First name: Marie
Last name: Chyna
Age: 38
Location: Salt Lake City USA
On websites: Ok Cupid
Report: Romance scam - says from Perth Australia, travels to Utah for work as a interior designer. Requires money for projects that are in difficulty. Claims to have sick family members. Tracked location. Of scammer to Lagos Nigeria
First name: Olga
Last name: Alexandrovna
Aka: Olya Olenka Nika
Age: 23
Location: Russia Saint Petersburg
On websites: Alone Angels, Love Swans
Report: Sends sexually provocative photos and promises that she is getting visa and coming soon. Requests numerous gifts. Uses different names on different sites. On Love Swans she is Olga 23. On Alone Angels uses Olya 23, along with nickname Only Truth. On an escort service site, she was listed as Nika from Moscow. Very skilled, very beautiful, treacherous.
First name: Elijah
Age: 30
Location: Alberqurque
Phone: +1 505-545-5987
Email: Unknown
On websites: Instagram life_is_precious_115
Report: She's in Istanbuls allegedly and waiting for an inheritance. Said she's from alberqurque USA and uses a phone number from alberqurque. Though funnily enough has a terrible English and says that she wants to start a new life with a total stranger from Sweden. Magically enough her father is from Sweden and her mother American. And still somehow is cashing in a inheritance in turkey? Have several pictures of her.
First name: Lydia
Last name: Amadu
Age: 32
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: 4803306153
On websites: Messenger
Report: This woman/person has used the profile pic of BRIANA LEE, internet porn actress and has scammed me out of $300.00
First name: ESTER
Last name: JANET
Age: 29
Location: TEXAS, USA
First name: Olga
Last name: Mashko
Aka: Volha Mashko
Age: 28
Location: Katowice, Poland
On websites: Instagram
Report: She?s lying about everything and cheating with another man after talking about year almost and never met but I?d popular on Instagram and modeling stuff. She scamming me and bankrupt me trying to get money for everything to come to USA. She lied about her entire life until I found out otherwise by pictures. She used random people accounts to steal money from me and paid my credit cards and payments came back leaving me owing over $65,000 dollars She can?t be trusted with anything she got over $32,000 dollars in gift cards from me for various lies that needed contract paid before she could come home or other lies. She used most of money for various trips for Instagram to Dubai which I bought bitcoin about &18,000 she used Then various other money and I bought iPhones and sent here 5 some to Dubai for contract lies but they all were sold for money. She got over $94,000 dollars and bankrupt me so beware!!!
First name: Olga
Last name: Maksimova
Age: 35
Location: Russia Kolomna
Address: Russia, 140407, Kolomna, shilova 1
Phone: + 79877194258
Report: Olga contacted me by normal e-mail. I answered back stating I try to answer all e-mails good or bad. we corresponded for several weeks. I told her I lived in the US. She stated she looked up the area where I lived and told me I live in a cool area. I never sent her a picture as I did not have one on file. as time went along, she stated she would like to visit. she really liked the way I thought for it was similar to hers. I told her what the final destination would be and that she should do a cost analysis for the trip make sure she had enough money to support this kind of trip. she wrote back told me she had her physical for health insurance and was going to Moscow for an interview for a visa (normal procedures) the next she told me that with the cost of the visa 300+ dollars an a retention of 500 dollars for flight tickets, she need 700 dollars more. then requested me to send money W.U. I told her no the fees were too high. I questioned the money for the visa US visas are only 160 USd. the flight retention she should have asked me first. I the asked for all the accounting the 700 uds would sum up the flight but there was no flight schedule sent (not good) I wrote back stating the accounting was ok she should go to the bank for a loan. she was so sad I would not send money.
First name: karen
Last name: kynell
Age: 37
Location: benin
On websites: fb
Report: claims to be a nurse. she said she is from Syria. Her family was killed in the crisis. She is in a refugee camp in Benin. She deals with a fake lawyer named Cassandra hills
First name: anne
Last name: trayo
Age: 40
Location: UAE
Phone: 971523319554
On websites: gmail
Report: this is the women said that she is intrusted in me and she wants to change her life with me ... but when she said me to submit fees.. i got suspected that she is might be a fraud . so i searched and now i foud that she is a fraud... so be aware of her... i think she is not a women these are some guys from india or some where in asia
First name: Liza Marie
Last name: Garcia
Age: 34
Location: Bronx, New York
Phone: 4195044729
Report: She contacted me through Zoosk. Corresponded for about 2 months. We seemed to click with our goals and outlook. She was going to move here to me. She requested Itune cards and tried to get me to by her 2 iphones, one for her and one for her mother and her uncle would pay me back, did not fall for that. Got irrate when I would not send a valentines gift card to her and parted when I refused.
