First name: Radyslava
Last name: Epifantseva
Aka: Zasmin
Age: 39
Location: Ukraine, Obukov
On websites: Ukrainedate, Elenas Models, Vision Eve, forign Ladies,
Report: Initially, very keen to meet in kyiv. Will meet and spend day with you, will then want to go shopping, will want a new mattress, getting bad back! Handbags are a favourite... Once this initial contact is past, then the requests will start for money...father has had spinal surgery, need help... Mother has fallen and broken leg...need help. Computer is broken...need help.... Will always request Western Union transfer, something she has just discovered! But if you do send any money, it is picked up instantly onto her WU account card! Will try to persuade you that you are the one she has been looking for all this time on Ukrainedate, Elena's Models, And any other dating site you can think of! Is very secretive, will never give address, might call (Viber) is very manipulative, beware. Seems genuine to start with, but then just tries to rip as much as possible out of you.
First name: Diana
Last name: Akosua
Age: 35
Location: Ghana
Address: 2370 Carling Avenue, Suite 607
Phone: 6136881813
Report: Real name is Francis Amoaka, also known as Janessa Brazil, Lesbian porn star (Google her and see). Goes as Charlotte Krampagh on Facebook (as an MD in New Jersey) and Linkedin as a student in New Jersey. Pops up on my Google Hangoy without my acceptance. Actually helped me set up Skype as Alberta Love, but has used multiple aliases on Hangout popups. Claimed to be married, but her porn is only Lesbian. Can see her in scam video by looking up scam girls of Ghana on Google.
First name: Tameka
Last name: Smith
Aka: Patricia Smith, Juliet Smith, Catlin Smith
Age: 36
Location: USA
On websites: Hangouts, Facebook, Messenger, Topface,Yandex
Report: I contacted her commenting on her looks. Within one week she requested an Amazon card. She immediately fell in love. When I refused giftcards she became verbally abusive. She claims to be Staff Sargeant in US Army stationed in Washington State. Was in Syria... Has a 6 year old xboy with heart ailment.
First name: Angel
Age: 27
Location: Miami
Phone: 786 408 1188
On websites: facebook
Report: The first contact by her was on facebook seemed ok until I spotted first Catfish sign wanted I tunes cards value of 200.00 of course I like being a Catfish hunter played along never sent any money to her but she gets all into I thought you cared for me even to the point wanting me to send her 550 to help with her grandma which by the wat was a 88 year old slovik lady who was indeed a lovely lady who passed 2 years ago these people have no morals I have set out to find them and defame them in every sense this one even has photos on xhamster look on Tin eye they have all there phots naturally its been hacked they say but be aware
First name: noami
Last name: white
Age: 32
Location: atlanta georgia
Address: 9 sussex road, chester
On websites: tries f/b
Report: wants l/t/r .says she misses you after 24hrs want to be upfront all the time then goes on dates
First name: Viktoria
Last name: Zelkovskaya
Aka: Vika
Age: 29
Location: Belarus, Minsk
Phone: +375296505266
On websites: dream-singles
Report: Zelkovskaya Viktoria has a husband and she does not communicate on her own on dating site
First name: Tepene
Last name: Darryl
Aka: Amanda bernard, Rose dj
Age: 28
Location: Washington
On websites: mingle mingle2 encore and hangout
Report: Tells you what you want to hear than ask for cards and when you say no she curses you out and blocks you
First name: Linda
Last name: Johnson
Aka: Ariana maria
Age: 28
Location: Baytown,tx , Florida, California
On websites: Instagram, Whatsapp
Report: Always wants a card from Amazon to come over and see you or a card because of homeless
First name: Aliona
Age: 35
Location: Odessa
On websites: Anastasiadate dating agency
Report: Aliona is a pediatrician who scams men by taking them to a cafe or restaurant on a date. The establishment grossly overcharges the man and pays a commission to her.
First name: Pricilla
Last name: Woods
Aka: Pricilla Asedua
Age: 36
Location: Missouri
Phone: 3165528892
Email: pricillaasedua1000@gmailcom
On websites: Instagram
Report: This scammer trolls on Instagram, starts following you. If you follow her back she contacts you on Instagram, then wants to move over very quickly to Hangouts. She reports to have a son named Richard who is 7 yrs out. Parents killed in an accident, lives with auntie, no money, needs help so this scammers says...typical Nigerian crap. You would think these scammers could come up with new material for the bio's
First name: Irina
Age: 28
Location: Perm, Russia
Report: this person (Irina) looks familiar to Natalya Ivanova that reported to your website. I wander if these two ladies are the same or sisters.
First name: Tatiana
Aka: Tatiana
Age: 39
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Phone: +380 93 545 3154
On websites: Badoo
Report: This woman acts as a normal date and takes you to fancy restaurant. Later tells you that her friend is waiting in a disco and ask if you want to join them. She lets you drink a lot and lets you pay for the expensive stuffs after.
First name: Jessica
Last name: Smith
Age: 37
Location: Cape Coast Ghana
On websites: Google hangouts
Report: Always after money. Small amounts for Bills, misc, food, etc....
First name: Yuliya
Age: 28
Location: Ukraine
On websites: ,
Report: Uses someone else's photos .. Asked for money for a trip to her city ..
First name: Olga
Age: 31
Location: Russia Ukhta
Report: Olga Was contacted by this scammer. Catfish for sure Stollen pictures Many hits on photo Reported on several scammer sites using various names. Even a hit on a site British Bride using the name Julia Whatva wasste of time
First name: Lola
Last name: Williams
Aka: Lola
Age: 30
Location: Miami, Florida
On websites:
Report: I have many pictures sent to me by this person that I can share. Including a passport picture of her.
