All reports about female scammers

Name:  Marina 
Aka:  Olga, Natalya
Age:  29yrs old. April 4, 1987
Location:  Kirovsk, Murmansk Oblast, Russia
On web sites:  Russian brides, Anastasya (sp?), Charm
Report:  I was initially contacted by Marina through Gmail. I can not be sure which site she contacted me from. I have listed above, the three sites that I was visiting at the time. Our correspondence continued over the course of about three weeks. I became suspicious when some of the very simplest questions that I had asked her were going unanswered. The explanation that was given for this was that they were not understood. It was at this time that I started researching these websites. I started comparing my letters with the ones on this site and discovered that they were the same letters with different names inserted. There was no money sent . I caught the scam before that could happen. I sent my last letter, confronting whoever I was writing to and have not heard back from them.
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Name:  Anna Blokhina
Age:  29
Location:  Saratov
On web sites:  Hotmail
Report:  Contacted me with lots of photos and said she had been told that I was looking for girlfriend. Said she was born in Saratov 167cm tall, weight 51 kg born in 1987 so 29 ywears old. Several messages . i replied with a few photos and she was obviously not reading what I was sendind as she asked me same questions about what I did for job etc over a few times. Then says she is going to Moscow to get visa. which she has already applied for but needs interview. Then writes that everything is alright and she has visa and interview was successful. Then says she has been told sh needs to have guarantee of money for travel and as she has already paid for visa and bought tickets she has no money left , Could I please send 800 dollars by Western Union to her in Moscow. I have not replied.
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Name:  Nord Abidjan
Aka:  Emily Lexus on Facebook and nadia Diana in western union
Age:  Unknown
Location:  Ivory Coast
Address:  00225
On web sites:  Facebook/gmail
Report:  This person is going around collecting images of people on Facebook by pretending to be a girl then blackmailing them into sending loads of money or he will send them to all his friends online.
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Name:  Yulia Romero
Aka:  Julia Lunina
Age:  36
Location:  San Diego CA USA, Ryazan Russia
Phone:  619-306-4751
On web sites:  Russian Cupid, Elena's Models,Zoosk
Report:  This woman has engaged in marraige fraud. She has subsequently engage in multiple acts of fraud. Most recently she was living with a man in the US Navy and dating other men pretending to be single. Her sole purpose was to extract as much money as she could get from every man she could. She is a professional scammer!
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Name:  Ekaterina 
Age:  24
Location:  Russia, Shuya
Report:  Since three weeks ago, I found this girl on Tinder and made match, thought it was an ecuadorian girl or a foreigner vistor to Ecuador. One week later she asked me for an email and I sent it to her email address.
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Name:  rowena duropan
Aka:  davio city ,
Age:  32
Location:  davo city.,philipines
Phone:  639472363824// 639330382359
On web sites:  filopinocupid//megafriends
Report:  Rowena duropan,,sometimes called weng,,or wen wen on facebook
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Name:  Oksana Severenko
Age:  not sure
Location:  Kharkov, Ukraine
On web sites:  Anastasia Russian Brides
Report:  Came across this woman while doing some searches and recognized her. Last name is Severenko and the e-mail address that i have for her is as noted above.
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Name:  Tracy Hoffman
Aka: ?
Age:  35?
Location:  Calgary, Canada
Address:  claimed to live in Elbow Park community, Calgary
Phone:  587 600 4558
On web sites:
Report:  Very similar to LETTER(S) FROM IRIS ANNA HERMA ISTA TO ARRON (USA) Who initiated contact? She did How was the contact initiated and which website did the contact originate from? On Ashley Madison. She sent me a cherry How long did you correspond for? About a week Did you notice anything strange in the correspondence? She was pretty convincing until the second scam, although the
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Name:  Sophia Bruce
Aka:  alexxis attis.. alexdontcare on twitter
Age:  claimes to be 32
Location:  nigeria, lagos, also claims to be in duluth minn,
Address:  39 river oaks drive.
Phone:  unknown336-493-2552
On web sites:  facebook,twitter, tinder,any social media
Report:  Started out as needing supplies for a class she was taking in iron city, minn, first it was color markers for wood, then it was a set of knives for sculpting, then 1 week before she was suppost to come here to greensboro she said she fell// needed a nurse and wheel chair which i have all receipts for?? then she was recouperating she had a suit case stold?? which she claims had her moms jewelery aransom was paid forthat ,, all receipts are available.. then she was to be leaving a second time,, all of a suden her mom has breast cancer!!!
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Name:  Kelly Brum
Aka:  Kelly Santiago
Age:  26
Location:  New Bedford, MA
Phone:  508-858-8894 and 774-634-5090
On web sites:  Plenty of fish
Report:  Kelly is a sociopath that lies with out skipping a beat. From the first date kelly had the impression I was a wealthy man. She said she was an only child and comes from a wealthy family of doctors and lawyers. She was quick to ask to be my gf and I fell in love with her because she loved to cook and clean and she was very attentive to me and we seemed to have mutual understanding and feelings for each other. Kelly would always make excuses to not meet her friends and family and there was always issues sending her flowers or anything to her home address. With in the first 3 months kelly won't stop asking for a ring and then is obsessing over having a baby. I told kelly im on a budget and can't be taking her out every night. She was very upset about this. That is when the unexpected happened. One morning kelly leaves my house in a panic. She told me her mom and dog was in a car crash by a drunk driver. All my friends and family that she met are wishing her the best for over a month and kelly said her mom died after the lung transplant. More time goes by and kelly tells me she starved herself and then was bed ridden for so long she lost mobility of her legs. Next she says that she's in a mental ward being and tells me she has wants to break up. I got suspicious and made some phone calls.... kelly was supposed to be an employee of ri hospital and st Luke's hospital in New Bedford. Well ri hospital has never heard of her and when I called st Luke's I am part chef over to kelly right away and she puts me on hold only to have her manger say there is no kelly brum here. I then called the state police and they confirmed there was no crash of a women and dog. In the end kelly had premeditated to trap me with a baby and was trying to get my checking Account info by asking me to allow her to pay me rent via direct deposit. Kelly is a professional cunning con artist. I lucked out by only having my heart broken. I am posting my story to warn any other innocent guys online dating in RI or MA if you meet this girl then RUN she will eat you alive and lie about everything even after she's caught.
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