First name: Rose
Last name: Alexander
Age: 37
Location: Hastings
Report: Gives email address on dating apps. Will reply to emails sent says has to kids boy and a girl. Then states two princesses, Will chat and ask for a meet very quickly once agreed insists on sign up to a website states give you VIP access and when you go to sign up you need to provide card details. If you refuse gets nasty. Will not answer questions about the town she states to live in.
First name: Katarzyna
Last name: Kaleta
Aka: Judy,Irish,Kate
Age: 31
Location: Columbus Ohio. Los Angeles California
Address: Warsaw Poland
Phone: 8727040643
On websites: Twoo
Report: Claims to be living in Ohio. But then turns around and makes a new profile on the same dating site under a whole new name. Claims to be single with one child when she?s married and has two kids Constantly asks for money.
First name: Oksana
Last name: Andrieieshcheva
Aka: Sana andre
Age: 31
Location: Odessa Ukraine
Phone: 380 96 754 9562
On websites: Odessa dating,, bridgeoflove
Report: Met on (I've seen her on many other related sites). We corresponded on this site prior to going to gmail. I met her in July 2019. She picked me up at the airport in Odessa. She spent a few hours with me each day (with her daughter). I also met her sister Elena and her 'rich' Uncle Sasha. She took me on a yacht which was to be her rich uncles, but was rented. I met her in Odessa few times (always for a couple hours here and there). I met her in Paris (alone in separate rooms). I just met Sana and her daughter Alina in Antalya Turkey for two weeks at Rixos. We had a family sweet, separate bedrooms. We did become intimate at that time. She played the aspiring wife better than an academy award winning actress. It actually felt like a real and true family. She was affectionate with me in front of her daughter (holding hands and hugs) at that time, playing the family role. We were a real family it seemed. I have photos to prove this. She acted so real. She spoke to me as a wife would speak to her husband and insisted I refer to her as my wife. In the Spring of 2020 she was awarded Miss Top Ukraine (South Ukraine Odessa). many photos of her there on FB. We would spend hours on Vibre video chat and spoke every single day. One of her friends finally had guilt get the best of her and informed me. I was getting scammed. The details mentioned to me were all spot on. The stories she told me all made perfect sense. Reality set in. Sana and I were going to get married when next I came to Odessa. Yes. She would have married me because she thought I had a lot of money. Then, once living in the USA. She would have left me for a younger victim. I spent New Years with she, her daughter and her sister Elena at my Panorama Hotel de Luxe party. Sana avoided being seen with me the entire night. She did not want Odessa to know about me as her man. She referred to me as an uncle to people of Odessa. She told all of her friends all about me and they all knew she was scamming me. I and my family were all fooled beyond belief. You would never know she was a scammer, that's how amazingly well she played the role. She was professional at getting money from me. She wanted Spa memberships, Make up training, she wanted me to help her finish the interior of a new apartment her parents bought for her (supposedly). She always said, a real man would do everything to support his future wife. She took me shopping many times; for fur coats (I bought her 3 or 4), jewelry (gold and diamonds). When we went to Paris and shopping. I thought she was going to buy out Sephora. Of course, I was paying. I have a copy of their passports and hundreds of our personal pictures. I asked her to post a picture of she and I on Facebook. She would not do this. When I did, she was upset and told me to delete them. She didn't approve because they showed her clear and up close. I asked her to pick a few photos. Everyone she chose, they were far away, she had sunglasses and a hat on. You wouldn't recognize her. There is much more to this story, but you get the idea.
First name: Erika
Last name: Addie
Aka: Erika
Age: 27
Location: Turkey
On websites: Desciritflirt
Report: She will get you to sign up to this website says she is local you. She said to me she is from Turkey. She will also say she will give you your money back if you sign up for the premium package so she can talk on cam before meeting you. She says this is due to this site being safe as she has had bad experiences with sites such as skype and hangouts She will not budge from this site which makes me feel that she has something to do with this the only ever member i have seen active on the site is Sel_ma.