First name: Nata
Age: 49
Location: Russia
On websites: Unkown
Report: Contacted me. I wrote back never got a 2nd reply I had sent a picture most likely this scammer had contacted me before and knew it was a waste of time for them. Did not get hits on photo
First name: Daniella
Last name: Couteau
Age: 35
Location: France
On websites: whatsapp profile
Report: Messages me from whatsapp ... Looks like newly scammed pictures of a pretty girl, with a dog, looks like mainland European country. Asks for Email, ALWAYS uses Gmail Hang outs. Scams from there.
First name: Alina
Last name: Yaman
Age: 34
Location: UKRAINE, Kiev
Address: Lomonosova 7A
Phone: 380952561009
On websites: Dream Singals
Report: This woman uses social media as do so many. Her game is to write you on sites where she is paid, but also uses INSTAGRAM to get followers to buy her things related to workout clothing. She also tries to get you to send here money when she is going on trips with her lover to other countries. She posts photos on her site and videos that have nothing to do with her so called
First name: Anastasia
Last name: Ushakova
Aka: Nastya
Age: 34
Location: Russia
Email: verytastynastya
Report: She is already on your site
First name: Elena
Age: 31
Location: Moty, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia
Address: velaya Ulitsa Dom 12 666025
Phone: +79874362382
On websites: yahoo
Report: I received a few letters from this person, with pictures since August 16. My last letter was sent on August 23. Then nothing. I received the updated Stop Scammers email in which I saw a picture of her with her profile. She told me she was writing to me from the school where she is a cook, however her email address is from internet cafe. When I tried to email her the mail came back as undeliverable.
First name: Darina
Last name: Koynovic
Age: 25
Location: Ukraine
On websites:
Report: Little girl game playing scamming game
First name: Olivia
Last name: Andrea
Age: 32
Location: Northern Territory, Australia
Phone: +61411451619
On websites:
Report: Attention: Mr :******** *******: We have verified and confirmed the relationship between you and our officer, an administrative charge of $580 dollars is to be paid by you to cover administration and logistics and for the returning officer not to be stranded when she leave here to meet you. The application file number of the leave request is (AJ0294),this must always be stated in any communication with us. We will issue you the application form and process the request as soon as we receive the administrative charge from you , it will be refunded back to you as soon as we confirm her arrival to you. The command headquarters directed you are to pay to the administrative officer on training matters bank account in Australia and forward the payment receipt back here as soon as you deposit the fee of $580 , the account details below : BANK : Commonwealth Bank BSB : 062504 ACCT NO : 1068**** ACCOUNT NAME : Raymond ******* Yours in Service Carl GA?ran MA?rtensson Major General(in -charge of officers on training) ================================================================== On Tue, Aug 27, 2019 at 2:22 PM intelligence section <> wrote: Attention: Mr :******** *******: Sir, we received your request for leave on behalf of Sgt Olivia Andrea and the leave request has been initiated. We need a proof to show that both of you are committed and ready for this meeting before she complete her intelligence training by getting back to us with her training identification number . It is only Sgt Olivia Andrea that can release it to you therefore we want you to forward it to us to confirm that you truly ready for this leave process. Also, the leave request is going to incur some charges/fees you will have to pay for to cover logistics, but all the charges are refundable,knowing fully well that communication will be between the Sweden Intelligence Authority and Australia Camp base authority .So let us have the above number and we shall confirm the leave request.
First name: Alice
Last name: Leroy
Aka: Colon Florence
Age: 30
Location: Moss point mississippi
Phone: (917) 719- 4277
On websites: Adult friend finders
Report: She got my email off the site and emailed first then asked for my personal number we have been cheating for four days and says she is out of work staying with sister in Moss Point Mississippi has asked for a 50.00 Amazon gift card which I have not since I have you guys and spoke beenverifed And several others just for this purpose ! Thank you very much
First name: Viktoria
Last name: Dykunova
Aka: Vika
Age: 31
Location: Ukraine, Kiev
On websites:
Report: This lady which places as a verified person, but with complaints to site allows her to continue to use even with showing chats of asking for a $1000 dollars for trip to America and holding signs of what scammers use as a proof of identity with different email address and charmerly dot com runs, sites like,,, and at least 3 others I found listed under interactive holdings limited in Henderson NV, the site runs politeness yet with no results being done, they take your money cause it was found by an american investigation reporter who went signed up as a woman looking for love then was told rules to follow if rules were broke, charged against the money they make using the ladies on site sending messages out to pull people in, the site claims no one permit to ask for money yet when sending copy of chat messages the on going messages back are..hope we have settled this issue! My answer no she still solicit men, plus the thousands others! I found many search engines with bad reviews against these foreign operated and owed site money laundering through a United States Nevada State!!
First name: Victoria
Last name: Suranovich
Aka: numerous
Age: 27
Location: Odessa Ukraine Istanbul Turkey
On websites: Love Swans, Alone Angels, Istanbulescorts
Report: This lady is known as Victoriya 30 on Love Swans. She is also on aloneangels. On Istanbulescorts, she is Mishel, age 23.
First name: Sheffinson
Last name: Shea
Age: 32
Location: Ghana
Report: Chatted, provided some pics and then wanted money if she was going to send more pics.
First name: SHEILA
Age: 28
Address: 5282 Quail Hollow Dr
Phone: 2549319387
First name: Serah
Last name: Cater
Age: 27
Location: Nigeria
Address: 1215 State Street
Phone: 6185417142
On websites: Scout
Report: She pulled the same thing with me trying to swindle money and tried saying her cameras broken so she doesnt jave to show video
First name: Perry
Last name: Ciole
Aka: Cole Perry
Age: 42
Location: Canada or America
Report: She is sending fake cashiers checks. If she asks for money, DON'T GIVE IT