First name: Deborah
Last name: Scott
Age: 35
Location: Jackson Tennessee
Address: 34 Constellation circle Jackson th 38305
Phone: 731-215-0103
Email: Deborah.Scott
On websites:
Report: After knowing better she got $210 then a fake car accident she even texted saying sorry, after threats I got my money back Don't want anyone else to get scammed
First name: patricia
Last name: kendra
Aka: adriana grohall
Age: 32
Location: ghana
On websites: cupid
Report: good day recently after seeing the new scammer on your site I see a women who is call Patricia Kendra or aka Henrietta butler they are all the same person you should add those info I report her as Adriana Grohall she got me for over 1000 $ she was saying that she was a teacher and her mom was sick and she needed money for hospital bill she have been operate since many years or should I say he ... using those pictures I search all over never find her real name a real scammer ...tks luc
First name: Bakusheva
Last name: Tatyana Vladimirovna
Age: 32
Address: Ulica Osipenko dom 2 km 18
Phone: +79278848237
On websites:
Report: This womand asked me in a first time me m410? for visa, I send it the money, and now, she asked 4500? to get the visa...
First name: Charlie
Last name: Tagilansang
Aka: Charlie cabat,Jarowskie Cabat
Age: 22 -29
Location: davao city philippines
Address: 32533
On websites: facebook,filipino cupid
Report: this lady is a full time scam artist, pretends to be poor needing food or milk for child,asking for money then pretends to fall in love and coninues to ask for money from men online
First name: Bianca
Last name: Cotorceanu/Ionescu
Age: 20
Location: Romania, Bucharest, Buzau, Oradea
Address: Cartier Bro?teni Bloc I 7, sc. B, ap. 21, et. parter, 120075, Buzau
Phone: 0766955763
On websites:
Report: ( sadly my story spans over 6000 pages online, and now is also involved the church and others, so summarised as best as possible: ) Who initiated contact? How was the contact initiated and which website did the contact originate from? She added me on Skype, befriended me through my parents, in which my mother knew her father. How long did you correspond for? From June 2015 to January 2017, before she and her brother blocked all contact with me & family. Did you notice anything strange in the correspondence? We held contact through Skype , became great friends and as she made it impossible not to love a person that she gave the impression to be, I eventually decided to tell I love her and in time she did the same. We met several times here in Sweden, once in Romania, and she met my parents, and from alot of things happening that cannot be summarised here, in short, was like in the movies. Up to the point I found evidence she was with someone else despite claiming she wanted to break up and be alone and so on, nothing was strange in the general sense, while i retrospect, there are alot of signs that now make sense and show that she had no intention to love or be with me. How was the money request done and for how much? Her current debt/loan, as agreed by her and her family, is close to 30 000 SEK, including the legal standard interest rate applied by law. She directly did not ask for money, she claimed to have, but when needing to pay for flight or other, she claimed not to have, hence me and my family told her in the context of a loan to offer and for her to pay back, in which she several times confirmed she would. She never repaid anything yet. Its important to note, she and family was poor and not so normal wealthy, she had undergone a heart surgery that she had to raise money for, and strengthened the image of an ? angel? that me and my family saw in her which led us to invest in her and that she now refuses to pay back. In whose name(s) was the money requested? How much was requested, how many times did you receive a request for money? All money was invested in her for our relationship, she even got raw cash of 1000 SEK in hand from my father ?to his daughter? as she said that we can see her as. Anytime from flights to cruise bookings, she assured she would pay back and even invest aswell, but as said, nothing happened. How did your story end? It is not over. We tracked her down to a leadership course organisation in connection to a church branch, in which we have direct contact with a ? very powerful ? member ( this person has asked to remain anonymous) that fully believes us, has reached to out to one co-worker ( if a victim, we at this time chose to hide this person for now ) that knows Bianca both proffesionally in this organisation but also as a friend, both of these people completly unaware of not just the scam but also of my existance and the relationship we had which we almost married. At the time of writing, we know/assume that this powerful member has shown the co worker some evidence along with telling our story, and own wishes as a superior to solve the situation and make peace without/before me involving authorities to take action against Bianca to solve the debt. The co worker not just directly defended Bianca?s innosence zealously in many ways but also in writing went on the offensive against me and my family directly, and made it clear that whatever the truth is, will stand by Bianca?s side, going completly against not just the creed, the boss, the church but also almost an accomplice in crime to Bianca?s fraud. However, still possible this person is a victim and like me and my family, so blinded by Bianca?s ? beautiful soul?, just like we were. This person however also confirmed a very crucial piece of information that becomes further proof in Bianca?s fraud and that at the moment, I cant share that new proof in the report, but I will further ahead. So at the moment of this message, we try again through the powerful member to convince the co worker aswell as reach out to others, while sadly also, having to contact authorities and reaching out to this site to get advice, opinion, especially from those that can see the clear signs and more or less confirm that me, my family and my friends arent crazy for accusing Bianca for all this. From endless pictures, videos, loving pics, chat messages and more, I am at your full disposal. I have alot of summarised info to be published on the site so I kindly ask of you to let me share my story, which had it been true, would be better than the silver screen: A true hero finding a loving angel. Instead it became a nightmare that I would not even want her to ever go through. This is not a revenge post of a crazy, hateful, money hungry ex boyfriend wanting to do wrong. This is a call for justice of a rational, caring, lovegiving ex-fiance that got betrayed by a she-devil. I do not hate her, only what she has done. Still want her happy and loved. But not at my expense. I asked her of loan back, public apology. She refuses. So my next step is this site. And much more. All I want is justice. Once I have that. Only God can help her. And only Him and me, can forgive her.