First name: Jennifer
Last name: Abossey
Aka: Glory
Age: 28
Location: East cost USA
Phone: +1(603)435-2156
On websites: Rondevo
Report: Met her on Rondevo, talked for some time, then as with many she asked for a Amazon card , will also ask for a Vanilla card later on . Will claim she/he needs help getting her gold from immigration, and always asking for more . In a Search One of several, I found the pictures being used at Helenas Luminance?s , most can be found on her instagram, some of the more private ones Helena says they were only on her phone. Yes I I have talked to Helena, to see if the photos were hers , and she confirmed this This scammer or scammers are very good, taking time exchanging, the information one would expect for a date site ,before asking for any money,cards etc. There is a person who claims to be Inspector Dr Philip Knorr , even sent a copy of a British passport as Proof Aston identity. Now likely using mine as well for this . To say the least Helena is very upset , as well as I am I would not put it past this scammer to use every thing I sent to them , photos, copy of my passport, etc And yes I have checked with the person who?s photos are being use by this scammer Asls uses the following phone numbers.+1(401)379-3510 , +1(315)367-3534, +1(603)435-2156
First name: justine
Last name: martin
Aka: Cathy rc
Age: 28
Location: Kansas USA or Nigeria
Phone: 699464164
Report: It's Now or Never After hearing my moan you will heard the best moan ever in your life. I want to feel your **** inside my ****** playing around. Don't joke of my words I am much much serious about it grave me tight, pull me in my bed, torn my penty, pull your **** in my hole and **** me harder. i will wear red penty before ***. okay what is two+three, if your ans five then you will not forget my id nameL cathy.rc
First name: Weng
Last name: Canonigo
Aka: Wennie
Age: 30
Location: Bacoor, Phillipines
Phone: +63 9287089681
On websites: Truly Asian, Filipino Cupid
Report: I initiated contact on Truly Asian. Our contact lasted months. I noticed eventually something was quite right. When she gave me a hand written receipt for a router. I started to doubt her sincerity. I further doubted her sincerity when she couldn't procur a legit receipt from a Internet company in the Philippines (PLDT). Although she gave me a hand written receipt. She claimed she would get a legit receipt from the company when the final bill was paid? I wrote to the Internet company on Facebook and asked them if she was in their system? They checked and they couldn't come up with anything in her name? She asked me to buy her a phone. And we did it through Xoom. The name of the person who requested the transfer was Weng Canonigo. The phone cost about $140.00. This happened many times, I don't remember how many times.....many?
First name: alison
Last name: booker
Age: 29
Location: sweden stockholm
On websites: several sites
Report: alison booker wil tell you that she never lie to you but she also tell you that she dont have any children but that is just a big lie she have a daughter named marsha so dont trust anything she tell you at all i have lost about 50000dkk on that girl so i recomend that she will be regestreted here and i am sending you a picture off her as well
First name: Pascaline
Last name: Moore
Age: 30
Location: Ghana
On websites: Ask 4adate
Report: I met this female named pascaline moore. And want Ed me to down. Load cash app and same to send her. To buy food stuff is how she said. Or google pkay cards to buy you band that she would come from Ghana to be with me
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Evashenko
Age: 23
Location: ukraine
Phone: 380308954728451
On websites:
Report: we meet at then we move to ,a total of 18 months. I truest her very much, but then i find that she has 3 more vk accounts Ekaterina ivashenko ID: e_a_i_777 Cathy close ID: id360698547 kathy dolgova ID: id95820610 katy Iva ID: id578403611 i confront her many time but she block me on all her accounts even after i surprise her chatting with other mans she deny everything, after spending so much money on her life to see her well feed, i pay for her education and the driver license, we love each others so much , i was going to move to Ukraine to have a new family like she wanted and i also wanted, then she start demanding money for no reason, then i refuse to give her any more money. i send her $2000 to travel back to kharkiv,ukraine , she was living in luganks. but it was just to meet another man that i notice online. I used western union ,7 transfers for a total of $ 7,305 usd or more not remember .the outcome-not even a thanks i get or why ,the plain ticket and my luggage was ready ,suddenly all dreams were broken
First name: Irina
Last name: Krillikova
Age: 38
Location: Ukraine
On websites: Sugardateres,dk
Report: Who wants a man 30 years older than one self
First name: Jennifer
Last name: Taylor
Age: 35
Location: Dallas TX
Address: 9747 Forest Ln 285 Dallas,TX 75243
Phone: 2014778294
On websites: Vidamora
Report: Met Jennifer Taylor ( Morgan...maiden name?) on Vidamora and sent her 1200.00 for a plane flight for her and her daughter Ashley.Something always came up and account
First name: Lisa
Last name: Ricky
Age: 31
Location: Tamale Ghana
Phone: 727-493-6743
On websites: gmail chat
Report: stole everything by lying about a transfer of gold that she had found!
