First name: Natasha
Age: 28
Location: Zvenigovo Marey El Russia
Report: I have been corrosponding with this so called Natasha for 2 months now , she keeps changing her story , and now refuses me coming there to Russia to see her , but she wants to come here to get pregnant from me and then go back to Russia alone , and then figures on coming back when ever .
First name: Olga
Last name: Ushkina
Aka: Mariana
Age: 27
Location: Armenia
On websites: free russian personals
Report: Mariana stated she was from Armenia but all of the emails originated in Amsterdam. I ran a trace on the e mails. She would never give her full name. I knew she was a scammer from the beginning. She professed her love for me much to early. I continued to play the game with him/her. Her sob story concerned a man in England had stood her up and she was all alone in a new country. She said she had to pay for her way back home. She wanted to be sure I would not leave her stranded.
First name: Mariya
Last name: Lapteva
Age: 29
Location: Chebpksary (428003)
Report: Same basic MO as others listed.
First name: ELVIRA
Last name: KARSAKOVA
Age: 27
Location: minnisoda, us
Email: non
First name: jessica
Last name: gaston
Aka: jessy
Age: 27
Location: UK
Phone: +447024087955
Report: They will ask for payment via western union, then will ask more times for additional charges, but later will never give you what you ordered. They got my $4,000.00 and I never got the units I ordered.
First name: dammy
Last name: jones
Age: supposedly 28
Location: nigeria, africa
On websites:,
Report: says she is a single young white girl stuck in nigeria because she went there to get away from her
First name: Valentina
Last name: Obelchenko
Age: 28
Location: same address as posted on this site
Address: same
Email: same
Report: I thought I would give an update and let the web master of this site decide if this is credible. The lady I am writing to with this name and address is a mother of a 5 year old boy (Michael). She has asked for 80.00 per month for internet cafe fees. I just came from Kiev and this amount is really high for internet useage. You can get 20 minutes for just a couple US dollars. She has sent lots of photos of herself and one of her and her son and it does not look like the woman in this photo.
First name: Alice
Last name: Johnson
Age: 31
Location: dakar, Senegal
Email: Matsesmith - this is the profile name
On websites:
Report: My brother-in-law almost got scammed - saved by Western Union!! She indicated that she was from the UK and was in Dakar. She played him like a fiddle - talked about taking care of him, and so, he went to send her money for the plane ticket (stupid boy), and luckily for him - Western Union returned his money as they knew it was going to a scam - guess it was on record...... She apparently was stopped at the airport for smuggling gold bars that were given to her by a relative to cash in Canada -she then asked for $3000 US to get her out of jail - the call came from her
First name: Natalya,
Last name: Pelletier
Aka: Sheena
Age: 27
Location: Russia
Report: This is just another lieing bitch
First name: Mariya
Last name: Kuznetsova
Age: 24
Location: Russia
Address: city Sanchursk street Sverdlova 15/2 postal index 612370
Report: In my previous letter I have misspelled her last name. She has used other email address which is about which I am suspicious. She does not have phone. Please let me know what you think about this case. I have send you her letter with her photo.