First name: Tatyana
Last name: Barashka
Age: 30
Location: ukraine
On websites:; Google Hangouts
First name: amy
Last name: bennette
Aka: michelle
Age: 28
Location: pennsylvania ,reader
On websites: yes
Report: This person I first met on TOPface social network but when she tried to scam me I reported her but she could have opened a profile back up with another fake photo etc. she claims to had fallen in love with me and we had been writing but i just wanted to get information in order to report her even further I also found a report of her on Spokeo so apparently she has been scamming men for quite some time when she called me once he voice did not fit the girl's young face in the photos these scammers are taking advantage of older men and need to be stopped if it's possible that is to the best of my knowledge what i can recall of our online relation i noticed at first that she had told me that she had her own business but then asked me for 300.00 to by tampax this raised a red flag to me and we had our first argument, but decided to see if i could get more information to report s person not much did I get but I have used what i have t the best of my ability also i recall that topface had found spanm on her profile so i am sure this person is a scammer.
First name: anastajia
Last name: Filomenko
Aka: Nasty
Age: 39
Location: Roskoshnoe
Address: 25 Chehova St.
On websites: Ukrainian date
Report: She purports to live in town of Roskoshnoe, to be a dancer and yoga instructor, to have a familt in need and to subject to bombings. According to the American embassy there were no bombings during the relevant period. She is very attractive and early in correspondene sends erotic photographs of herself claming they are artistic. She operates via a local bank account. She claims here house has been severaly damaged, but an agent on the ground reported the house to be unharmed. She lies about costs and spends receipts immediately and claims to have no cash.
First name: Laura
Last name: Crawford
Age: 32
Location: ghana
On websites: adult friend finder
First name: Enchill
Last name: Abrhmms
Age: 31
Location: Nigeria
On websites: unknow
First name: Lana
Last name: Demidiuk
Age: 34
Location: Russia, Bryansk, Bryansk region.
Address: st. Gorkogo, 15A, Bryansk, Bryansk region., 241050.
On websites:
Report: My love,Bart, good afternoon! I'm sorry that my answer made you wait. I could not find an internet cafe for a long time. The road to Moscow was not easy. I got to Moscow by bus. The whole journey took about 3.5 hours. You know, dear, when I got off the bus. First thing I thought was how to find a hotel. I stopped not far from the station where my bus arrived. This is quite an inexpensive hotel (hostel). The prices are pleasantly associated with my city Bryansk. But the order is more expensive. I rent a room for 2500 thousand rubles. Approximate ratio to the dollar is $ 60 per day. I have necessary savings and I pay for the hotel. Now the money is very important for our meeting, and I strive to save on everything. In my room there is a TV, a bed, a shower, a small kitchen. This is all that is necessary for me. Today I already visited the embassy and the airport. I managed to do everything that is planned for today. Bart, today I wrote a statement to come to your country. There was a conversation with the consul of your country. I was surprised at their affability. I thought that it would be a bit stricter .... I was asked the purpose of the trip. I answered that it was a tourist trip. They asked for knowledge of my English language, followed my speech and me. I provided all the necessary documents. I was glad to see the consul's smile. They approved me and said that my visa will go into the process. My love, now our question with you is with air tickets. I can buy airline tickets more cheaply than before the flight. Earlier booking will help us with a favorable price. My dear, I got to the airport by metro. I looked at the airport at the airport. I looked at economy class air tickets. Bart, air tickets cost 1300 USD. I told you earlier that you need two air tickets. In two directions. My dear, I already paid the embassy registration of documents. I made medical insurance. I also paid for the hotel. I need money to live in Moscow. My dear, I can not independently purchase air tickets. Therefore, I asked you to assist my flight to you. I hope that you will not leave me alone here and help me with our meeting. I think that all this time you were serious about me! Our happiness with you in the future, and our meeting with you is priceless! I do not think about the money I spend now. I put off my savings for a serious moment. And now I'm here in Moscow, I'm writing you this letter. With great hope for your understanding. Bart, it was important for me to know how to solve the issue with the transfer of funds. Never before have I encountered this. The bank explained to me that in the World there are many systems for transferring money. What I understand from the words of the co-workers of the bank is that we can use Mani Gramm. Have you heard of this system? I wonder how it works ... Now I will tell you the information you need so that you can give me help. My full name: Iana Demidiuk (Mani Gramm) Address: st. Sretenka, 1, Moscow, 107045 ?I hope that this works and you will be able to help me buy air tickets. Please take my information correctly. I do