First name: Olivia
Last name: Micheal
Age: 30
On websites: facebook and Gmail
Report: He/she is con person.There is a part of his/her message below and the numbers using for the operation.Check below I believe where the Rev, Father John is residing (the Senegal) might be closer to you or your residence country. You should contact him via email: ( ) and if possible discuss with him on phone :( + 221-772-593-960) regarding how to receive your gift package and you should send him the following while writing to him. Your Full name ,-------- Home Address ------- Telephone number ------ Please don't laugh at me when you receive the pack, I know it isn't much but I sent it from my innermost heart and belief you gonna appreciate everything inside the package because it is coming from a special friend and in a special way. I know that you will be in need of this item in one way or the other. The content of the pack are 2 Toshiba laptops computer, 3 Apple Ipad, 2 Galaxy X6, AN ENVELOPE, Video Camera and some jewelries. I packed everything in a medium carton and gave it to Rev, Father John to deliver it to you because he didn't travel with much luggage of his own when he was traveling. THIS IS A CON PERSON BEWARE
First name: Cecilia
Last name: Akrasi
Age: 29
Location: Ghana Accra
Phone: +233545444144
On websites: linkin
Report: also der kontakt bricht oft ab,um sendezeit zu kaufen 80 euro wollte sie dann ist ihr handy schlecht,samsung,nein besser iphone neuerdings seit ro mantik nicht mehr aktiv ist zeigen sie sich auf linkin,was auffallt,immer gute bilder mit titten nur bei skype sieht sie ganz anders aus
First name: Irina
Last name: Noumova
Aka: Iriska
Age: 30
Location: Kazan/Russia
Report: ask for 400 dollar for paying her agency to come to me,her account with the internetbank where lock becourse the take money out her account she said to me,she send me pictures and two video's one taken in dubai
First name: Emily
Age: 30
Report: Hello Forward this Unknown email received today on January 22nd 2019
First name: Salvie
Last name: Adoremos
Aka: Enairam Oterol
Age: 30
Location: Iba Zambales Phillipenes
On websites: Facebook
Report: Is Under Several Accounts On Facebook And Instagram Claims She Is Divorced Man From The US Is Being Taken Advantage Of She Has Asked For Money Account Information And Has Been Sent Items Of Value The Man Has Lost His Job Once Already Because Of This Woman
First name: Ramilya
Last name: DE CV
Aka: Ramilya Flyurovna Muhamatislamova
Age: 30
Location: Rusisa, Ulyanovsk
Address: Rusia, 433507, region de Ulyanovsk, Dimitrovgrad, Tereshkovoy str., Casa 7, ap. 26
Phone: +791763022948
Report: This woman contacted me by email saying that she got my mail at a dating site, I have been following the game, until now she has not asked for money but as soon as she does I will tell her that I do not have hahahahahahaha
First name: Mary
Last name: Collins
Age: 32
Location: USA LA
Email: Mary
On websites: Instagram
Report: Asked for money to buy drugs for mother. Was confused as to length of residence in California (2 - 7years), very basic English language skills, apparently born in USA!
First name: Karen
Last name: Charry
Age: 36
Location: Houston
Address: 77084
Phone: 3462476146
On websites: Latin Americancupid
Report: I met this one on Latinamericancupid . She tricked me to sending her 1100.00$ and she disappeared if any one have information about her please contact me
First name: Lynn
Last name: Collins
Age: 48
Location: Phoenix,Arizona.Spain. Bangcock. canada
Address: 1450 E. Bell Rd. Apt.1106-1
Phone: 6025631453
On websites:
Report: This person Started with many emails and got me off dating site quickly and after two days stated requesting money for as she went to bangcock to buy antiques, jewelry ect. and now can't pay customs to get get goods home. Wants to ship to my house and then come live with me.I stupidly sent her reloadit cards and got email stating she was robbed and given concussion and now needed help paying her hotel bill so she could come home to me. Emails from hotel appeared as though I was emailing her. Spelling errors,grammar ect..Would never send pics from Hotel. Claimed that her crappy phone could not take pics and only text. NO PHONE CALLS.Hotel wanted me to send western union and moneygram to an individual not hotel. Aeida hotel-32 Kayode St.Bangcock,Thailand 10500.I have not been able to find any such hotel even exists. When I told her no more money would be sent the text messages(only) started begging me as she was going to be reported and arrested. On top of all this she was a Canadian citizen with a large inheritance coming to her when we got married. She could not go to the Canadian or US embassy as I suggested as she was wanted for attempted murder of a man who was going to marry her so they could get inheritance when he tried to kill her. She fled country and came to Phoenix. She also ssaid parents killed in car accident when she was 11. moved to Spain to live with aunt. I had asked her where she lived in Phoenix and would not provide address and said she lived in a basement apartment home on Central ave. There are not basements in Phoenix homes. She wanted to make sure Sky harbor airport closest so I could pick her up at airport when she returned. Then we could get her car from landlord who was holding car for backrent.I asked for info on car she said 350Z. I asked what year she repsonded 2014. Only problem the last year 350Z made was 2009. This whole thing lasted for 3 weeks and after telling her I was reporting her communications stopped.
First name: Cathryn
Last name: Sanora
Age: 29
Report: Report fake scammers email message links fake dateing site received in the email today on 28 th January 2019 uk time 01.36 am Paste and copy details as follows Oh, all these boys are so tiresome? I want to have a true sweetheart who knows how to have fun! Maybe, you can pick up me from here and we can hang out a little bit? Answer me and I?ll send my location.