First name: Zuwieratu
Last name: Abubakari
Aka: Teena, Linda, Helen.
Age: 27
Location: Ghana
Phone: 00233-246-689-8630
On websites: singlesnet
Report: This person contacted me on two seperate occasions on singlesnet. She was so foolishly dumb when she contacted me within one weeks time with a different profile name but her face in her pictures were her giveaway. She fell in love within a couple of letters. Then we spoke via Instant messenger where she asked me to delete my profile asking me for my personal info so that she could have it deleted. She said she didn't want me to speak with anyone else but her. She also asked me for my phone number But I wouldn't dare share that info.with her. Then she just one day stopped speaking to me while we were in the middle of an IM conversation. I guess she figured she wasn't getting anywhere with her requests so she abandoned ship. Anyway, I played it for what it was worth and had fun with it. Roger (USA)
First name: Diana
Last name: Sowa
Aka: diana
Age: unknown
Location: Ghana City, Accura
On websites: MFB
Report: wanted money to send photos but sent some anyway but wants to come to the USA and get married to a white man. Needs help getting here. Has used the same photos but using different name of Anita
First name: alexandra
Last name: shulgina
Aka: sasha
Age: 25
Location: lugansk, ukraine
On websites: blossoms
Report: uses letter translation agency litera for mass mailing scam
First name: nadezdha
Age: 28
Location: russia
On websites:
Report: after a few letter she toll me she fall in love and she was ready to move oout with me and meet me but she doesn't have the money to travel so she ask me for that kind of money i have the policy of not send no money no matter what and she stop to writte me.
First name: ekaterina
Last name: grigoreyva
Aka: rusia
Age: 23
Location: rusia
Report: this lady very smart and pretty but and she ask for travel money as soon she get it she going to ask for expenses of travel money.
First name: elena
Aka: elana
Age: 26
Location: russia
On websites:
Report: she has been very polite asking me many things telling me many things now she wants to come here to visit me but is asking me for money now and cos i said i cant help her now shes saying she has a girlfriend who has buisness and people from uk owe her money and shes asking me for my bank account right as if im giving that out to someone in another country.. so i have not bothered replying back.. true scammer who ever it is..
First name: Natalya
Last name: Malkova
Age: 29
Location: Morki Russia
Report: I have seen her letters on the website, but with different photos. She uses canned letters, and accompanies each with a photo. The last name reported is the one form the letter to another genleman that is posted now. She has not yet supplied me with the last name that she is currently using
First name: Anastasiya
Last name: Gavenko
Age: 27
Location: St Petersburg Russia
Address: 23 Lenina St, appartment 56 St Petersburg
On websites: yahoo, google
Report: Is a scammer. She is trying to have me send her $496 for a visa. Also says that she loves me and wants to marry.....
First name: Sadia
Age: 37
Location: Hong Kong (Ghana)
Report: I belive this person to be a scammer,...i had a scammer do a scam on me some 5 mouth a go and this person is saying the same kind of things just like the scammer did some 5 mouth a go to me and this is going on right know 8/20/07
First name: Carey
Last name: Tola Spencer
Aka: Daria Pavlenko
Age: 22
Location: Zhitomir, Ukraine
On websites:
Report: I have been writing to this girl for 2.5 years and I just saw her picture today on this site. I had no idea she was scamming me. We talk each day and I received a letter from her through the agency a short while ago today (8-20-07). I always thought she was legit, but now I am scared that I am being scammed for real. She states that she is currently studying to be a Pharmacist in her country and needs one more year to get her degree. I had just asked about visiting her in late December or early January and I got a response saying that she is busy and that maybe it would be better if I visited her in Autumn.