First name: Marina
Last name: Sintcova
Age: 33
Location: Moscow/Rostov
Address: St. Decembrists, RoRostov, 101
On websites:
Report: She approached me via a surprise email. I asked how did she find; she never answered my direct question. She immediately suggested we develop trust. She then emailed me the same pictures twice. She continued with romance. I realize long ago it was a dcam.
First name: Oksana
Last name: Skots
Age: 32
Location: Kiev
On websites:
Report: This is the last mail before i stop it.She alway comes back yo that she needs money. I told here i will never send money. She could not meet me on Skype, facebook, or media likes that.Only emails and pretty pictures. I understood she is a scammer at first mail but i plays with here in 5 months just for fun. After some months here dress come ups i scammers list. Here dress in Kiev is earlier a scammer dress too. But she really love, read this guys. My dear! I cant stop telling about my feelings to you and about my love! It is so big that I cant keep it inside of me and want to tell you about it every moment. Please, dont think that I cant control myself. I am serious enough to understand that I truly love you. I love you the way you are and I dont want to change anything. Of course we live in different countries and have not met each other but I feel that you are a good person. You will not betray me and I can rely on you in any situation. I hope when we meet each other our feelings will become even stronger and we will be happy together. I want to spend great time with you. I want to listen to you, to look into your eyes and to touch you. I imagine that when I feel your body at our first meeting itll be so pleasant and exciting! You know, honey, that I have some difficulties which I cant solve without you. I need your help very much now. Please, help me; I think you understand that it is very important for both of us. Waiting for your reply! --- Oksana
First name: Tessa
Last name: Corteza
Age: 27
Location: Pagadian city, Philippines
Address: 570 Sotho drive poblacion
Phone: +639772326523
On websites: Thaiflirting
Report: Gives Skype address starts out normal then asks for money for food
First name: Anna
Last name: Aleshina
Age: 30
Location: Kazan, Russia
Address: Ostrovskogo 37-28. zip 420107
Phone: +79194193423
Report: Contacted me directly. I am not familiar with any of these contact sites she talks about
First name: Olga
Last name: Aleksandrovna
Aka: Olga Alexsandrovnawn
Age: 29
Location: Russia, Tara
On websites:
Report: Olga is already reported on this site with copies of her emails. Her story and email threads are the same and the emails are copies of previous with same alterations of names and response to previous emails. Here is a sample: Hello Mike! Thanks that has answered my letter. Mike thanks that you find time to write to me. It is important for me. And I am grateful to you that you pay to me this attention. Mike, you nice the man. I like dialogue with you. But I think, that to us still early to speak about a meeting. It is very serious step for us, and we should understand precisely that we do. I offer, we have more to communicate and learn each other. To understand in the further to what it will result. Mike today I saw a funny situation. I would like to tell you about it. When I went to the library to write to you. I walked across the street, where children were playing on the playground. I looked at them and noticed among them a very strange guy. It was very big for their age. I moved closer to see everything that happens. It turned out that it was the old man. He was dressed as a modern children. Not so, as usual dressed adults. He ran with the children and played with them. Mike I have not seen so much happiness in the eyes of the elderly. He's like a little kid playing with them. It was so cute, the children enjoyed playing with him. It lifted my mood. I was sad to this point, but when I saw it, I was funny and fun. Of course I can not tell how much it was funny, but I see such an event is extremely rare. It lifted my mood. Mike and now I'm in a very good mood. I saw the happiness in the eyes of children. And the greatest happiness was in the eyes of the grandfather, it was so good. I think that it was his grandson, and so grandfather decided to refresh and play with the children. It is a pity that such a situation is now very rare. But when I see these moments, I become very happy. After all, this means that more than the entire world has become poor. What is true happiness and joy. Mike, and I know that people will be able to make a better world. After all, each of us depends on what will happen to our world. Mike when you help someone else, you're doing good. And then, the man helps another person. And so begins a whole chain of good events. And one day the good that you have done for others and will return to you. Mike most importantly, when you do something good, it is necessary that it was from the heart. Many people in today's world do good for their benefit. Some boast that helps others. Although he does not from the heart, but in order to be respected by other people. And that makes me sad. Mike fewer people do good just like that, without any benefit to themselves. But I know that in this world there is still a lot of kind and good people, and this makes me happy. Mike I hope you liked my letter. Maybe you, too, was something interesting today? Maybe you also have a good and funny stories. Mike I would be interested to learn more about it. I'll be waiting for your letter. Yours and only yours Olga Her goal is obviously to get you to send her money. She does this through making plans to come to the US and then needs money to pay for passport, visa etc. She talks about needing to get a loan to pay for traveling because she has only $230. She talks about her mom getting a loan and then loosing her house if she can't pay the loan. In my case, she actually had made a false agreement/contract using a travel company trying to make it seem real.
First name: Fedurina Mariya
Last name: Rudolfovna
Aka: Mariya Masha
Age: 29
Location: Krasnodar, Moscow Russia
Address: Zipovskaya 20, Apt 14, Krasnodar, Russia 350016
On websites:
Report: Goes by the name Mariya, She is a professional scammer. Well thought out and planned. At first asks for money to be wired to her bank account for her air fare, and visa expenses, and enough money to show customs she is able to support herself in Canada during her trip. Then gives actual flight information. On the day of travel she will call, and say she has Russian Debt and customs will not let her leave the country. After paying that debt, she will give you new flight details. During this time she will say her bags were checked and she was bring historic Russian Artifacts and she has to pay a hefty fine. Finally she get's all the money stolen and goes to court. She is cleaver and will play with your emotions, writing to you about things you want to hear. Then all a sudden you will never hear from her again. I believe she actually lives in Moscow
First name: Situ
Last name: Kassim
Age: 25
Location: Ghana
On websites: Google Hangouts
Report: Was approached by this woman? On Google Hangouts,she sent photos interested in chatting, turns into the i need money, new phone Western Union funds etc, I google searched the photos she was sending and found the photos were indeed a stolen identity of a famous model in the US
First name: Rose
Last name: Amoh
Age: 33
Location: Auckland New Zealand
Email: Unknown
On websites: Love Thing
Report: Claimed to be an unemployed accountant who was injured at work at had been unemployed for 11 months, when questioned about video calling she and for money for webcaam and help seeing it up. After posting her picture to your search engine or turns out she was using pictures of Canadian porn star
First name: Anna
Last name: Ivanka
Age: 26
Location: Ukraine ,Lviv
Phone: 380930768090
On websites: Travelgirls
Report: She give around 5000 euros
First name: Thomas
Last name: Mary
Age: 31
Location: Washington DC USA
Phone: 9175246398
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook Messenger
Report: She sent request for invite on Facebook Messenger. Since have been texting over mobile phone. I have pictures and I'm quite sure this name is fake. I'm not sure is she is posted on here