not want to have any problems. My visa is already in the process of registration. I'm glad that I managed to start the visa process. I hope that very soon we'll be together. I'm waiting for your help in the near future. I need 1300 dollars . I was informed that you must inform me the MTCN transfer control number. Let me see the receipt of the transfer. I hope that you see my letter. I have done many things today. Moscow is a big city, and takes a lot of energy. I'm very tired ... I'll go to the hotel now. The most important thing that is necessary for me now is your support and support. I want to feel your arms and relax! I saved your phone. I'll look for a telegraph to call you. Why do you need my passport? I will make a copy and send it to you. Bart, I love you! With great impatience I look forward to our meeting! Please write to me soon. I send you all my love! I send you many sweet kisses! Now I do not have my photos. I said that I'm here without a camera. With love, forever is your Iana Demidiuk
First name: Marina
Last name: Smorodinova
Age: 41
Location: Russia, Irkutsk
On websites:
Report: Good afternoon, my Bart I work in an agency and know all the prices and ways. Tickets are not important! The main thing is to get a visa. If you get a visa yourself, then you need to go to Moscow to the Embassy. I do not want to go to Moscow myself and waste time. The agency draws up a full package of documents. Visa, Insurance, tickets! If you make out everything in the agency, it's faster and cheaper. 1) visa cost 150 $ 2) medicine insurance; $ 600 3) tickets 1600 $ 4) passport. (I have) 5) medical examination 60 $ 6) The commission of our agency is only $ 200. The total cost is 2800 $. I spoke with the parents, they also approve my decision. You understand, that I will go to other country and I have fears. But for the sake of our happiness, I am ready to overcome in myself this fear. I suggest you to pay half-and-half all expenses. I pay 1400 $. It is very cheap, in comparison with other offers, and I hope that you have the opportunity to help me. I do not have the opportunity to pay all trip. Do you realize that in Russia has risen very whole currency. And the ruble fell by 50 against the euro and the dollar. So now for me it was expensive. I do not want our relationship depended on the money. You know that I am an honest woman. I come from a good family. But the most important thing is not money .... yes, i understand, that may be, but can not buy money, but not good, can buy Never love .... I hope, that you understand, and that you agree with me? I am so upset all day. I thought, where can I get so much? But I could not find an answer ... but I still believe, that everything will be ok And we will be together .... Soon we can enjoy the sweetness of our lips and warmth of our gentle embraces ... To be honest, I was at the shock, and now I do not know what to do. But I really need you so much ... I can tell you safely to everybody in this world, that I need you so much ... Every time, when I go to bed, I have dreams only about you ... I close my eyes and I see us together ... I want to be close to you and enjoy of our relationship. But it is not possible. I really like so much our community ... but we should go farther and to develop our feelings ... I will you honestly, I already think sometimes to collect all my things and small baggage .. and to go on foot to you ... in different weather ... collecting all My power ... But I want to meet you so soon !!!!!! And I cannot do anything with this. My heart forces to move and to take some decisions ... I know that we have much distance ... when I think about this, I feel so big pain in my heart ... I do not know what, what to think ... Bart, please, answer me as soon as possible .... I will have my next vacation only in a year. I wrote to you that I signed the contract for one year ahead. I need to know whether to sign a contract or not. If we decide to meet on the date of my vacation, then I will not sign the contract. I can come to you myself. I hope that you have understood my idea. I'm an honest decent woman. I want to change my life. I met you and I think that this is fate. It's a pity that I myself cannot do anything about paying a full ticket. Really for me it's expensive. I need to know your specific answer. I need to plan my vacation. I worked a lot the last year and I want to rest. But I do not want to stay in the four walls, in the apartment. I know that we will be together so badly ... Yours Marina
First name: Sandra
Last name: Ahama
Age: do not know
Location: GHANA / ACCRA
Address: unknownZIPCODE: 00233
Phone: 5408605452
Email: do not know
On websites: Hang out
Report: she is asking me for money
First name: Mary
Last name: Tagum
Aka: Kris
Age: 24
Location: Philippines San Juan Iriga
Address: 148 Tinago st 4431 camarines sur
Phone: +639207584342
On websites: Instagram
Report: She's a middleman she's the one you would send money to because she's got to clean ID
First name: alimatu
Aka: zulfawu seidu or zoe
Age: 34 or 36
Location: accra ghana or lagos nigeria or usa
On websites: zoosk
Report: shes very beautiful and plays to need passport money and visa money along with airfare ticket money to come to us a to marry you.. very persistent and very persuasive... ha ha she only got me for 100 dollars ...lesson learned beware fellow men shes an assassin to a bleeding lonely heart