First name: Olga
Last name: Malyutina
Aka: elena chernova
Age: 28
Location: Cheboksary (Russia
Address: Russian Federation, 428000, Russia Republic, Main Street Prospectus, Petrova str., 25
Report: she scammed me for $3100.00
First name: Olga
Aka: Anna
Age: 31
Location: russia
Report: Kept writing me letters about her life and her, she said she wanted to come to america and live with me........i said ok.....ill buy the a house....and all you have to do is send ME 2500.usd.....loll i still cant stop laughing....guess what..never heard from her again...loll
First name: Richca
Last name: Nkasah
Age: 35
Location: ghana
Address: dansoman-accra west africa 00233
On websites:
Report: i believe she might be a scammer
First name: Alexandra
Last name: Prozorova
Age: 25
Location: Yoshkar-ola, Katazova 82, apartament 54
Address: 424000
Report: This girl is not real
First name: Natalia
Last name: Petropavlovskaya
Aka: Tayana Bulygina, Tatyana Parhomenko
Age: 28
Location: Cheboksary, Chuvashia, Russian Federation
Address: Prospect Mira St. 101-16
On websites:
Report: She/he/it contacted me via, sent form letters, claimed to have won the Lottery was coming to USA to visit. Didnt ask me for money, I Googled her postal address and 3 hits came up. I looked at profiles and found her photos. I stopped all correspondence. She/he/it sent me 13 photos.
First name: Jessica
Last name: Bright
Age: 32
Location: Nigeria--says from Ohio,USA
On websites: PerfSpot
Report: This woman started IM'ing me about a week ago,very sweet & polite.Says she's a model working in Nigeria but by the letter she sent I suspect she's here in USA. We've never met, but she says she loves me and stuff. she recently started asking me to open a dredit union account for the reason that her deceased father had a contract with some bank to give her $100,000 a month (wow imagine that,lol) and she needs me to open this account.It's not asking for money,sort of but it sounds shady to me so I submit this report.
First name: Michelle
Last name: Olufunmi Williams
Aka: Michelle Bello, Michelle Michellee, Michelle Louise Osmond, Michelle Ijeoma Dede
Age: 30
Location: Lagos Island , Lagos State Nigeria
Phone: 234-805-585-0201
Email: sweetmichele30@yahoo .ca
On websites: Lava Life
Report: i got to know her for several months, did send her one payment to help with her travels to Canada , when come time to meet her she did not show. 2 days later she explaned she and her mother were in car accident a very bad one, her mother had serious head injury and might not make it. 2 weeks later she needed 500.00 more dollars to pay for balance of Medical bills, when asked her for hospital bill she became upset and didn't think i cared for her any longer. A co-worker of mine and myself researched Google site and found out the truth on her...
First name: tatyana
Last name: shihmatova
Age: 30
Location: Russia, Yoshkar-Ola
Address: Mira street 52, a/ya 27, Yoshkar-Ola, 424005
Report: scamming for money to come to Australia, said that she needed $3,000 because she had a tourist visa and customs required that she had between 30-40 dollars/day for her travel agent was picking up money from western union because she was afraid to pick up large sums of money in case she was robbed.
First name: Zuwieratu
Last name: Abubakari
Aka: Teena, Linda, Helen.
Age: 27
Location: Ghana
Phone: 00233-246-689-8630
On websites: singlesnet
Report: This person contacted me on two seperate occasions on singlesnet. She was so foolishly dumb when she contacted me within one weeks time with a different profile name but her face in her pictures were her giveaway. She fell in love within a couple of letters. Then we spoke via Instant messenger where she asked me to delete my profile asking me for my personal info so that she could have it deleted. She said she didn't want me to speak with anyone else but her. She also asked me for my phone number But I wouldn't dare share that info.with her. Then she just one day stopped speaking to me while we were in the middle of an IM conversation. I guess she figured she wasn't getting anywhere with her requests so she abandoned ship. Anyway, I played it for what it was worth and had fun with it. Roger (USA)
First name: Diana
Last name: Sowa
Aka: diana
Age: unknown
Location: Ghana City, Accura
On websites: MFB
Report: wanted money to send photos but sent some anyway but wants to come to the USA and get married to a white man. Needs help getting here. Has used the same photos but using different name of Anita