First name: Ekatrrina
Last name: Elina
Aka: Nailya Musaeva
Age: 30
Location: Russia, Ekaterinberg. Yekaterinberg
Address: Tokarey 48
Phone: +7 343 748-56-14
On websites:
Report: She is very good. Doesn't start out asking for money. Takes a few letters. Then wants to come to you. Then she spent have enough to get to you. Then starts asking for money. For air fair, then for solvency. Then more because she used part of the airline ticket and to change her visa. She acts very innocent and old fashioned, like someone you would really like to be with. Everything sounds legitimate, but isn't happening. Some of the same pictures that is on this site she still uses.
First name: Jennifer
Last name: Bills
Age: 34
Location: USA, Gladstone, Oregon
Address: 18173 Webster Road #105
Phone: 734-562-0351
On websites: Ourtime
Report: Typical scammer, requests money in the form of iTunes or Amazon cards. No intension of meeting, endless excuses for not doing so.
First name: Emily
Last name: Ratajkowski
Age: 30
Location: Los Angeles
Phone: 3314818691
On websites: google hangouts
Report: She initiated email facts incorrect for the person she claims to be. Claims to under a contract that does not allow phone calls, she has to live with management needs 50k to buy out contract to leave. No money no further contact. Is using all photos of Emily Ratajkowski.
First name: Elena
Last name: Chernyak
Age: 27
Location: Russia Novosibirskaya oblast 630105
Address: Kavaleriyskaya 9
Report: T don?t know from were she had my mailaddress!? She says that she could get a studentvisa to study for month in Germany. Wanted me to help her with 600.-? to receive permission to leave the Country. She wrote that I would get the Money back when she?d be in Germany...she wrote About 10 times, sent pics of her
First name: Natalya
Last name: Tikhonova
Aka: Natal
Age: 30
Location: Miass, Russia
Report: She contacted me at first by a very unusual method, it came in the form of a direct email to me and consisted only of a picture of an attractive woman in a red dress
First name: Serah
Last name: Cater
Age: 27
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Sout
Report: She claims she needs help to get a hurricanes from her father of Nigeria then she spends 6 months trying to Swindle as much money out of you as possible claiming that the checks either been ruined or it's been tore up or somebody stole the check up to a point where she eventually takes everything you have
First name: Kelly
Last name: Karimu
Aka: Myers
Age: 34
Location: Ghana, Accra
Address: B1012/13 Densoman
Phone: 2332608625278
Report: Hi, The usual background checks. Also she livers (?) with her mother, Adisa Karimu Claims father deceased, Larry Karimu/Karim/Myers
First name: Sgthaley
Last name: Vail rogers
Age: 29
Location: Denver colrado
Address: unknow
On websites: Syria
Report: I am 29 year old lady .I am presently in syria usa army .I have more money in syria. I invest this money yours country.
First name: Emily
Last name: Cooper
Aka: Emlice
Age: 36
Location: UK, I think
Phone: +442030954149
On websites: Adult Friend Finder
Report: This is a Romance Scam. She contacted me on AFF and we chatted for a while, but after a bit, things started to seem fishy. She contradicted herself about where she grew up. For someone who either grew up in Australia or the UK (she claimed both), her English was very broken, saying things that sound bizarre to a native English speaker. She kept making excuses for not meeting up. She responded with exaggerated love and gratitude after I barely said anything. Then she said she had to fly to England to deal with a lawyer about her father's will, for which she would inherit a large fortune, but only on the condition that she has a husband. And, presuming that I would be her husband, she would share the fortune and we would live a rich live together. First I would have to write her mom at the Grace Cooper address I posted to work out the details and costs of the marriage.
First name: Yuliya
Last name: Tsaregorodtseva
Age: 27
Location: Saratov, Russia
Address: Mesto: Saratov Drzava: Ruska federacija Ulica: Rdeci tekstilni delavec Hisa: 10 Apartma: 5 410000
On websites: Twoo
Report: Esta persona me contacto por twoo, desde un principio sospeche que era una estafa, pues nadie se enamora en un dia y mucho menos quiere verte, le segui el juego hasta el final, sabia que en un momento me pediria dinero, el dia de ayer lo hizo y supuestamente es para tramites del viaje, me dio risa porque le he hecho perder su tiempo,hasta mande una forma que descargue de internet de una remesa de moneygram, pobre persona creo que ira a perder su tiempo y pasar una afrenta