First name: Desislava
Last name: Childs
Aka: Desi
Age: 22
Location: Park Ridge, Illinois
Address: 310 Busse Hwy #363
Phone: 2247669525
On websites:
Report: We were married in late August of 2006. Because of my past history of employment, tax records, no criminal past, and financial standing, I made a perfect victim. Blinded by love. She recieved her temporary resident card in late Dec of 2006. On the 5th of February 2007, she got her Social Security Card in the mail, which I assume was the last thing she needed. She decided to leave our marriage that day. Being aware of the I751 requirements I am stalling as long as possible before I will grant her a divorce. She doesn't deserve to be in the United States of America. Shortly upon her leaving our marriage I discovered that she stole my birth certificate and original social security card. I have alerted DHS, USCIS, ICE, and the FTC about the matter with little help being offered. Please Beware!
First name: Irina
Age: 22
Location: Ukrain
Report: Again this photo is the one super model in Victoria Secrets magazine.
First name: Svetlana
Last name: Oney
Age: 27
Report: This photo is one of the top super models in Victoria Secrets magazines.I think there are others who use the models photos from Newport and Spiegel ladies clothing to scam.
First name: Salamatu
Last name: Mariam
Aka: marian4u
Age: 31
Location: U.S.A
Email: and addendum _2008
On websites: yes
Report: This is an internet fraudster.i belived her due to the pictures she sent to me and now i have almost about a half a million dollar in her custody.I will only ask you to find ways and means to block her yahoo accounts so she cannot have access to some information.
First name: Anita
Last name: Peterson
Aka: Corey Josephine Foster
Age: 27 aka 38
Location: Lagos Nigeria
Report: I meet her on line about 2 months ago. Stated she was with the Catholic mission group, and needed additonals to come home from there. She went through Kingsley Taveel Agency. I sent $600.00 to her then when she and the agency requested more funds. Somethings left me with a funny feeling so I did some checking using Stop and found the picture of Anita Peterson and did a comparison to Corey Foster and they were the same.
First name: gift
Last name: williams
Age: 30
Location: lagos, nigeria
Phone: 0112348086846441
Report: got me good
First name: Elnara
Age: 26
Location: ukraine Troitsk
Report: Suddenly a firm claims she has an 'empty' account that has to be 'refilled'
First name: Aleksandra
Last name: Fedorova
Age: 28
Location: Russia, ciudad Zelenodolsk, Voinov-Internacionalistov calle, 26-31, 424038
First name: yulya
Last name: buryan
Age: 24
Location: urkaine
Address: kraso-85@bk
Report: this girl suppose to sell this flat and arrive she said she will bring me 750000$ to assist milk bar i can connect to her anymore i just over 50000$ to her and last email she any 800$ the her and when melbourne at airport i can pick the girl any more and she only on fly QF10 at 6:25 am now i just over 50000$ to her please find the urkaine police to get my 5000$ back
First name: Irina
Last name: Chaplygina
Aka: Technical dentist
Age: 35 years
Location: Russia
Address: Rosa Luksemburg St. 46/1 - 21, Taganrog, Rostov-na-donu
Phone: 9287695771
On websites: Club (before called EastWest Match)
Report: I had been in contacht with her by personal meeting in summer 2006 in Taganrog, Rostov-na-Donu Region, Russia. I did see her home, flat and her daugther called Natalya born 1995. After my visit I did invite her to Denmark by invitation to Embassy in Moscow in june 2007. She acceptet, but needed money for trip to Moscow. I did send USD 400 for travelling to Moscow and USD 1.000 for expenses for gurantee in travellers check for security by Danish law. She clamed it was needed. She did not have succes at embassy and I do not know what really happend there. I did give her second chance by travellng by Prag and then to Copenhagen in november 2007. I did send USD 1.200, but also here she did not manage to do the trip. I did ask her to refund me USD 1.000 (travellers check guarantee) I have documentation for money transfer by Western Union and photos of this lady. Now I lost contaht with her and now I consider Irina as 100% scammer. From start she had 2 names at which today is called Southerngirl or ladyirina and Golden-daisy200. I do not think she use this names today at site anymore. I can not get in tousch with her cell phone anymore.