First name: ANASTASIYA
Last name: LEVADA
Age: 37
Location: RUSSIA
Phone: 9522745759
On websites:
Report: we meet each other on the website after one month she asked me come visit me . unfortunately my passport was expired . so she asked me let me thinking after I will answer you . so after a week she asked me support me I wanna come to iceland see you in really life . she always telling me I love you I love you . so after two months we come closer by VIBER contact everyday . every time I asked I wanna see you she made a lot of excuse . by the way one of time I send 580$ after one month again I send 840$ dollar . she said I am coming please come to the airport a little quick because I don?t . she told me her flight will landing 8;35 am . I woke up 5;00 in the morning going to the airport waiting until 11;00 am . finally she said I cant move from Moscow because before I toke loan from the bank and police stop me in the airport . finally we broke up because she is reality scammers
First name: Natalya
Last name: Osipova
Age: 34
Location: Vologda Russia
On websites: Russia daytyng
Report: Donna che si e fatta inviare del denaro per documenti e viaggio in 4 mesi di lettere e poi mai venuta ed e sparita nel nulla
First name: Natalie
Age: 30
Report: Hello, I just have a comment. When I had done a photo reverse of a particular person. I noticed her photo was all over the place even here in Chicago, USA as a escort service personal. Her photos were popping up in Russia, France, and Norway. I think its just to much for one person to go through all kind of trouble to scam someone. How do we not know that its someone or a group of men exploiting these woman's photos for them to get money from people and not the woman themselves unless you met them personally? I feel some of these woman might be victims and some group out there is doing this and exploiting them without their knowledge. It's just my thought.
First name: Carmen
Last name: Lowe
Age: 30
Location: UK
Address: 15486 FM 252
Phone: 4094231014
Email: Carmenlowe333@gmail.comUK
On websites: twitter
Report: This woman says she's half English and half American. Claims she got out of porn just a few years ago and she's 27 years old. She says she buys and sells bitcoins. My husband is involved with her and thinks he's found his true love. His last true love scammer cost him 40k
First name: Irina
Last name: Chinyakina
Age: 29
Location: Tobolsk, Russia
Report: She says she is a doctor and that she only makes $200 a month that she wants to come visit America for 30 days and doesn't have money to pay for her visa or her flight
First name: Nadezhda
Last name: Bogatyreva
Age: 28
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
On websites:,, gmail
Report: I met Nadia online in 2015. Interesting and long story. Invested a lot of money to find out the truth. Initially on which a 100% scam. Nadia is connected to Rovenki, Zarvanitsia, Ryazan/Russia, Kiev. On and off the site, later communicated via Still communicating. I finally travelled to Kiev alone in early 2019 and invested in a private investigator to find her. I liked her a lot but she is a scammer all the way. Everything was a lie and spent a lot of money trying to get to the truth. Sadly, I found her and she operates as a prostitute in the city of Kiev and lives with her 35 year old Chechen boyfriend. It was unbelievable and very sad. I did meet her and confronted her. Not in a bad way. Anyone that stoops to that level needs sympathy and not hate. She has been doing the internet scam since she was 17. That's 11 years worth of lying and deceiving decent guys. She has no intention of stopping and jumps from site to site. She is born March 10th, 1991. Beautiful, brown hair, brown eyes. She said her father is named Alexander, she says she works as a teacher on her profile. Goes by Sweet Lady, Pretty Lady, current contact
First name: Clara
Last name: Rankin
Aka: Danielle Delaunay
Age: 31
Location: USA, Everett
Address: 38th Street SE
Phone: (425)276-2544
On websites: Unknown
Report: This female that I am referring to as a scammer here first reached out to me on Messenger as a friend request which I accepted. The number she logged in on said it was from Ghana. When I asked her about it she claimed that she was using her sister Louisa Kim's account. Soon after we started texting one another on Messenger she asked if I had a Hangouts account and could we resume our conversation there. She first used this email address and then changed it to when we first met she claimed her parents were both dead and she sent me pictures of herself which I Google images later and found out actually belonged to a porn star by the name of Danielle Delaunay. When I confronted her about this she confessed that yes she was in porn at one time yet was no longer in the industry. Later she changed her story and sent me more pictures of a different female. The first address that she gave me was at an apartment complex where she said she lived with her aunt in Waynesboro, Virginia. Later she said she was moving to Everett, Washington to live with her cousin and her cousin's husband Tito Venida. In July she was supposedly on her way to come live with me in Tulsa, Oklahoma and never made it claiming that at the last transfer point in Kanas she got on the wrong bus and wound up in Jackson, Mississippi where a day later she was kidnapped by two men and a woman. I supposedly have been texting the kidnapper who is using the name James in my WhatsApp account since July and on 09/29/2019 the last text I got from this scammer on Hangouts indicated that the kidnapper and his boss and two other men where there where they had her locked up to beat her up and rape and kill her cause I had failed to send the kidnapper $1,000 and that I would never speak to her again or ever see her.
First name: Karen
Last name: Lake
Age: 29
Location: USA, Las Cruces
Phone: 806-475-4080
On websites: Adult Friend Finder
Report: Met Karen on Adult Friend Finder one bright Monday morning. She offered to come up to my house 2 & 1/2 hours north of her. She had to make some arrangements to take care of grandmother with the niece before she could leave Las Cruces. Time wore on throughout Monday and she finally had to cancel the trip up to see me. But, she said she would love to speak with me and her phone needed fixing, so she needed just a little cash and could I help. ?I just finished paying my granny house bills and the money left with me is not enough and I am so eager to hear your sweet voice.? So I respond that you are able to send text messages and not call on the phone? ?Oh this is my granny?s number. So I will come up tomorrow but I can?t take this phone with me. I have to get mine fixed.? So like a sucker I drive up to the Walgreens and get her an Amazon card with $50 on it and she coaches me through taking pictures of it after scratching the codes off of it. She gets her $50 and says she will leave in the morning to see me. Well, the niece who is supposed to babysit grandmother the next day is at a party in the middle of the day and doesn?t return until 5:00 pm that day. ?Blah, blah, blah, I can?t drive up now it will be dark and my night vision isn?t good. I can?t come.? I send a text message that expresses my understanding of how I have been shafted. ?Did you enjoy your drugs?? The next morning she texts me and is all surprised that I have trashed her online. THIS GIRL IS A TOTAL PHONY!
First name: elizabeth
Last name: thomas
Aka: williams
Age: 24
Location: usa, dutton
On websites: twitter, hangouts, instagram
Report: tried to get amazon cards off me,and asked for money for phone
First name: Vanessa
Last name: Boateng
Age: 36
Location: Accra , Ghana
On websites: FirstMet and Hangouts
Report: Was scammed by woman with the name Vanessa Boateng. Contacted me on FirstMet dating site. Then on Hangouts. We chatted for a while and seemed nice and i got sucked into the nice photos sent to me and felt for her as she said she was from Australia but travelled to Ghana to for her fathers burial with her mother. Scammed be by getting me to transfer money through Worldremit , which was meant for her fathers funeral. Then i had noticed one of the photos looked similar to a celebrity photo that i had spotted on an ad on the net. After research i found a site that scans fake or stolen photos by scammers. Sure enough the woman claiming to be Vanessa Boateng was using porn star Jelena jenen's photos. Now I'm out of pocket and feel so stupid for falling into the trap. Never again