First name: Victoria
Last name: Penn
Age: 48
Location: USA
Address: 145 Culver Street
Phone: 610-751-6690
On websites:
Report: She is a scammer, Place as a woman that wants to mary and end extort money from forigners.
First name: Oksana
Last name: Gaysina
Age: 26
Location: russia
Report: Scamming bitch cunt whorel ying always through our whole 1 month relationship works wirth a scamming translation club. watch out she will steal your heart.She has more men she is writing to and more visitors than Mc Donalds.
First name: ANNA
Last name: Barkova
Age: 23
Location: Mariupol Ukraine
Email: dont know
Report: Just wanted to inform of you of a lady Anna and of her accomplice Tatiana who is still posted on Anastasia your site and says she is a limited beginner in English but she was actually Annas transalator I am sending this letter out to a bunch of agencies to let them know as well as Annas porfile seem to be everywhere Tatiana (ID: 75248) Age: 23 Mariupol, Ukraine Never married lady with green eyes and blond hair. Anna and Tatiana are so called scammers as I just got back from a visit to Mauripol. From the beginning I was in contact with Anna through Anastasia International and talked with her in there for two months and she sent very sincere letters her profile number on there was or still is if you need verification is Anna (ID: 1084368) Age: 23 Mariupol, Ukraine Never married lady with blue eyes and blond hair. Anna du1832 23 yrs 170cm~5ft Mariupol, Ukraine En:2 anyway for some reason of which I still do not know she removed or the Anastasia removed her profile but I also knew that she was on another site A Foreign Affair of which her profile still is and I have yet to report this to them yet as I assuredly will her profile number on there is (84254) she is on so many sites it ridiculous and I feel that it my duty after what happened to me that some other guy with serious intentions is not taken advantage of so she can make a so called living. So anyway to explain after I began my conversations with her after leaving Anastasia and then went to AFA I asked why did she leave without saying anything and her reply was that the site did not quite suite her needs and besides she knew that I would find her on another site and that I did and that we were still talking so we continued our conversations for months up to 7 total to be exact and I made plans to come see her off which she never once asked for money also during that time we had talked on the telephone several times and she informed me that she would have a vacation the last week in February and made it clear that she did not want to use AFA'S interrupters that she had her own that she wanted to use , ok fine no big deal it seemed to me. So I bought tickets and I was on my way and had talked to her interrupter Tatiana who seemed nice enough . I was to meet them in Kiev as I was own my way I had to switch planes in Frankfurt Germany when I received a message asking me were I was at, so I called Tatiana and she said Anna needs to know if she needs to sit for these train tickets or not and that her services would be 80.00 a day for tranlations ok no big deal, and that they would need money for the train from Mariupol to Kiev and that would be 400.00 dollars of which I knew it was not that expensesive by anymeans as I had looked into taking the train my self and she stated that's US dollars and that's when I was like wait a minute I don't know you guys I can't just send you money and she was like well if you have to be wise then Anna can just borrow it from her parents and so it was agreed that they would come by train and meet me the very next day in Kiev. So when I arrived in Kiev they sent me another text asking me if I was in Kiev and so I called again and Tatiana then informed me that Anna did not sit for the tickets and I was like why? no answer other than she didn't and lost money buying the tickets, huh? and that I should just come to Mariupol so my dumbass was like ok and so I did and then when I got to Mariupol the next night they didn't even meet at the airport but Tatiana said that someone from their agency called Venus which is local and had no website or at least that's what they told me I haven't looked into that yet although I did find one called Blondevenus and Anna is on that one to, anyway that some from the agency would meet me and pick me up of which one ever showed up and once at the hotel Spartak two people showed up a lady named olga and her husband saying that they were sorry but they thought they were supposed to pick me up at 9:30 , ok whatever and so the next night I finally met up with Tatiana and Anna who were waiting in the back seat of a taxi outside of my hotel , of which Tatiana informed that Anna did not have but like thirty minutes as she had to get back to studying and immediately asked me if I had money for her , I was like yeah but I was thinking how rude, so we went to this