First name: Elena
Last name: Elhovikova
Age: 30
Location: Russia Tambov
Address: Southern street
Report: She ask 500 usd for visa to come to europe
First name: Jennifer
Last name: Haruna
Age: 22
Location: Senegal Dakar
Report: Hello. My name is miss Jennifer Haruna Iam from Ivory Coast in West Africa,I am 5.3ft tall,(never married before ) And presently i am residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar as a result of the civil war that was fought in my country. My late father (Dr Haruna Buba) was the managing director of Fredcocoa and Associates (Ltd) and he was the personal adviser to the former head of state (Late Dr Robert Guei) before the rebels attacked our house one early morning and killed my mother and my father in cold blood. It was only me that is alive now and I managed to make my way to a near by country Senegal where i am leaving now. I would like to know more about you. Your likes and dislikes,your hobbies and what you are doing presently. I will tell you more about myself in my next mail.Attached here is my picture.I will also like to see your's picture.Hoping to hear from you soonest Jennifer
First name: Mariya
Last name: Maurina
Age: 28
Location: Russia, St.Petersburg
Report: Hi honey Randy! I need a rooundtrip ticket. I didn’t know this. It is necessary for me a roundtrip ticket. I did not know it. They will not allow me to leave the country without a return ticket. You should understand that I have no place to take money. The visa is given only for one month and if I do not come to you for this time, then I will lose time and money. I hope only for you. Please, try to understand me and help me. I will need to use my passport to get money in Moscow. If I am not real, I would be not able to get your money with my passport. So this is a proof that I am a real person and I exist. Here I attach a copy of my visa so you could see that I am real. I think that my variant is better and cheaper. You should send me money through Western Union. I need to buy a ticket myself. That is why if you buy a ticket in your country I will have to pay for the insurance $400. I don't have this money. Because every person who leaveshis native country should have an insurance. That is why I think it is better if you send me $824(It is the cost of the ticket and the insurance!!!). Or this ticket would be sold to another person. So it is up to you to decide.I LOVE YOU!!! You should send me money quickly. It should be done fast. I will be waiting for your money. Will you send me money? Is it for sure? I will get ti without any problems. You can also send money to any bank in Moscow. It is necessary for me to know your address and MTCN to get money. I am waiting for our meeting so much! Do you remember that day when you first got a letter from me? remember it very well. And I want to say I appreciate everything you do for me. I appreciate your faith in me. And I appreciate you loving me. You are a wonderful person, the best in the world. This is what I want you to know. It is hard to love being far away from each other. But with each passing day I feel that I love you more and more. And I want you to know that I appreciate you being so patient. As for me I am getting very impatient as I want to be with you so much. And I am waiting for the day when I see myself in your arms. You are my everything! Sometimes walking in the city I imagine us how we could do it together holding hands. You know we have one very nice place here. There is a very old house but it is still very beautiful. And it is rounded with the trees. There are also bushes with roses there. I often pass it by. I’ve heard a legend about this house. A very happy couple lived there. They didn’t have children. But they loved each other to death. And when his wife died, he died at the same minute as he couldn’t breathe without her. This is a true love. I want us to love each other in such a tender and strong way too. I promise it from my side. And you already know how big my love to you is. I am starting to bite my nails as I am nervous I need you so much by my side. Have to go now. Write you more next time and will be waiting for your nice letters. Mariya. mailto: Attachments Attachment scanning provided by: Photos: Scan and Save to the Computer MC.jpg (32k) [View] My sunshine Randy! I need 110 American dollars. I need only $110 to come to you. I don’t rush things. I just have a very good chance to get visa rather quickly and I don’t want to use this chance. But I don’t have money for this that is why I ask you for your help. The visa is given for 3 or 6 months. That is our chance, that;s why I ask you to send me $110. If I don’t get money now, then it will be very difficult to do it. This process is getting more and more difficult with each day. Embassy makes new rules every time and they are very strict. I feel so sad and lonely without you. I wish you were here right now. We would put a warm blanket on us and would do different silly things under it. How do you like the idea? Or we could go to have a shower together... I feel bad without you. I need your love so much. I