All reports about female scammers

Name:  Valentina Vasilyeva
Age:  46
Location:  Solikask perm region Russia
Address:  11 volodarskogo
Phone:  0073425315891
On web sites:  Senior dating site6
Report:  I was scammed of ?7000 pounds I really thought she was genuine she poured her heart out to me
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Name:  Marilyn Laurio
Aka:  Ritchel Torregosa
Age:  28?
Location:  Phillipines
Email: ph
On web sites:  Yahoo Messenger and Pay Pal
Report:  Says she and her girlfriends will do a show. Asks for money. Then after sending to her she says she needs more to keep her internet working. When you refuse, she says goodbye and there is now show.
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Name:  Sarah Soomson
Aka:  Mickey moe
Age:  30
Location:  Ghana, Africa
On web sites:  All Free ones
Report:  Ms.Soomson, made first contact with me on she told me she like my profile and would like to talk to me if I was interested and she said she would send me some pictures if I gave her my personal email address so I did.
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Name:  Elizabeth Cole
Aka:  Cole
Age:  32
Location:  Bridgeville, DE USA
Phone:  19724549703 13123443531
On web sites:
Report:  Elizabeth Cole scammed me of $130, saying that she was using it for gas money to come visit me for two weeks......She lied and never came, and she uses prepaid cards on her cell phone to contact you only through texts, as she says that she cannot afford a full-service plan. I attempted to have her call me to at least verify her voice. Should have known something was wrong when she would not call me. Her brother's name is Steven Reed, who works at the WalMart in Wilmington, DE - she did not even use her own name to be sent money to - I guess I just missed the red flags....I had known her a month before feeling comfortable enough to visit her.
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Name:  Myra Sy
Age:  23
Address:  1101
Phone:  09366683867
On web sites:  facebook
Report:  The guy prentending to be a girl name Myra Sy, then he asking for money. he treat me will spread my private video this they guy detail FIRST NAME : KASSIM LAST NAME : AROMIN ADDRESS : DILIMAN,QUEZON CITY COUNTRY : PHILIPPINES POSTCODE : 1101 PHONE NUMBER : 09366683867
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Name:  Elizabeth Poston
Age:  31
Location:  Africa
On web sites:  ULikeMe
Report:  She sent me many letters and pictures claiming she was only in Africa for business and would return next week. She then sent me email claiming she needed funds to return to the states. When I refused, she begged and begged for my help.
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Name:  afia Sheila
Aka:  Shilla
Age:  Dont know
Location:  Koforidua
Address:  Afia sheila,ghana,zipcode 00233,koforidua
Phone:  233249151829
Email:  No
On web sites:  mico
Report:  Scammer,same story like others.
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Name:  Diana Akousa
Aka:  Bahis Abdul Mumin
Age:  30
Location:  Kumasi Ghana
Address:  00233
Phone:  +233203569147
Skype:  anju.tamang123
On web sites:  Whatapp
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Name:  Angelica 
Age:  42
Location:  ISLE OF MAN
Phone:  +44 7732 107671
On web sites:  Dating
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Name:  myriah nikloaus
Age:  25
Location:  united states mansfield ohio 44905
Address:  44905
Phone:  419 566 3516
Email:  n/a
On web sites:  craigslist
Report:  she sells her self men ,she seeks out older men scams them out of money I was one ,but another man she and her boy friend took over 10.000.00 after his wife passed of cancer this man a handi cap person ,she post on craigslist lot
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