restaurant and sat for drinks and the first think Tatiana says is that Anna is mad because she lost money for the train ride and then we talked about my trip and the whole ordeal of which my questions were never answered as to what happened as far as the train and they chalked up to I analyze to much and I was like what are you kidding me , I also asked Tatiana since school seemed to all the sudden take up all of Anna's time that she was free the following week and she said no she has school but I know that not once but several times throught the Translator from AFA over the phone that Anna specifically said that she would have time off then and then Tatiana asked for her money , I paid her 50 griven I dont how its spelled but whatever and then gave Anna two hundred griven for her so called train ride that she supposedly lost money on and then I went back to the hotel Spartak . Then the next day I called Tatiana and her and Anna and I were supposed to go out to eat that night well Anna still had school and had and exam on Saturday morning that she had to study for and that would we have to cancel and meet up the next day at noon , welll noon came around and no call not until later on that day and by that time I had gotten sick of all the lies and was on my way back to the US and just out of curiosity I asked the cab driver if the ukrainians went to school 7 days a week of which both Tatiana and the so called director of Venus had specifically told me that they did go to school 7days a week and the cab driver informed me that it was like only 5 , arrrrr!!!!! oh and one more thing Anna was wearing an engagement ring when we did go out that one time and I asked about that and she said as did Olga the so called director that women in the Ukraine wear rings on all fingers and that it doesn't mean anything , oh ok whatever , still I was the gentleman and still told them that I was leaving and that I would maybe see them again sometime and then Tatiana told me that they had plans to go out with me that night and when I asked her about school she said that they did not have it that day as it was a celebration of their fathers but just the day before she told me they did, what in the world? plain and simple lie after lie , I wrote Anna a letter asking her to come to the states being a little heartbroken over the whole situation but not even so much as a reply to the letter not even the courtsey I realize now that is the way they make their living and am very ashamed of the whole situation as my relatives knew of my trip and I thought that this so called Anna could be a really nice person, If you need verification of anything copies of receipts tickets hotels etc just let me know . Basically to sum it up once they found out that I wasn't going to send them 400.00 US dollars for a so called train ride from Mariupol to Kiev then everything went south Thank you for your time, Dell Roberson
First name: Masha
Last name: Kaknasha
Age: 27
Location: nizhni novgorod
Report: say that, she works in a library, dont have phone to expensive for her,tell me that she 's having dream on me, bla,bla.
First name: tatyana
Last name: fedyaeva
Age: 29
Location: nizhni novgorod
Address: savino st. mira 9 zipcode 424000
Report: she says that works in kindergarden, play piano,got father call german, like circus, dont have cell, cause's broken, and they have no phone line at home, wants to marrie me, asking 750 euros, to pay agency VLADA
First name: Cyndy
Last name: Howes
Age: 35 to47 yrs. old
Location: Tucson,Az or London England
Report: I beleive she is here on work visa looking for american man to marry so she can stay in states,or she is in London,says she has a friend that needs a bone marle transplant. I would also like no one to know my name or that sent this report. Thank you
First name: Kristina
Last name: Solopova
Age: 29
Location: Latvia, Riga
Address: Kokneses Prospekts 17
Report: On February 8,2008 I received the same letter as reported by Ruud including the same photograph. She gave 29 years as her age. Thereafter she started to ask for money [900 euros].I sent her that money via Western Union on 25-02-2008. Later she wanted 1350 euros to repay an outstanding debt. But I had to send this to her uncle Stanislav Petrovsky,Kirova Street, 57-10 St. Petersburg. I sent him this amount via MoneyGram as requested by her on 05-03-08. Then she mailed on 06-03-08
First name: marina
Age: 28
Location: kazan (russia)
Report: Using a dating site meet your messenger, proclaiming undying love, one mention of money, but none transferred
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Mashova
Age: 28
Location: Viculovo
On websites: Yahoo personals
Report: She's just trying to get a better life, ya right. I checked before she was able to try asking for any money.
First name: masha
Last name: kakshana
Age: 27
Location: nizhi novgorod
On websites: hotmail
Report: she said that she works as a librarian