First name: Yerlin
Last name: Chaves Chavarria
Age: 23
Location: Paraiso, San Jose, Costa Rica
Phone: (506) 71373482
On websites:
Report: I found Yerlin on a sugardaddy website called seeking We corresponded through Skype and met in San Jose after she had agreed to see me for 3 days in return for money. Since she had 2 young children we saw each other on alternate days. The second day I saw her I completed the agreed on payment and we parted ways after dinner. The next day she Skyped me and told me she had fallen asleep on the bus and had left her wallet with all the money on the bus. The last day I gave her more money to make up for her loss. Two months later I went to San Jose again after agreeing to give her 900 dollars for the same arrangement. I made the mistake of sending her half the money through Western Union and then the other half the first day she saw me. The second time we were supposed to meet she failed to show up and did not Skype me. I tried calling her but her phone did not answer. The next day she Skyped me to say her phone had died and that her youngest child had hurt himself. She then disappeared and failed to answer any of my calls or Skype messages. I was a sucker for giving her all the money and failing to recognize I was being conned. I know her real name is Yerlin Chaves Chavarria because I had sent her extra money three times through Western Union, which demands an ID in order for someone to pick up money. In addition, she had to present her ID to the hotels at which we stayed. I have written to to have her banned from the site.
First name: IRINA
Aka: Hrushetska Iryna
Age: 25
Location: Ukraine, Sumy
On websites:
Report: Ms./Mr. I need to inform you that report send earlier was not accurate, but the product a mistake from my part, Miss Irina Gryshetskaya is not a scammer, so I firmly request that you remove all her information from you site, and please do so promptly so to not make worst an injustice committed from my part. Please confirm reception of this message and removal of Miss Gryshetskaya?s information. Kind regards
First name: Svetlana
Last name: Velikanova
Aka: Sveta
Age: 31
Location: Sarapul, Russia
Address: Sarapul. Dubrovskaya street 53 - 12. Zip code: 427964
On websites: eharmony
Report: She will do the stereo typical scam. She will personalize it and answer you question in the end.
First name: mark
Last name: agyei
Aka: charity Abisa(H), Doris Abisa, Lisa Love, susy serwah
Age: 19
Location: suyani
On websites: facebook
First name: Rita
Last name: Wobil
Aka: Sandra Taylor
Age: says 33
Location: Accara Ghana
Email: unknown, uses Facebook as Rita Wobil
On websites: Facebook
Report: This person is apparently very convincing. Sent a picture of her Airline ticket via pm. Claims flying Continental Airlines via KLM Accara to Boston. lol, the flight number she gave is for American Airlines.
First name: Georgina
Last name: Quansah
Aka: Gina
Age: 35
Location: Agona NYAKROM. Ghana
Address: 22nd Otoo Blohoum street.
On websites: pen-pals
Report: This broad (if it is a woman) is incredibly stupid for asking Western Union money for airfare when she doesn't even ask WHERE she's flying to in the U.S.!
First name: Elena
Age: 27
Location: Ukrainian
On websites: Zorpia
Report: Look here!!! You really captured me and I have no power to resist you... I looked through your profile and I found out that you are really great man! Hope you won't disappoint my expectations))) So I am here for finding the love of my life! The one I cannot live without! Can you be that man? Are you one woman man? Please don't look at my age because I am a mature woman for marriage and creating family!!! By the way, I am 26 and going to be 27 next March! I am Ukrainian lady with big loving heart and many useful skills of keeping fire burning in the couple! I am very kind and tender by nature nevertheless I have some temperament... so if I did attract your attention, please let me know at: And remember, age and distance are not barriers for real love! Besides, I speak English fluently so if you don't speak Russian or Ukrainian, it's not a problem! But the best is language of love, agree;))) Looking forward to your soonest reply with more thoughts and feelings))) With Cupid's arrow in my heart, Elena
First name: Sheeza
Last name: Nash
Age: 21
Location: South africa
On websites: I don?t know
Report: I am 21y old white girl from South Africa saying hi to daddy. Kisses xxxx
First name: Anna
Last name: Elsea
Aka: Anna Sweet or Anna Elsea or Evelyn
Age: 35
Location: Accra Ghana
Address: 24 Street Alajo
Phone: 011 233 247297371
On websites:
Report: Alleged Anna found me on POF. Got me to remove my profile so she could lure me in, romance me, make me feel like she solely wanted to be with me. I gave her my phone number, email address. I got a gut feeling after receiving flowers from her. I have her phone number but I couldn't call her. I text her and she mainly responded from e-mail. Had me convinced she was real. She hadn't started asking for money yet, but I was waiting for it. She started setting the platform about finances. During this time she sent me flowers. I called her out on what I found on the internet. She said she would Skype me to prove she was her, but on that same day she told me she didn't have Webcam. She claimed she is a professional rich beautician teaching women in Ghana. Things didn't sum up so I started research and found she is a scammer. She claimed she was from Athens Greece. Her family is successful. Very convincing and very good at luring you in. I called her out so I am sure I will not hear rom her again. She already blocked me from texting.
First name: Vanesa
Last name: William
Age: 55
Location: South Africa and Germany
On websites: Anotherfriend
Report: Uses the same lines I find on this site to the word. Pretends from America but has a South African accent. Says living in Nuremberg in Germany but I don't think so. Playing along with her to see what she wants