First name: Elena
Last name: Elhovikova
Age: 29
Location: The Vladimir area, City Murom
Address: st. Mira 34-13
On websites:
Report: Frequently I receive such emails. Nice to play along and then it stops as I ofcourse do not invest and or sent money to these women/people. Above info may be helpful.
First name: Maria
Last name: Kalinina
Aka: many !!!
Age: 38
Location: Kazan ,Russia
Address: 41-55 Sovetskaya st.Kazan ,Russian Federation
Report: I checked Maria out.I was surprised that she is on the web.Thanks for saving me money and a big letdown!!!
First name: Olga
Last name: Spasibkina
Age: 35
Location: Lyskovo, Nizhniy Novgord, Russia
On websites:
Report: Has sent e-mails to some one elese I know at the same time claming to be in love of course..Have recieved 8 letters so far..they are the same as my friend except the name. have at least 16 pictures of her
First name: Marina
Last name: Balakina
Age: 45
Location: Khabarovsk, Russia
Address: ul. Nekrasova 45
Phone: +74212739708, +79621503093
On websites:
Report: Where do I start? I've known her for about a year. We went out for about 9 months and lived together for 3 months. She frequently gives her age as 32 or 35, when she is actually 45. When we were first going out she would wake up before me and I noticed that money was missing every time she stayed over. 'Taxi' money. But for what she was taking, she could have been using a limo. Her sister has 2 kids living in Seattle. While we were living together she told me her sister had lined her up with a job as a nanny in Seattle. Problem was, she couldn't get a normal visa. So they were lining up some guy in Seattle to 'marry' her so she could go over as a bride. I reported this to a friend at the American consulate and now she's blacklisted for life. While we lived together I paid all the bills, food, etc. as well as bought her a hot water heater for her flat, and paid for her monthly belly dancing lesons. I took her to restaurants at least 2 nights a week, and even paid for her mobile phone. In the mean time she was stealing money from my wallet while I was sleeping. I estimate about 30,000 rubles in the 3 months. It was a rocky relationship. I caught her with another guy twice (the same guy), And while we were living together she kept her profile on the dating site we met on, and was chatting up guys every day. I got transferred to Bulgaria. She convinced a friend of mine back in Khabarovsk that she was totally in love with me. So, I paid for her to fly to Bulgaria and paid for a 2 week vacation, including gifts for her, her family and her friends. Jewelry (including an engagement ring), clothes, and gave her a laptop computer to take home with her so we could stay in touch better. She was supposed to come back to Bulgaria and live with me 2 months later. I also sent her back with 30,000 rubles. She was home about 5 days and sent me a 'Dear John' letter. She wasn't interested in moving to be with me, she just wanted me to support her in the manner she 'wished' to become accustomed to, including a big house with a maid. Love doesn't enter into it with this woman. She is entirely mercenary. Send me a link and I can post photos of her
First name: olga
Last name: kutasova
Age: 28
Location: Kazan
Report: hi
First name: Enn-Anna
Age: 23
Location: St Petersberg
On websites: unknown Currently on
Report: She hit my profile, have tried to brush her off twice but she is persistant. One e-mail she lives St Petersberg another in Moscow. Has not asked for money as yet. she is very secretive and refuses to answer certain questions. I Have additional photos
First name: Yulija
Last name: Poljakowa
Age: 28
Location: Russia , Sajansk ,Lenina 2 street, flat 50.
Address: Lenina 2 street, flat 50.
On websites: WWW.YAHOO.COM
Report: This person wants personal information, and do not know how it its.
First name: jessica
Last name: lormax
Age: approx 30
Location: nigeria
Address: C/O Oni Jacobs,Plot3/9 office blockA, travel Tours Wing, Lagos Airport, Nigeria..23401
Phone: 002348029528263
On websites: Fling..I Want U
Report: Sent me a E at my Yahoo E and professed how my profile was so great..I'd love to talk..Sent some Pix (HOT) and after a while..I'm readdy to fly into your arms and make love all night long..etc...etc..send $950 for part of the Air Fare, I'll pay the least the pix were fun..
First name: lenara
Last name: safiullina
Aka: natalya
Age: 27
Location: russia
On websites: american singles
Report: I have received 47 e-mails from this person,and I have numerous photos,she is expecting me to send her some money,is there any way to catch her?
First name: lubov
Last name: shmakova
Aka: shelly,elena pudovkina
Age: 28
Location: yaransk,russia
Address: k.marska12,apt 7
On websites: american singles
Report: I have the exact same set of letters that were sent to troy in the usa.If you want a copy of what I have,I saved all of them, a total of 26.I also know of 3 different aka's on the american singles web site.