First name: Nastya
Last name: Ushakova
Age: 34
Location: Russia, Samara
Report: Hullo, I will trying to to write about to me in more. I think that you will not be exhausted of my story and it will be interesting for you. My name is Anastasiya. September 18, 1984 is the date when I was born. As you already understand me 34 and I'm lonely. For me the age difference doesn't matter. I think a man can be younger or older than a woman, but I believe that the man need to be wiser and smarter. I think the most important thing in a man is his mind and I think that you are a smart man and I am attracted to it. My height is 168 cm and weight 54 kg. I have a nickname tender that I am named by friends, it's Nastya. Samara is my city dwelling, it is Russian Federation. Samara was always a huge city, known by all. I like to spend time actively: practice in the sports hall, I lead the active lifestyle wander. I love camping and strolling. I am a person broad views and I want to develop myself in all areas. I know how to speak French and English. I grew up and worked and in this city all the time. I done Medical University with a degree in Dentistry. I dream of open my own office for the creation of prostheses. All my life I put a lot of effort to reach the goal. It is essential to be a good specialist today. During last year, I was practiced in Israel and the United States, passed a few month since training in Finland. Many things have reformed in medicine this year. I have to catch my knowledge and make the decision where I will be trained, in which country. From my letter you already have learned that I work a lot and that I have little rest. Because of that, it's easier for me to try to create relationships via the internet because in reality, it's more hard for me. I find them wonderful. One can open in several letters that during a real meeting. I hope I did not get you tired. Take to take myself seriously. Be honest with me, if I do not like you like a woman. I will always try to be open with you. I would like to know as much as much information as possible about you, Please. You can ask what you want, I'll be happy to answer all you want to know. I do not know what will happen next, but I hope we will become friends. Best Regards, I look forward to hearing from you. Nastya
First name: Sveta
Last name: Svetlana
Age: 34
Location: Divnogorsk
On websites: Unknown
Report: She don't answer to any of the questions I ask about her. You notice that the letters have even noting to do with you as a person. It could be to anyone. She starts to tell about bad life situations and that her house need repairs! She is fishing to se if I'm a wussy man with money. I told her to fuck offff!
First name: Angelina
Last name: Petrova
Age: 28
Location: Dnipro
Address: Etzel 31
Phone: 0504037143
On websites: Victoriaclab
Report: Angelina(?) is a worker in victoriaclub. As all workers there she gets 15% of all money that men pay to the site. She demands people to chat with her all the time and asks them to send their pictures that are also costs. She never agree to any other communication. Her number in the site is 51817
First name: Katie
Last name: Smith
Aka: Smithkatie
Age: 33
Location: West Africa
Email: Smithkatie
On websites: Google Hangouts
Report: This scammer insists on sending me pictures of Angie Verona every time I ask her for her pic.This scammer insists every time the pictures are of her and she just take and send pic.Katie Smith will ask for money to pay her phone bill or risk not having contact.She requests funds are sent to West Africa so she may travel to the states and finially be together forever.I try and keep chats light and will setup responses like how about I travel there and travel here together to the states.She will change subject when asked what airport do es she fly outta where she lives..She tells me flight ticket is $1,500.00 to fly here to have our kids and live happy forever.Without knowing names of airports she gives exact amount of funds needed sent to travel to live together here forever.
First name: mercedes
Last name: johnson
Aka: flores
Age: 35
Location: texas
Phone: 4844890511
Report: scams people for money amazon cards she has done it to 5 other guys n me!is on goverment watch list
First name: Beatrice
Last name: Vrettos
Aka: Bee
Age: 26
On websites:
Report: 1. Who initiated contact? The scammer 2. How was contact initiated and which website did the contact originate from? Facebook 3. How long did you correspond with the scammer 2 months 4. Did you notice anything strange during your correspondence? No 5. How was the money request initiated and for what? No money, just expensive items and gives that the scammer would then sell 6. What was the name of the person who received/requested the money transfer? Beatriz Vrettos How much was sent or requested? How many times did this occur? $3000 7. What was the final outcome of the story? Scammer faked a relationship to obtain material goods which she then sold.
First name: Beatrice
Last name: Mensah
Aka: Mary John
Age: 32
Location: Dallas texas
Phone: +1 (424) 243-5010
On websites:
Report: This scammer has a business whatsapp don't be fooled by number He asks you to mail him using the address while he will ask for money later.
First name: Christelle
Last name: DECHAVRON
Age: 30
Location: France , Nice
Phone: 06 44 66 95 98
On websites: Instagram , what?s app
Report: French scammer who ask you to send a swift to her MasterCard after having sent you a stolen cheque
First name: Candy
Last name: Thomason
Age: 29
Location: USA/ Mississippi
Phone: 1 412 387 7109
On websites: telegram/ google hangouts
Report: I got to know Candy over a ten month period, she claimed she moved from Alabama to Mississippi to live with her aunty who had fallen sick, her aunt supposedly got sicker and had to move her to a hospital in Santa Cruz California, then suddenly left her to go to Lagos, Nigeria in a hurry supposingly to take care of some of her late father's buisiness dealings there, the whole time throughout the 10 months she ask me for money in the form of Steam cards and iTunes cards to help her pay for food, lodging and personal items, I know Lagos is a haven for this type of behaviour and I honestly believe that she is a scammer making promises of a coming to live with you and starting a family.
