First name: Cherian
Last name: Josiane
Age: 26
Location: Ivory coast Abidjan city
Address: Rue saint Bernard 00225
Email: Don't know
On websites: Facebook
Report: She becamesaid friends on Facebook n than gets hold of your photos and tries to edit Them and black mail you for money if not she will post them on social media, family and friends.
First name: Talia
Last name: Shepard
Age: 32
Location: Ghana
On websites: Her own porn site. Talia Shepard
Report: This girlis very clever and denys any pics are hers but always says they are stolen pics Always asking for money for food and passports etc
First name: Mariya
Aka: nice.Mariya2017
Age: 20-30s
Location: Near Moscow Russia
On websites: Unknown
Report: Contacted smooth talking at first and nice. Asked for money to fly America
First name: Olga
Last name: Loginova
Age: 32
Location: Russia, Samara
On websites: Zorpia
Report: This young lady will scamed you out all your money. Crazy as it may seem , she this and that and was able to take me for $6,960 US dollars. She knew exactly how to work on my emotions. I have all the documents to prove this is a real scammer . I've made the report already.
First name: Maiara coelho
Last name: Amaro
Age: 32
Location: Brazil
Phone: +555181779839
On websites:
Report: I was informed of maiara coelho amaro was a Nigerian dating scammer .she manipulated the phone system saying she's from Brazil else maybe she is from Nigeria or Brazil . I have Voice recordings on WharsApp of maiara amaro still trying to steal more money from me. After stealing $35,680 from me already.. she can afford to be on Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, yahoo messenger. Facebook messenger and so on . She even calls me on the phone saying she single with no children but she has 2 children. She uses stolen pictures of gorgeous woman. I have her real name. She is on Facebook under a different name . I have all the documents in a safe place that pertains to the $35,680 she as stolen from me and yes she checks to this site all the time and so I immediately sent , reports on this criminal . She uses 3 telephone numbers. : +555181779839 , : +555197406107, : +8122505797
First name: Charity
Last name: Badu
Age: 28
Location: Accra
On websites: Zorpia
Report: Charity Badu is working with 3 other criminals to work money out of me . This is was so crazy about a I lost $58,680 US dollars from. I've made the report and I have all documents that will be sent to Interpol and not here . I will not waste any more of my time on any dating site ever again
First name: Jasmine
Last name: Cabat
Aka: Chaii cabat, Charlie cabat, Chaii Pena, Tatzkie Cabat, Charlie Cabat Tagilansang, Cute Cute,
Age: 23
Location: Philippines
Phone: unkown
Email: unkown
On websites: unkown
Report: this lady is unscroupulous, cold heart scam artist, romance scam is her game, i have pics and screen captures, proof
First name: Ksenia
Aka: Ekaterina
Age: 29
Location: Plzen, Czech Republic
Report: Ksenia was a very patient one. She arrived on another bolt from the blue e-mail. She seemed charming, way too cute and very regular with her notes and pictures (some of which are clearly professional jobs). She never did seem to directly answer any questions very often. Finally searching out the pictures I hit paydirt and found identical letters, many of the same pictures, several more e-mail addresses and the name Ekaterina as alias. After over 50 notes and over 110 pix she is busted.
First name: Vanessa
Last name: Nualla
Age: 36
Location: Northern Samar
Address: 132 Pondimera St Brgy. North, San Jose Northern Samar 6402 Philippines
Phone: 9063355083
Report: uses moneygram to steal from people fraud case against her
First name: Olga
Aka: Marina Gabawa, Kseniya Kulikowa, Kseniya Veretennicouva,
Age: 33
Location: Belebey, Russia
Report: Olga (as she calls herself now), seemed like a very sincere Russian woman who shared generously in her lengthy and sweet letters about her life. She actually responded to my questions and seemed quite real. Unfortunately I eventually thought I recognized a couple photos, and sure enough they were the same sent me a year ago by