All reports about female scammers

Name:  Kseniya tikhanova
Age:  30
Location:  Dimitrgrad
Address:  bs234jn
On web sites:  first met
Report:  Says she is coming to meet you, overtime she arrives at airport she is refused then asks for money,over and over again.
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Name:  Kelly rene Smith
Aka:  Kelly Renee Smith , Kelley Rene smith
Age:  30
Location:  Accra,ghana
Phone:  3375415802
On web sites:  Facebook,
Report:  Just wondering , have sent her money numerous times . Said her mom was in hospital at 37 military hospital and needed help getting mom out and home there in Accra. Moms name is ernestina takes.
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Name:  Sharon Martins
Age:  39
Location:  London
Phone:  07496118375
Email:  first lady
On web sites:  Craigslist
Report:  Charon Martins did try to make me send 400 pounds sterling to her agent, by name ... Lekshman Biju Dunbar ..., London. I forced her to send a copy of her passport. It took some time, but I could easily see that the passport was fake. Her name on the passport was inserted in incorrect letters. In addition, she should be a man
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Age:  29
Location:  Lugansk or luhansk
On web sites:  Mamba
Report:  Scam type: ask money for move for her city that is closed for foreign citizen. She said the work but ask money for tiket of train until kiev and dont want meet in place more near border closed for foreign. All signal of scam. If try to talk lock about other solution lock contact and disappear. She if take money disappear and lock contact.
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Age:  32 or 35
Location:  Ghana
Address:  Kanda Highway, Accra Ghana
Phone:  9102499440
On web sites:
Report:  Typical Ghana romancer. Probably several workers. Over a few day period trying to establish a relationship, then finally asking for $$$$ to purchase a cam.
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Name:  elizabeth marilann
Aka:  scott
Age:  31
Location:  Anderson South Carolina Austin Texas
Phone:  843-507-1819
On web sites:
Report:  very persuasive of meeting and spending money wants money for sex toys BDSM
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Name:  Julie Alish
Aka:  Julie Crabtree
Age:  55
Location:  Brooksville Florida, Saginaw Michigan
Phone:  1(989)339-1430
On web sites:  Facebook
Report:  Will say or do anything to get what she wants. She is a text book narcissist. Very dangerous and willing to do anything no matter who it hurts. She feels no guilt and looks at those around her as sheep for the slaughter.
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Name:  Sophia (tammy) Bruce
Aka:  Paula on tinder
Age:  28
Location:  United states,Minnasota
On web sites:  tinder, yahoo
Report:  This person clams to be female, but I believe it to be a man by the name of James Gunderson, and his cohort is Juanita weiff.. starts out needing money for wood working supplies,, its a long complicated 8 month situation.. in the end I lost 10 thousand dollars
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Name:  Yasin Mohammed
Age:  Unknown
Location:  Uk
Phone:  +44 7400 459555
Email:  Unknown
On web sites:  What's app Facebook
Report:  There's a lot of charity scam going on where they are using Islam to scams people with fake charity , they open lot of what's app groups and take personals details and do identify faurd, they send fake emails from Amazon , PayPal, H&R revenue and so on. They use fake uk police ID to make people believe theri charity. If they get court they start threatening and harassing. They look for people who is sale something on Facebook or eBay they invite people to join what's app free advertising Group. Then they send other religion links to make you believe they are real, after they will send the charity link which is fake and they scams. There's are the numbers involved but they can always change it. To scams u they will make u their friends and add u as admin on their fake what's app group chat to frame you for their scam. John - +44 7531 363533 Liz- +27 61 153 7948 Scorpion - +255 778 218 810 Imran - +44 7500 770952
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Name:  georgina baffour
Age:  30+
Location:  kumasi ghana
Address:  unkpost office boxse385nown
Phone:  un+23355472725
Skype:  skype
On web sites:  facebook
Report:  this person believed to live in kumasi ghana
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