First name: Svetlana
Aka: Sveta_konfeta7777
Age: 33
Location: Ukraine Mariupol
Address: 87500
On websites:
Report: we meet at We write together for about 3 weeks. She keeps asking for a ring but when I write. no not until we are together. then she gets angry it costs money to see pictures and movies and she continues to send pictures and movies but i write that she should not send it all the time, so she becomes angry with me and write i do not love each other it's a lot of money. I write that I knew who she was and that she has a man but she keeps I write that I knew who she was and that she has a man but she keeps writing that she didn't know. only when I showed a picture of the man on the side. Then I become the band from it and she writes it was not her who is supporting that account and she has nothing to do with it.
First name: Daria
Last name: Bondarenko
Age: 23
Location: Poltava Ukraine
On websites:
Report: i met her on and after few weeks she sent me email ( asking me to join all photos are model level photos. i spoke with her for about 3 months i noticed something strange about 2 months in to it ,i sent a message on Facebook and she pretty went dark. abused me for bunch of things like i dont trust her ect ect. i went to ukraine to poltava to meet with lady agency does not exist, i made contact with X Uadreams worker who said she left due to scamming. i also met few people in Poltava who said she is married and that she no longer lives in Poltava. as well as she used to work in Poltava 3 years ago. i got in contact with friend who rang this agency who said that they had no recorded of me coming to ukraine or having a meeting. cost all up about $7000 USD to Site of Uadreams. all photos that site sent me look to be 2 or 3 years old. either agency is using her old photos and she is married or that she works for the agency which would explain travels to Germany so much all attempts to get in contact with her out side of the agency have been impossible. even to talk to friends and other people impossible. pretty much all attempts to contact agency and the lady seem impossible.
First name: Sharon
Last name: Stevens
Aka: Sharon Sherrouse
Age: 37
Location: Hemet, California. Paris
Report: Said she needed a husband to have her inheritance released. (Parents wishes). And, of course, she needed monetary help. Scammer!!!
First name: Kristina
Age: 28
Location: U.S.S.R Shadrinsk Kurgan region
Report: This is Very obviously a scammer, A quick search using the scammers username and email revealed what i needed to find, including using reverse picture lookup, I found a number of websites with the exact same pictures and even the same mp4 video { generic dating site profile video intro .. this was located at some anti scam site in {NL} Holland. to the current date, approx 6 replies from the scammer
First name: Nadazhda
Aka: Nadya
Age: 31
Location: Russia, Beloretsk
Phone: +7 985 4534651
Report: Nadya reported finding me on an obscure Russian dating site. Conversed several weeks. Nadya does her homework. If you tell her your city she will do some research and tell you what she found on that city, demonstrating her interest in you. She will also share pictures of herself, her mother, her apartment, her mother's cat. Nadya will want to visit you and ultimately will ask for trip money. She claimed to have traveled to Moscow and went to the US embassy and applied for a VISA. She claims to be an accountant. Nadya's photo has been shared on this site recently.
First name: Anne
Last name: MacDonald
Age: 38
Location: Pontiac, MI
Report: User contacted me out of the blue on Facebook Messenger. Invitation said Messenger user without a Facebook Account. Typical broken English and odd contact times. Said she was 38 from Pontiac, MI USA with a 13 year old daughter. Divorced for 3 years. Immediately wanted a cell number so we could text. Messenger is texting so that is odd. She seems like a previous scammer I interacted named Regina Boone.
First name: Anastasiya Vasilevna
Last name: Ushakova
Age: 34
Location: Voronezh
Report: A girl who sent the first message, she said that her name is Anastasiya, she works in a dental clinic in the city of Voronezh, in Russia. She also claims to be 34 years old and to be single. Through the mails, she said that she is not on Facebook and doesn't have a smartphone, and later she won a contest and was awarded a grant. She has chosen my country (France) and wants to come for an internship. She is still writing to me, but I saw on this site that she is a scammer, so I'm just waiting for the mail when she'll be asking some money and then I'll delete all her messages and block her
First name: Yevon
Last name: Welbeck
Age: 30
Location: Ghana
On websites: Google Hangouts
Report: Started talking sent a 40 sec. Video with her stretching and shaking her butt to the camera kept sending pictures in under garments.Said she lived in the US,had to leave for Ghana and lives with her grandmother states she is a student after talking for 2 weeks finally asked for a gift card when I said no she stated she couldn't talk to me anymore if I couldn't help her.
First name: Elena
Aka: Alla or Allagirl
Age: 34
Location: Kazan russia
Address: 2 Curtis Court, Church Street
Phone: +7 905 025 09 18
On websites: facebook whatsapp
Report: I have been chatting to her on whatsapp and she get very abusive when I not send her money to come to UK
First name: Amanda
Last name: Bernard
Age: 30
Location: Loiusville Kentucky
On websites: Mingle mingle2 encore
Report: Shes after money cards
First name: Kate
Last name: Miller
Age: 36
Location: Dayton Ohio and Lagos Nigeria
Address: 706 E Crowly St
Phone: 18704686516
On websites: Google web sites hangouts.
Report: Met this bitch four years ago and she took off to Africa now she claims she wants to come back but yet she has taken a lot from my heart that I will never get back.