First name: Eva
Age: 35
Location: Ukraine
Report: I find this scammer by his mail adress
First name: Erika
Last name: Addie
Aka: Sara Banera
Age: 28
Location: Oxford/ Mexico
On websites: Adulthub
Report: She Tries to direct you to a dodgy website where you have to pay to webcam, Pictures and videos are all fake
First name: Jennifer
Last name: Williams
Age: 35
Location: Ghana
Phone: +23354545971
Email: jenniferwilliams
Report: Started typing on anything goes dating websites moved onto hangout and then Skype told her big age difference but said fed up with young men message for sex photo after 2 weeks of general chit chat said started to get feel for me said she lived with uncle in Swansea and worked at Iceland shop had to give job up to move again Birmingham to look after older uncle that had a stroke was not getting any money coming in so ask if I could send 50 pounds for food her farther had been kill I car crash her mum lived in Ghana soon mum was in trouble with rent sent 375 pounds to cover then she had to go to her mum her uncle got a loan of 2100 so sher could go she spent lots of photos of her and her mum when it was time to come home neaded 400 pounds for documents police check and health check this took so long flight ticket ran out so 815 pounds sent tryied to bring her dowery gold her farther had put a side for her but got stopped getting on plane and put in calls wanted 4000 pounds for bail but I found out all the photos were of a America citizen so stopped all contact
First name: Mary
Last name: Esperanzalope
Age: 30
On websites: Unknown
Report: I receive email very random Unknown email from mary aesperanzalope email from gmail account reported intervesting seriously Matters
First name: Maria
Last name: Khok
Aka: Fira Listopadova
Age: 30 anos
Location: Parnu Estonia
On websites: Desconocido
Report: Menciona que es divorciada, sin hijos, con negocio de lenceria. Viaja a Turquia y Egipto. Pide 887 euros por perdida de documentos a causa de robo.presenta una amiga para depositar de nombre Svetlana.
First name: rose
Last name: tetteh
Age: 37
Location: hawthorn austrailia
Phone: 9273367095 6465478288
Email: rose tetteh 357
On websites: linkadin facebook waplog
Report: Hit it off thought i had found the one promicf she was coming her so we could be together
First name: Rosemond
Last name: Wood
Aka: Rosemond love, rosemond pianism
Age: 40
Location: Ghana
On websites: Mature dating, mature tenders
Report: As usual met on dating site , asked to move if had gmail account to hangouts , conversation on there before long confessing undying love for me to settle down and have family . Lived in Birmingham when on dating site but within 2days had moved to Nottingham . Posing to Work as a consultant gold precious gems importer, sculpture . Would not talk live only messaging when asked do video call , recorded message played back , not sharpest scammer on net as on second video call played back exact video . Went on to tell me that mine she was getting products from in Ghana had problems so stopping supply . Would need new supply from new mine which old mine in Ghana supplied her with contract , with a third name listed on it. At this point I managed to find a listing on u tube she had posted of a Ghanaian rap artiste in 2015 . Sent her a link asking if she remembered posting it , for some reason now my messages have bean blocked , is it possible she realises I?m on to her.
First name: Marina
Aka: Eketrina
Age: 35
Location: Divnogorsk
On websites: Unknown
Report: We have been talking for about two weeks now with no mention of money exchanging hands. I saw her photos on this web site are the same one's that she has sent me.
First name: Lawrencia
Last name: Tackie
Age: 36
Location: Indiana and Later Ghana
Phone: 414-455-1837, 385-249-3215
On websites: Mingle2
Report: I conversed with this person for 6 months and she started asking for money for various things such as medicine, to fly to me, she even convinced me to buy some phones to send to her to sell so she could be with me. Eventually I ended the conversations because it all became about money.
First name: Amina
Last name: Akrihin
Aka: Amina Akrihlin Anita Ann Anna Annutika Annutonka Annutik Anya Anya Anytka Beauty Ekaterinulka Belarus Darya Ekaterina Ekaterina Vygolova Ekaterinchika Smile Ekaterinok Ekaterinusha Ekaterinusik Sunny Fine Ekaterina Flower Katyushka GrussenKatyok GrussenKatyushka Irchika Fine Ischenko Anna Konstantinovna, Valeriya Katerinoka Katya Katyusha Katyuska Mi Lady Katyusya Maria Maria Marishulya Mi Annchika Mi Ekaterinok Mina Aminusechka Natalenka Petropavlovsk-kamchatsky Samara Sunny Valeriyushika Valeriya Valeriya detector Valeriyulenka Valeriyunka Valeriyushika Valeriychik Veronika Veronika
Age: 30
Email: -
On websites: VK
Report: NAME - AMINA, Amina Akrihin, Amina Akrihlin EMAIL - CONFIRMED ? FRAUD GLOBAL REPORTED SCAMS: RUSSIA, GEORGIA, UKRAINE, USA, ISRAEL, FINLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY, CANADA Contacted by email. Romance TRAVEL scam/FRAUD/catfishing. Embarrassed to say I lost over $10,000 on this FAKE