First name: Natalika
Last name: Military
Age: unknown
Location: Russia
On websites: google+
Report: The scammer pretends to be looking for marriage, tired from her work and interested to fly to your country on her next vacation. Then she asks for money transfer to travel agency. I engaged with her on conversations pretending to be interested in a relationship in order to receive more information about the person and confirm if it is a scam. I received her passport photo.
First name: maria angelica / nikko
Last name: aguirre / masagca
Aka: Uchiyamakun
Age: 23
Location: caloocan city, philippines
On websites:
Report: This person are using to spread this statement:
First name: Tiffany
Last name: Timothy
Age: 34
Location: Nigeria,lagos
Phone: 13067006157
Email: None
On websites: Craigslist
Report: Met on January 28th she messaged me. Said she was from Saskatoon.but in Lagos Nigeria ATM . She said she was there to get her late father's goods and bring them back to Saskatoon. She was to attached too quick then staryef making up stories to get money out of me.
First name: Lina
Last name: Rudenko
Aka: Lin Koln
Age: 33
Location: Ukraine, kiev
On websites: Bridge of love, jump4love, vavabrides, romance compass, toplop, victoria brides victoria hearts, the
Report: Ive been trying to meet and figure out who is the real Lina. I have communicated with Lina on 5 sites at the same time all claim they are her but none are the same women. The sites claim shes been verified but that is impossible. One of the Lina's requested money for a plane ticket to come visit.she had planned to come but stated her purse was stolen and needed money to pay for her ticket. This just took place I requested that she email me back with the amount needed and to include a picture taken holding up a paper with my name written to try to verify if she is the real Lina.I am very suspicious about her request however I have been communicating with her on and off for about 8 months and do like her but I do not know if she is real or not, I am not sure if her request is legitimate or if its a scam. Im not sure yet who has been on the other end of my communications, but if she is who she states and this is a legitimate request I will be very happy but due to the facts Ive stated I am not sure what to beleive. I just know that asking for money is a red flag.
First name: Vivian
Last name: Lewis
Age: 31
Location: Austin , Texas: United States of America
On websites:
Report: The scammers name is Vivian Lewis. She is on the dating website Tagged. When I clicked yes for liking her the website gave me an option to send her an automatic message so I just sent hello. she sent me a message back pretty quickly. We talked a little bit. The whole time I kept having a feeling that I've seen her somewhere before. Eventually she asked me did I have Google Hangouts. I said yeah. I said give me your Gmail and I'll add you. So she did and I did. We talked for a few days and eventually she said that she needed some money. I asked her why and she said that she has to get medicine because she went to the doctor for an ear infection and there was something wrong with her insurance. The insurance wouldn't pay for her medicine so she needed $200. I told her, don't you know I'm Italian. We created the hustle and you can't hustle a hustler. But she kept on asking day after day. During this period that she was asking for the money everyday it clicked where exactly I knew her from. The photos that she sent we're actually photos of a pornstar name Danielle Delaunay. No I don't frequent porn sites and I'm not a huge porn watcher.The reason I knew is because the pornstar Danielle Delaunay was actually born in my hometown of Bossier City,Louisiana. So I played with her little bit because I knew she was fake and promised her some money but never sent it and stuff. Then finally I exposed her for what she was and she left me alone.