First name: Angelina
Last name: Osei
Aka: Paulina Asamoah
Age: 33
Location: Kumasi
Phone: 233 50 546 7473
On websites: whatsapp
Report: Reviewed all the info you had on this person & just wanted to add what I know. Claims to be in line to inherit 85 million dollars but needs $7486 to complete the inheritance. Sent name of Jon Barrett as probate atty. I checked with Ghana Bar Assn and he doesn't exist.
First name: sasha alexandra
Last name: VOLODKA
Age: 27
Location: MINSK
Report: possede deux descriptions differente en age , poids et taille , ne reponds jamais au courrier prive achete
First name: Anita
Last name: Williams
Age: 35
Location: NAsheville Tennessee
Phone: 4693200671
On websites: Hangouts, Meet me
Report: Romance scam talk to me for days started saying I love you and then trying to get me to send her money through bitcoin and Card
First name: Olga
Last name: Kurochkina
Aka: Olechka
Age: 36
Location: Mariupol in Ukraine
Report: We exchanged 66 e-mails. I told her in my first e-mail, if she ever would ask for money before she is in
First name: mary
Last name: jane
Aka: janet lowry
Age: 40
Location: ghana
Phone: +233248656017
On websites: watsapp
Report: she s using my daughters name which is maryjane , shes conned me out off ?7000 pounds which I thought that I was paying for her airline tickets and visa , its cost me my pension money which I was hoping to retire on , now I have to work untill I retire
First name: Keziah
Last name: Brown
Aka: Gisele
Age: 34
Location: USA California
On websites: Pot hub
Report: She says she is this keziah brown aka gisele the **** star retired. I think she is a scammer
First name: rachael
Last name: holmes
Age: 62
Location: dubai
Address: manchester
Email: rachael
On websites: tindlez
Report: sent me a me and message saying she lived in blackley north manchester and i gave her a email adress and she sent me a couple of messages say she was in dubai working in oil and was flying back on sunday 09/08/20 and in the next email said she had to pay the workers and her pay check would not clear till monday and asked for ?750 till she gets home i never replied to the email
First name: Priscilla
Last name: Lovell
Age: 32
Location: Missouri , Brooklyn,NY
Phone: 3143258629
On websites: Jaumo, Badoo
First name: Donna Jennifer
Last name: Adio
Age: 42
Location: Cyprus,Greece Chicago,IL
On websites: Plenty Of Fish
Report: I met her off of Plenty Of Fish female looking for female. Donna said she lived in Chicago,IL but was from Cyprus, Greece and that is where she was originally from. She said she was going back to Cyprus on a business trip to sell the buildings her late dad's company had built. She inherited the company. She had a lot of pictures. I talked to her on the phone several times but her English was horrible yet, she could text and email proficiently in English. She said she needed money to pay some kind of taxes in Cyprus before she could sell the buildings. She claimed she had no one else to help her but me. Only child no living family members. Then she lowered the amount she wanted from me , asking for money to stay in hotel or hotel manager would kick her out. Her phone was a google phone with a number out of Florida. I erased all pictures, emails and her phone number bur will never forget her name.........
First name: Lillian Linda
Last name: Nakumiza
Aka: Lily Gidz
Age: 37
Location: Kampala / Uganda
Phone: +256782649264
On websites: Afrointroduction
Report: Marriage Trickster, using contacts to receive visa and tickets to Europe, then just disappears
First name: Jessica
Last name: Ravane
Age: 30
Location: Ghana
Address: 6822 NW 16th Street
Phone: +225 69 51 70 10
Report: Asking for money to help her with apartment or else... Does it once a month. Got tired of it. Needs to be investigated.
