First name: Rose
Last name: Alik
Aka: Rosey
Age: 28
Location: Austria and Ghana
On websites:
Report: She pretends to be from Austria and proposed to me in the first sentence of chatting. She does not understand basic German. Interested in flying to South Africa and not to meet me anywhere in Austria or Ghana
First name: Fawzia
Last name: Brimah
Aka: Sadika Wasila, Mariam Hamid, Rahina Abdullaha, Rahina Abdull
Age: 33
Location: Ghana Accra
Address: Not given
Phone: 233-275010524
On websites:
Report: Started with a copy of the email that I have seen on this site and others. Established rapport with me and was very patient. I have to admit I was enjoying the interaction. Got to the point of advancing the relationship and where we can meet. Request for a large sum of money for visa(875 dollars). Couple of nice photos sent to me. Met on site. Never did see her profile, she came online and started chatting with me, then gave me yahoo id to chat with her on that one. Never suspected a thing until I did a google on Fawzia Brimah. Money for visa was going to go to Brother, Rahman Brimah. I am really going to miss her. Wonder if she will keep chatting to me after I have put this report on here.
First name: elena
Last name: setvina
Age: in other site she has different DOB??!!
Location: Russia - Zvenigovo
Phone: unknown-I asked her many times,but she never answer me
Report: I sent you a report few days ago,this is a letter from her and her picture.where do you want me to send you more pictures and letters from this scammer?Send me an E-mail ,please. Hello My Lovely Man JAMES !!!!!! I am glad to your letter, at us also I your letter today am warm is happy to receive. I am glad to learn more about you. JAMES how you feel itself? I hope that well, what happened at you today? There was that that interesting? When I went today for work that I thought of us. I constantly think of you. About that as you also that you make. About that as has passed your day and I would want that it at you always was good and you frequently smiled. I would like to be with you and to see now your smile. JAMES how you think there will be we with you the first kiss? How you imagine to yourself it? JAMES I think that it will be fine. I would like to feel as you touch to me and press me to myself and we are kissed. I am sure that it perfectly. I would like to be now with you and to kiss. And you JAMES? JAMES when I was not familiar with you that I felt what that melancholy in heart. But all has passed when I have met you, your letters give me glad, I feel inflow of forces when I read your letter. I today promised to go to Nastya. She speaks that at her mum that with a throat, likely she has caught a cold also she asks to look. I think that all will be good. I send you the kiss. Look at the sky if you see stars that to find constellation the Big She-bear. It is similar to the big ladle. I send you kisses in it a ladle and I hope that you receive them and they warm you. I send you a photo on which In this photo I was presented with flowers per day a birth I already miss you and with impatience I would wait what to receive your letter tomorrow. Your gentle Elena -----Inline Attachment Follows-----
First name: Sandy, Linda, Jennifer
Last name: Wifred, Jo
Aka: Sandy Jo
Age: 26
Location: SAgamu State Nigreia
Address: 23 Freedom Road City
Email: Unknown
On websites: Yahoo as linda tommy linda_tommy4
Report: says she wants to come marry me after very short time needs money 600.00 For my half of plane ticket
First name: tatiana
Age: 27
Location: chelyabinsk, russia
On websites: lavalife
Report: She has not asked for money yet but i just saw her here on this site. She has sent me 37 pictures of her self at least 5-8 with every email. I am smart enough to not send anyone money, but she is very good at making you think she is sincere. The last email i got the other day said she had to visit her sick grandmother and would not be back for 1-5 monthes. I thought that was very strange. To tell you the truth she is very cute and innocent looking. a friend of mine dated a girl from Russia and she was very hot and sweet. looked just like all these girls so its very easy to think she is sincere. It is a shame that beautiful girls have to do this.
First name: cecilia
Last name: wilson
Age: 31
Location: Nigeria
Email: m_roland001@yahoo,com
Report: ask for money for travel
First name: Nastya
Age: 29
Location: Ukraine
On websites:
Report: She writes impersonal letters, the secuence of her photos are 1,2,3,...all is so perfect, she has been heart by her boyfriend and you are a wondefull man..bla, bla, bla...
First name: medine
Age: 28
Location: irbit rusia
On websites: yahoo personals
Report: me envio varios mails y fotos en el 2005, decia que trabajaba para un centro de investigacion, no le crei deje de escribirle
First name: Ninel/Anna
Aka: Ekaterina
Age: 28
Location: Kazan (Russia)
On websites: Direct Dating (UK)
Report: Email arrives out of the blue. Exchange of emails together with photo's. Falls in love with you rather quickly. Appears not to have either a Visa or Passport . Needs to travel to Moscow to obtain. In my case had to stay in a hotel for 8 days to complete various examinations and interviews. Needed extra money for hotel accommadation. Then gave some excuse why I could not pay anyone else other than her best friend for 20 years who just happens to have come to Moscow called Ekaterina ! The whole scam lasted about 10 days before I did some research and found her on this website. Fortunately for me, I did not and would not have parted with any money.
First name: alyona
Age: 24
Location: rodakovo ukraine
On websites: rbrides
Report: 4 letters and ask me for money for translator