First name: Debra
Last name: Johnson
Age: 34
Location: London Lambeth, Streatham
On websites: Alt Hangouts
Report: Stay away from this scammer she is using false pictures and says she is a very sucessful business woman. Obtained ?8000 from me. Using picture from a website Julie Taylor. Never send pictures to her she will use everything against you. She demands and is very rude and intimidating. Avoid at all costs. She is posion. She is a born liar and cheat. Stay away at all costs
First name: Emma
Last name: Jazz
Age: 25
Location: Texas city, Texas
On websites: Fuckbook
Report: Gets to you by having you give credit card and get verified. All a hoax and scam
First name: Yulia
Last name: Karnaukh
Aka: Julia Karnauh
Age: 40
Location: Ukraine
Phone: 00380679097105
On websites:
Report: I have been scammed by a Ukrainian (Julia Karhaukh) who was/is dating multiple men in Western countries, making them believe she is looking for a long term partner and building a family together, when everything she really needs is good time, trips abroad, fancy restaurants and expensive presents. She's contaminated many with STDs and her sob stories of wanting a child serve the sole purpose of scamming as much money as possible for fake IVF treatments that she never goes to since she is infertile.
First name: Irina
Age: 32
Location: Nizhny Novgorod Russia
Report: Is using pictures of Ukraine model
First name: Eugenia
Last name: Nelson
Aka: Jose Karl
Age: 30
Location: Ghana
Phone: +233244347091
On websites:
Report: She contacted me via Skype i responded back.She then replied saying that she had 50kilos of Gold bars left to her by her Father in Safe Storage which she needed to sell & Further transfers to my name after a lot of pleading for my name & address. She further goes on saying she loves me & wants to spend her life with me forever & asks for money via WAVE Money transfer etc. Beware of her,she will send naked pics etc of herself to convince you & photos of herself with Gold bars.
First name: Samantha Isabella
Last name: Macalinao
Age: 23
Location: Philippines
Address: Laguna Laguna
Phone: 09773513524
On websites: Date in Asia
Report: She ask money for agency fee asking credit card money transfer etc. Everything fake.
First name: Anne
Age: 28
On websites: Her is ID:087976875645
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First name: Ilonka
Last name: Arsentieva
Age: 25
Location: Ukraine, Kiev
On websites: Anastasia Date
Report: This woman states that she is single but actually has a lover in Kiev. His name is Egor Suvorov. She is listed on Anastasia website, and they have refused to remove her from their site although they know of the situation.
First name: Lynder
Last name: Jack
Age: 35
Location: San Jose, Indonesia and Nigeria
On websites: Passion
Report: I am been fool by her deception she claims to be in San Jose at first and ask my user name and password from the site I met her and second next thing asking me for gift cards, withdraw money and money transfer from western union, money gram, and post office money order. Becareful with her you think that she will care for you but all she do is just to lure you with her deception just don't give her anything from your personal information and you personal life she is one deceptive one like being robbed in Indonesia or have a boyfriend she have been killed and pretending that her life is in trouble she is one sneaky one never show her real face in live feed using a fake one the real picture owner is Yuliana Avalos and this scammer always hides behind the picture, text, and skype all she does is fool you and with lies and deception nothing more than mere scammer cost me $900 from my credit card please don't give her anything she one tricky one using a damsel and distress technique and jealous technique to lure you with her lies and deciet
First name: Marinelle
Last name: Bacay
Aka: Marinelle Espineda
Age: 19
Location: Philippines
Address: 2300 hadrian ext. 2 mountview balibago
Phone: +639381280056
On websites: facebook and tagged and skype
Report: met her on tagged, she pretended not to be sex worker in sex bar and begged me for money