First name: Kelly
Last name: Wright
Age: 36
Location: Walden, NY
On websites: Wild
Report: Plays a student in Walden, NY who is going to medical school.... After a week of daily, and some times hourly texting, sending G-Rated Pics of herself and family memberers texts get more personal and romantic....Suddenly she starts having a phone problem, and would like me to send her Apple Gift Cards so she can upgrade the iOS on her phone. After a day or two, wants to know if I will send her money. When I say no, she dissappears... On Gmail and on Hangouts
First name: olena
Last name: mogylevska
Age: 26
Location: odessa ukraine
Address: 54 ryshelievska st
Phone: (380) 937 074797
On websites: Anastastia and others
Report: Beautiful young English speaking girl who claims she wants to visit US and will ask for money for everything from a suitcase to money to get travel documents such as a passport and visa ! Very well schooled in manipulating to get money ! May be part of an organized group to extort money at any cost !
First name: ANDREA
Last name: BELL
Age: 23
On websites: UNKOWN
First name: lara
Last name: abimbola
Age: 32
Location: ibadan, nigeria
Phone: 2349061176242
On websites: google hangout,facebook, possibly others
Report: this person contacted me on facebook , then moved to hangouts, asking for money, then had lWyer call me, trying to get money for marry cert., and will for inheritance, then tryed to send me check to cash, tryed!to get crwdut card, tryed to get bank account
First name: Grace
Last name: Madison also yeboha
Aka: Patricia Roland
Age: 32
Location: Nigeria
Phone: 7819514408. 8164371654. 8594291780
On websites: I like you ,match, hangout
Report: She is good at online relationships fall for you fast wants to come be your wife needs money for plane ticket also says her parents are dead and has money to claim and needs $20000 to get her $20 millions
First name: Mariya
Age: 36
Location: Novocheboksarsk.Russia
Phone: 79877158441
On websites: match affinity
Report: This person claimed to be Mariya and a resident of Novocheboksarsk in Russia. She contacted me via match.affinity online dating where i have limited access. She had somehow managed to put her e mail account in a message and so i contacted her that way. There then began a few weeks of e mails where she, as seems the norm, showed a lot of interest and desire for me. She then said she wanted to meet me in the UK. She managed to get a month off work just like that, made a trip she claimed to a travel agency but - as i had anticipated- she didn't have the money required, obviously implying i stump up the money. I didn't respond and neither did she then...true love!!
First name: Maya
Last name: Roland
Age: 31
Location: New York
Report: I met Maya Roland on a dating site. she asked for my help with trying to pay her money on a land sale. It then went to an inheritance because her mum had passed away, so she said. she went to Nigeria and stayed there to save up the deposit for the inheritance .after that was almost done she went back to New York to settle the housing . she asked for money to pay for the taxes and mortgage. I not long after sending the money received a phone call from a person telling me that Maya Roland was killed at the L.A shooting.his number is +2348149483787 i have kept all the reciepts if you need them. her last location was New York. I have also go a copy of her passport.
First name: Mirjana
Last name: Desconocido
Aka: Elbialyna Wolebreva
Age: 31 anos
Location: Serbia Belgrado, y los angeles Estados Unidos
Address: Desconocido
Phone: Desconocido
On websites: Hotmail y Gmail
Report: Dice que se llama Mirjana y le dicen Mirja, vive en Serbia lo cual concuerda con las direcciones de ip de correo electronicos, ella inicio el contacto informando que queria saber sobre mi, se origino el contacto por medio de correo electronico, desde el 14/09/2017 hasta el 25/10/2017, he notado que no responde preguntas sobre si tiene tipos de red como facebook o skype o whatsaap, al igual que sus fotografias son tomadas por otra persona no son selfi, desde la segunda carta comento sus inicios pretenciosos por querer viajar y ante esto esta el dinero aun dice eso hasta su ultimas cartas. Es una persona la cual decidi investigar por este grandioso medio y asi corte conversaciones algunas con este tipo de personas. No hubo deposito de dinero ya que me informe antes de depositarlo.
First name: Anna
Age: 30
Location: Russia
On websites: Oasis active
Report: Hello Italia! My name Anna. I am 30 years old. I am sociable and cheerful person. But my life is similar to the night sky without stars. As in my life there is no the most important, love. In searches of the man of all my life, I have come on dating site. It seems to me to communicate through letters, very romantically and as it allows to learn much better the person before a meeting. I already communicated through the Internet, but it has not crowned success as men asked to send them my naked photos, for me it was first attribute of their frivolous attitude. And consequently I have stopped dialogue with them. I think, that you will agree with me that the decent girl not when will not send similar photos on email. I am rectilinear and fair person, I search only for serious relationships, only true feelings. I think what to construct attitudes, it not a simple problem and if you are ready to it I will be glad to continue dialogue with you. if for you, it is simple entertainment, I do not see sense to continue our correspondence. I apologize, if I something have offended you. But at there is no time for games. I wait your answer! Anna.
First name: Deborah
Last name: Martin
Aka: Debbie Martin, Deborah Haley Martin
Age: 51
Location: Syria; Nashville, TN
Address: 735 Riverview Drive, xx
Phone: 901-843-0771
Report: Met this woman on believing she lived in Nashville, TN. She then told me she was stationed in Syria and was a Senior Master Sgt in the USAF. She seemed knowledgeable about what was going on in Syria at the time and what it was like being deployed (to the best of my knowledge). During this time, she sent some gifts to me as well from a reward she received for a mission she'd been on. Then, she decided to come back to the US and leave the military, but had to come through Turkey. Said USAF wouldn't pay her way because she was was on a secret mission and they couldn't acknowledge it. Also said she couldn't access her bank account. Sent third-party check to me for large amount that was more than amount of money she asked to borrow. Sent her some money. Also sent me pictures of her drivers license, military ID, as well as various photographs of her in uniform. Got to border of Turkey and they wouldn't let her cross unless she gave more money. I refused. She then said she was captured and held prisoner and was hurt. I sent some money to the brother of the person helping her and he was to bring it across the border to her. Then, she said the person helping her was killed, so she was still with the brother. Last communication was that she was across the border and headed to the American Consulate in Turkey.