First name: Tatyana
Last name: Kudryavtseva
Aka: Tatyana Kroshka
Age: 27
Location: Samara, Russia
On websites:
Report: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am so happy that i found this website. I resently met this person on line. Although it all 'sounded to good to be true' i continued to corrospond with her. Finally after several emails she was asking that i help her with funds needed to secure a Visa and airfare, reluctant as i was to do this i found this site and lord and behold there she was on page 143. I sent a email back to her indicating i discovered this and basically said
First name: ekaterina
Last name: kudinova
Age: 26
Location: zelenodolsk
Address: stroiteley street 11-14
On websites:
Report: scammer,is top grade,or thinks she is,but this time she was played.....knew after a few letters what she was about?.....wanted 350$ for cooker for her dad....dont get me wrong good looking woman....worth stringing her along for 21$ worth seeing her going back to the bank twice with the wrong imformation..then a third time?but on a serios note carefull
First name: Benita
Last name: Johnson
Age: 24
Location: senegal, Dakar
On websites: mega dating
Report: She tell the whole world that she is in a refugee camp somewhere in senegal. She is interested in lovers at first, later she tells you how she is a rwandese, but ended up in a refugee camp in senegal due to civil wars in her home country, rwanda, central africa.
First name: Olga
Last name: Mogeleva
Aka: Olya, Olen'ka
Age: 30
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
On websites: RBrides
Report: I was contacted by her on RBrides and hadn't yet replied to her when I just found her picture listed on here. Just thought I'd add the new name, email, etc.
First name: Alsu
Age: unknown
Location: Kazan
On websites:
Report: send this mail: XXX, der geliebt ist, will ich zu dir ankommen!Ich habe mich des Geldes geliehen, um zu dir anzukommen!Mir fehlt 500euro auf die Reise zu dir!Du wirst mir helfen??Ich liebe dich und will ich nicht unser Treffen mehr verschieben!!Meine Nummer des Telefones - +79058645425Ruf mich an und wir werden über unser Treffen reden!!Ruf mich in der Strömung des Tages an! Du einzig für mich der Mann!Deine Alsu
First name: debra
Last name: galandzy
Age: 43
Location: north vancouver, thunder bay, ottawa
Report: will try to find and marry men, uses this as a path to divorce and then take men to the out
First name: ibrahim (lilly)
Last name: tahiru (wangofoc)
Aka: lilly wangofoc
Age: 31
Location: accra ghana
On websites:
Report: i have been in contact with this person for the last 3 weeks. she tells me she loves me and wants tocome to america to see me. she asked for money for visa, plane ticket, and phone card. i looked up your site and there she was. i am glad i was cautious and your site helped me out. thank you
First name: Rossy
Last name: Olaolu
Aka: Lauren Shrek aka Marie Bay aka Rossy Olaolu
Age: 29
Location: nigeria
Email: rossy) &
Report: she is going back to to try and scam some one else after she got through with me
First name: ellen susiana
Last name: awuah
Age: 22
Location: abidjan cote d ivoire
On websites: date me free
Report: this women contacted me on date me free her name is ellen susiana awuah this one here she wrote to me to help her with 7.2 million usd you will see in the note she gave me she never gave a pic i did goggle search she is a scammer hope what i give you will be useful thanks guys
First name: Julia
Last name: Valyaeva
Age: 29
Location: Ukraine,Kiev
Address: 114 Krasnoarmeyskaya str.#136
Phone: 3905068123464
Email: hug of deleted deleted.
On websites: and who knows where else now.
Report: I was in correspondence with Julia for a very long time.It seems to me she ended our relationship very quickly when I found out she was writing many other men all the while accepting my financial help.She is a classic gold digger/prodating/scammer.Be very careful with her she knows how to operate smoothly and uses her sexuality to get you.Sh cost me in the neigborhood of $15,000 for English lessons Translations,Gifts and cash sent to her.This Ukraine-club is a bad place they do not care what the girls do as long as it brings money in for them.They are not like an honest business who would kick the girls off their site.