want to feel your strong touch, you manly body, to feel the smell of your body and to feel your arms around me. Dear, it is very important to share all moments in life with each other. To be in happiness and in sorrows with each other, to love each other, to take care of each other, to be close when someone feels sad, just to sit and to talk not to have misunderstandings. This is love for me and what’s love for you? I think it is better to go to bed now. It is still raining outside and I wonder what the weather there. I wonder how you feel and what you do at this moment. I want to share my life with you so much. Please, be with me always. Take care of me and I will give you all my life too. Without you my life is empty and I am nothing. I live only with the thoughts of you. I live with my dreams about you. Hope to meet with you in my dream tonight. Love you very much. All my kisses and hugs are for you. Mariya. mailto:
First name: Faith
Age: 29
Location: Nigeria / UK
On websites:
Report: I was contacted by this woman shortly after joining the website She claimed to live in Worcester and that she was USA born. She also claims to be a professional model for a clothing company. The first few Emails I received were ok she told me that after her parents died in a traffic accident a friend of the family brought her to England when she was 11. As the Emails continued I noticed that there were a lot of spelling mistakes and some of the sentences made no sense. She said that she was in Nigeria at the moment modelling for a big clothing company and she was with her promoter who had got her this assignment. The last Email I received said that her promoter had gone to Australia to sort out some family business and she was left with the hotel bill. She claims that she went to the Embassy and told them what had happened. They told her that she had been a bit stupid for falling into a trap involving young models, and agreed to put her on a flight to the UK. She said that she had some money for part of the bill. Thats when she asked me to send her 670 pounds sterling to pay the rest of the bill and that she would pay me back when she arrives back in the UK. I have contacted friendsreunited about this. By looks of it they must have been already tipped off because her profile has gone from the website.
First name: Irina
Age: 32
Location: Troitsk, Lugansk region
Report: After one week someone ask me for money to pay her translator .this is the last e-mail... Dear Sir, We want to let You know that Irina is using services of translationand Internet of our Translating Company. As it is charged services, Sheneeds to fill up Her account, because it has come to the end and Shedoesn't have the opportunity to write letter to You. She wants You toknow that She is still interested in You and in your furthercommunication. If You want to have further correspondence with Her we can send Youthe needed information about our services and prices which are ratheravailable. If You are not interested in the Lady please beconfidential about the given information from Irina. Best wishes. We are open for all of Your suggestions. Respectfully,Principal of TC
First name: denise
Last name: torres
Aka: midnight solitare
Age: 28
Location: oraquite
Report: asked for help with tuition for school helped her a little when i told her i wanteed to fly to meet her before any more funds were sent she got ill was hospitalized and her friend started asking for funds
First name: Olga
Last name: Igitova
Age: 32
Location: Street Egorova, the house 40 ,Vladivostok,Russia
Report: I am interested in knowing if she is with scammer or where can I try to contact here besides the e-mail address.I trust your web site and believe you can help with this matter. Sorry for the disturb and hope to hear form you soon. Thank you !
First name: Edith
Last name: Menya
Age: 32
Location: Accua Ghana
On websites: american singles
Report: she is very convincing and she has a passport Ghanain and a USA visa that is dated Oct 9 2007 she uses a name of a agent in Lagos, Nigeria she needs money for air fare since she already has her passport and visa, Started out needing 2000USD and then came down to 1350USD has need money for her internet was going to be shut off. will send picture of herself naked and says she has a digital camera and takes them herself is very strong push to send money and gets upset really easy about it. and is very pushy about things like you don't love me and so on. doesn't answer you to quick sometime and most of all was born in the USA in Terra Horte IL and yet know nothing about the states and some times her english is good and some terrible
First name: Irish Alta
Last name: Mantilla
Age: 24
Location: Butuan City, Philippines
Address: Butuan City, Philippines
Report: this person sent me a scam that i won a lotto worth $1,000,000 drawn last month but then to claim for the prize i need to pay $250... what i did i pay her but later she's gone and never had a contact with her
First name: Pretty
Aka: Pretty
Age: 26
Report: She told me she saw my profile on ONLINEBOOTYCALL... I have no profile on that site.