First name: lissa
Last name: dampton
Age: ?
Location: nigeria
Report: may also send you phots of herself that belong to Thalita Hunkins who is a 23 yr old model from Huntington Beach Ca
First name: Oksana
Last name: Rogovskaya
Aka: Oksana Gladushenko
Age: 22
Location: Poltava, Ukraine 36000
Address: Kochetova Street 24, Flat 3
Phone: Travel Ageny 380983526396
On websites: RBrides
Report: I contacted Oksana and received almost all the photos of her previously posted here. After she fell madly in love with me, she wanted our immediate meeting in the USA. She wanted me to contact her Travel Agency World Tour ( to arrange her flight. When I didn't she changed her tune to just needing Internet costs. It's odd that both the Travel Agent Bogila Valentina and Oksana has a Belarus IP address.
First name: Marina
Last name: Murasheva
Age: 27
Location: Moscow, Russia 103050
Address: Tverskaya Street, House 25, Flat 10
On websites: Lava Life
Report: I contacted her and over the past month received not only the same 18 glamorous photos of Marina and pal as previously posted but the same exact letters until the end when the dying love and money requests came. When no money was sent her way, she disappeared.
First name: patricia
Last name: forgot
Age: 30
Location: accra
Email: dont remember
On websites:
Report: She e-mail me, told me she was a hair dresser & has her own business & is looking for a good christian man to settle down with and start a family. I ask to see a pic of her. she sent 3, I note two is on you site already. one of picture she sent me showed her practically bending forward in a see through blouse showing off her breasts. I said this isn't the woman for me, she is selling sex and we haven't met yet. This turned me off instantly. I council her about that and told her that it sends the wrong message to men when she diplays her herself that way & especially meeting me for the first time online, this isn't a good presentation of herself. moreover, she will be attracting to herself the wrong kind of men. I deleted her e-mail address and pics thereafter. never sent her money or contacted her again.
First name: Gulnara
Last name: Galiullina
Age: 30
Location: Yoshkar-ola, in Russia.
Address: Dimitrova street, he house 58, an apartment 254.
Report: I discover that before she scam me.
First name: Tanya
Last name: Pavlova
Age: 27
Location: Lisichansk
Address: zip code 93700
Email: You have it already
On websites: Mate - 1
Report: This real beauty is a master of lies. I have an exact duplicate letter she sent Rick usa word for word.She has taken over a thousand dollars for translation fees and English classes. I a few short months. I feel very stupid about now. The photo you have on your opening page is the same one she sent me within the first five letters. I was shocked to see it. What a nightmear. I sensed sometigh was up all along , but the thought of possibly hooking up with this cick over rides the risks. I am so pissed off at this Tanya. Yesturday she sent a letter and accidentally started the paragragh with another guys name ( Robert ) mine is Mark, re- ply Who's Robert? She say's that the nornal translator was not there that day and a trainee took over for that day. the trainee said she was sending a letter to robert the time before and got mixed up. And where's my Birthday card? The one Man I love , the only one for me. Wow, unreal.
First name: Elena
Last name: Shakhova
Age: 29
Location: Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Report: Claims to be an Ukrainian attorney in the field of criminal defense and also a woman's fashion designer. Having visited this city and going to her claimed residence, showing her picture, she does not exist. Contacted her employer. They do not know of her ever working there. She is a total scammer. Knows English very well. Works from Internet cafes.
First name: Aleksandra
Age: 28
Location: Sanchursk, Kirov, Russia
Report: If I had paid this site's one month fee this lady would not have gotten past the first letter. They are identical to the letters from the various ladies who call themselves
First name: Linda
Last name: Fati
Age: 30
Location: Ghana
Report: She Is A Boy Pretending
First name: Irina
Last name: saiphulina
Aka: Anastasiya Aleksandrova
Age: 30
Location: cheboksary,russia
Address: street:..porxorova apt;17
On websites:
Report: I was contact by her from a singles net,she said she saw my profile, she said she dated nigera men and she had a deep desire for a black american man,SHE ASKED for money within the 4th letter in 3 days, i knew it wasnt to good to believe, i saw a banner for this site and I TOOK THE TIME TO VIEW up to 320 pages, i spoted 3 girls on the site, but only 1 has asked for money,,,,,,I WILL REPORT THE REMAINING 2, when they decide to strike......