First name: Ayisha
Last name: Patterson
Aka: Ayiash Love
Age: 29
Location: Ingram, Texas
Address: 204 Cloven
Report: she states that she loves you and wants to be with you and will use porn star pictures to lure you in.she will ask for bus fare 3x's what it cost then won't show and keep repeating this process till she feels she has enough money from you.
First name: Kaitlyn
Last name: Surreys
Age: 35
Location: Columbus, Ohio & Abilene, TX
On websites: Collarspace
Report: Total scammer, may not even be a real person, but very elaborate & detailed, our conversations went on for months. In the end it was all about money & identity theft. Once she has these she will disappear!
First name: Anna/Annechka
Age: 31
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
On websites: Russian Love Match, Romance Compass.
Report: Romance Compass; she is a cardiologist, divorced/single, no children, lives in Kiev. Very prolific, over 60 letter so to me, almost daily see,s very sincere, then the other one appeared... Russian Love Match; she fell instantly in love with me and is an administrator and has a child and is divorced. Many of same photos and interior shots on both profiles.
First name: Sandra
Last name: Alex rita
Age: 29
Location: Nigeria lagos
Email: Unknown
On websites: Hangout
Report: She said she's a nurse and asking for money to fly back to the United States
First name: Veronika
Last name: Biktimirova Vladimirovna
Aka: Veronica
Age: 33
Location: Novomoskovsk UL
Address: Kosmonatov D21 301657unknown
Report: Herewith some additional information about this scammer. Writes very well, is allegedly a Sports Instructor. The photograph that is already listed she sent to me.she has a dazzling smile,and her only relative is her mother, who lives in the countryside. she has a nice circle of friends,especially one called Dina and in every way I would describe her as havvinga dazzling smile, beautiful in a 'wholesome way'
First name: anne
Last name: castillo
Age: 34
Location: shengzen china
Phone: 86 158 209 395 65
On websites:
Report: we met on asiandating .com,i was aware of the scams so I ask her for a travel agency, she gives me CHINA INTL TRAVEL AGENCY. the web site was there so I thought it was legit.
First name: Evgenia
Last name: Rudaya
Aka: Eugenia, Zhenya
Age: 35
Location: Dnepropetrovsk, Moscow
On websites: brides-in-bikinis, hotrussianbrides
Report: The first report says this scammer is using photos of a model/photographer. I've seen her photos on a couple sites as a photographer Eugenia, yes, but I'm guessing that the scammer is herself the same person as those profiles. The reason I believe that, is that I recently found her on a site for prostitutes working at a particular Moscow bordello. Here is the link if you want to confirm it for yourself: I doubt that a bordello prostitute trying to attract business is going to post someone else's photos, nor would the bordello or their promo website allow it. The jig would be up quickly.
First name: Jeanne
Last name: Ruth
Age: 33
Location: Ibadan nigeria
On websites: Waynn and Google hangouts
Report: She said she needed my c redit card number ssn birthday and address and mothers maiden name so she can put a deposit from her dad's land on it.
First name: Rita
Last name: Akrugu
Aka: Mara Donald, Angeline Ortega
Age: 33
Location: Kumasi, Ghana, accra, Ghana
Phone: +233548393436
Email: Unknown
On websites: Whatsapp, Facebook, messenger
Report: This person, who is really a man named king faisal junior or bashiru king faisal or Carter king faisal preys on old, elderly, lonely and often men who suffer from dementia and other health issues and ones who do not understand technology and too trustworthy. He pretends to be a white female in Ghana under many alias (Rita akrugu) and begins the scan of falling in love and wanting to be with them. Asking for money to pay for Visa or flight tickets among other things like food or ridiculous med needs or police fees. DO NOT under any circumstances give these people money!!! After talking to the immigration they said that almost 100% of white women from Ghana talking to me on the internet are SCAMS! In reality only 1/1000 if a precent of the population in Ghana is white. Also it is very hard to get a visa to the us from Ghana!!! It isn't an easy process and most are denied, ones that are accepted are for employment. Tourist visa are rarely given! Always ask for a copy of the Visa or the Visa #. You can look it up on the web or call to see if it is a legit. DO YOUR HOMEWORK before sending money!!!! My grandfather who is 79 fell victim to this person sending $1500
First name: Michelle
Last name: Gouenam
Aka: Michelle Kamgain
Age: 31
Location: Cameroon, Douala
Phone: +237699504498
On websites: Europe Mingle, Tinder, FirstMet, Color dating, Afrointroductions, Black and White
Report: Uses her children to extort money from men. Claims that her husband died months / years ago (story changes). Claims that she lives with her dad (actually her current husband). Lies about owning a cake shop or a hair salon (story changes)that she desperately needs funding for. Might also lie that she is currently a student desperately in need for sponsorship.