemed to have money, could not afford a cheap flight. Didn't want me to come to St. Petersburg and always talked about some TRAVEL PACKAGE for USD 400.- instead of accepting a booked flight by me. Before sending the money J checked her out and found her on your website, THANKS TO YOU, J saved USD 400.-.... Thanks guys, keep up the site... it saves us money....
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Name:  Monica Standsfield
Age:  44
Location:  Kumasi Ghana 00233
Address:  20th Alajo Road
On web sites:
Report:  The classic scam I guess now that I read all the others. I was on when I get a request for a chat on this site. some after I am asked to leave and got to goggle chat as it would be more private. At that time she in Calgary Alberta Canada, after a week or so I am informed by her friend that she has been returned home by immigration and she would contact me by goggle chat to up date me on what had happened. When she contacts me she need money to get her passport which had expired and that's why she was returned home She asks for $200cdn and I feeling sorry for her send $400. Shortly after this I am informed that she need $ for her Mother who is sick in the hospital. I try to send this an Western Union refuses to deliver..should have been a strong sign but I still believe her. Then I try to send it to her pastor at her church..again western union refuses to deliver. Around this time or a little before I register on this site and start to do due diligence a little late but better late than never. Know sign of her shows up an any site that I could find. I am very Leary of the whole thing but still can not prove anything. Her Birthday is to be 6-7 May and a week or so before this I decide that I will get her a Tablet so that we could see each other. Well loading this tablet and trying to make sure its up and running well I ask her for her goggle pass word which she sends me, I register the Tablet in her name and check to make sure its up and running properly I discover the trash has not been emptied so with a look in this I find 6 more guys she is writing to one as late as 1 may. So I confront her with this and she says she deleted so she would only be with me. Having full access to her goggle account I had restored all the deleted e-mails. When confronted with the 1 May one first she deny s it and I tell her to look again at her inbox which makes angry and of course this is all my fault that I did not trust her, But she still loves me. A lot of the e-mails where cut and paste, she would disappear for 10-30 minutes at a time when we where chating sometimes it was that she fell asleep or that her internet connection was not working. and of course the other men she was talking to as well as me. I have all the emails and even the emails of the other guys, and of course pictures.
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Name:  Viktoriya Delnay
Age:  31`
Location:  Barnaul Russia
Report:  Was contacted out of the blue by this individual who conversed with me over a three week period, and all the time I told this person I was married and still she persisted to write and offer herself, and spoke of wanting me to help her pay for a trip to the USA from Russia so she could be with me. Typical ripoff game.
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Name:  sofia huzel
Age:  28-38
Location:  Lagos Nigeria
On web sites:  facebook
Report:  Scamming older gentlemen for money. She sends out photos that is not her. When she scams for money She will use
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Name:  Jemier Taylor
Age:  unknown
On web sites:  Oodle
Report:  I was on multiple site puppyfind and oodle as well as private sites . They had multiple ads - 1 was even on puppyfind but has been taken down because of my reporting it as a scam. The gentleman said his name was Jermier Taylor. He was supposedly from Denver, CO. We spoke - texted- emailed for 2-3 weeks corresponding about a male Boston terrier. He supplied me with multiple photos of the puppy from different angles and ages. Today and yesterday I did more research and found out he stole these photos from real breeders websites-awful!! I don't know if you have ever seen catfish - this was the doggy version. He said he was just trying to get the puppy's a home so the majority of the cost was for shipping. I questioned the entire process. I was worried about the flight distance. The shipper contacted me - advised me the shipping is 300, the insurance for shipping was 100 and the travel crate was 200. I agreed hesitantly, but they reminded me the dog will be shipped to the door . I payed the 600. He wanted me to pay through the Moneygram - I asked why it wasn't PayPal - they rushed me for the money- asking me to make the payment in a timely manner to keep the schedule. Promised me my dog would be personally delivered to me Sunday morning at 9:30 am. After I sent the money - 3 hours after- the said that there was an issue shipping the dog and demanded 1200 ASAP or they couldn't ship the dog. This man with an African accent called me- threatened that I would get arrested if I didn't pay for abandoning the dog - the people at the airline would come after me for 25000.00. Told me if I didn't pay- something BAD would happen to my dog. Awful, Awful! What kind of sick person makes their life's living doing this sort of thing. Even worse- they have my address- how am I supposed to feel safe? I had to tell my husband about the dog which was supposed to be a surprise . I am still distraught.
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Name:  Becky smith
Aka:  Becky smith
Age:  35
Location:  nigeria
On web sites:  hotmail, Yahoo messager
Report:  she is a pathological lieing scamming fraud that will use any intentional lie just to scam and steal money from any one as she did to me.she lies to u about coming to be with you and lies to u about her love for u and allways talks to as many guys behind your back as she can so she can scam from asmany as possible. Names she uses to collect money adageko dare from nigeria Samuel abedayko from Malaysia and a Helen The eefc and nigeria immigration officer are in fact notifiled of the danger of the nasty lieing scammer she is to stop her from leaving the country . She is to be shipped back to malaysia to where they still have the hanging for people that Are catch stealing .money gram and western union are aware of becky and all 5 people she uses to collect her and western union have a record of over 500.000 .00 That she has scared in the past. 4 years she is a danger to the innocent people with her lies She needs to be stop and prosecuted for her crimes.
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