First name: Celia
Last name: Janssen
Aka: Liefde in passie
Age: 35
Location: Amsterdam
Email: Celia Janssen @ Gmail or something
On websites: Victoria Milan
Report: After patiently texting friendly massages on VM she invited me for text on skype. After a few days came an invitation for online ***. Suddenly I was intimidated bij a film from me that would be published on the internet and would be damaging my reputation and so on. Also that on some article I would have broken the law an would be convicted for crime. A large amount was asked . She said money was needed for a serious ill mother. I replied I a had pictures from het too. I was suspicious because the ************ woman was another one than on pictures before I shut down the contact and she did try about 5 times to contact again I deleted and blocked all known contacts ( dit not know the existence of this site)
First name: Anna
Age: 24
Location: Poltava
Phone: +380500871904
On websites:,
Report: This lady was very strange to meet in real life. This whole agency in Poltava is a scam. If you send them the ladies you are interested in meeting, they will say that 100% are interested in you and even more that you did not ask about want to meet you. This should have been my first red flag. When you meet the ladies with the translator, the translator will always leave with the lady and I have noticed the translator dig around for cash and even carry cash out with her before walking the lady away from the date... very strange. This lady in particular would only meet in the office and made some BS about she just broke up with her boyfriend and did not want to local people to see her out on a date. I met her twice then she wished to give me her number, she seemed excited. So I took her number, from this she never even said hi, nothing. So I am thinking that it was just a fake number to make me feel comfortable to go meet other ladies with the company. This company is very shady, and very impractical about
First name: Florance
Last name: Tyler
Age: 35
Location: USA , Ohio
Phone: 727-497-7293
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: Tried to do Skype video fist day, was more then happy to do so gave her my cell number threw txt, set up skype connection and video started with her looking very pretty, average video quality then started waiving like she was happy, then suddenly she realizes her audio is not working, drop call try couple more times says mic is broke... very convincing and well times, asked later in week to voice call, on cell number has no cell phone only her moms but it's the broken mic device, that she clearly was not using in video because you can see glow from monitor... lead her along for while, offered video to me that were low quality... good scammer be careful Who initiated contact? her How was contact initiated and which website did the contact originate from? POF How long did you correspond with scammer? 4 days Did you notice anything strange during your correspondence? long messages, not answering simple question, no cell phone but obviously you can tell were she's living with her mom because her dad died when she was 13 in Florida there is money for cell phone How was the money request initiated and for what? asked to buy her cell phone so we could voice chat instead of txt What was the name of the person who received/requested the money transfer? How much was sent or requested? How many times did this occur? never sent money What was the final of the story? sent her pics of herself that she never sent me
First name: Lilia
Last name: Popovich
Aka: Lily
Age: 28
Location: Zelenodol'sk, Ukraine
On websites:
Report: She initiated contact on After that, she sent the same letter as was posted. She also sent pictures that are from an actress. The name of the actress is Celeste Desjardins.
First name: Winona
Last name: Jungman
Aka: Vivian K J
Age: 33
Location: USA
Phone: +(1)3365603455
On websites: Hangouts
Report: I'm Vivian by name and I got attracted to your profile on the site that's why I tried to contact you on here but Simply Online looking for a appropriate Guy,and a Long-term Relationship, Marriage,Activity Partner who is honest, fun loving and will respect his partner.Someone that can laugh and make me laugh too. I admire honesty, integrity but then I do come online much but you can add me up on hangouts or text me so we could get to know more about each other.hope to hear from you soon..+(1)3365603455 /hangouts..
First name: Sandra
Last name: Ballancy
Aka: Gifty Aryee
Age: 32
Location: Accra Ghana
Phone: 233547997185
Email: ;
Report: This lady claimed to be Gifty Aryee to me she is already listed as Sandra Ballancy. She has a son Robert who loves WWE. (pictures were sent..) She claimed to be a hair Stylist going to school for nursing. When she started asking for money I got suspicious.
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