First name: Elizabeth
Last name: Johnson
Aka: worutemitope
Age: 75
Report: Dearest One, Good day Please kindly be honest to me. My name is Mrs.Elizabeth Johnson, I am a dying woman who had decided to donate what I have to the Charities.As you know bad people in the world have spoil the image of good people.Please I don't want you to ignore this massage. I am 75 years old and was diagnosed with cancer about four years ago,immediately after the death of my husband.I have been touched to donate from what I have inherited from my late husband for the good work rather than allow his relatives to lavish my husband's hard earned fund. As i lay on my sick bed, I want you to help me in carrying out my last wish on earth which will also be very profitable to you. I want to WILL a total sum of $5.6 million USD to you which I want you to distribute part of it to any charity home for me and the rest for yourself and your family. I will inform you on how to share all, Please for further information contact me ASAP. I will be looking forward to hear from you. I look forward to your reply my private email address: ( Regards, Mrs.Elizabeth Johnson.
First name: Donna jennifer
Last name: Adio
Age: 42
Location: Cyprus
Phone: 661-752-5235
On websites: Zoosk
Report: On zoosk for lesbians- sucked 1,200 gifts cards - Out of me. lol super pretty bad English. Gave me a lot of pictures. Clever but watch out. She needs to cash 15 million check from building she got from dead dad. Lost her passport to manager,
First name: Beulah
Age: 32
Location: Texas, United States
Phone: +1 (438) 792-9824
On websites: Mingles2
Report: She images of pornographic actress instead of her. She is very well Inform regarding the city were I am leaving
First name: Liza
Age: 30
Report: Unsolicted email, typical scammer.
First name: Sherry
Last name: Perry
Aka: Sherry Shelly Asantewaa
Age: 32
Location: Ghana
On websites: Twitter and Hangouts
Report: First ask for money for internet card. Then needed more money for her sick mother. Then she wanted money to buy a plane ticket to come to USA.
First name: Mary
Last name: Patrica
Age: 36
Location: London
Phone: 07867123481
On websites: Pof
Report: She initially made contact from pof for a year notice she wouldent talk or meet she requested to send money
First name: Veronika
Age: 27
Location: kiev Ukraine
On websites: VictoriaBrides
Report: VictoriaBrides Veronika, 27Validated MemberMember's profile ID: 6879456 Kiev, Ukraine Height 5'4.1' (1.65m), Weight 119 lbs (54kg)
First name: ALEKSANDRA
Last name: EKIMOVA
Aka: Lily
Age: 30
Location: Ulyanovsk Russian Federation
Address: Street and number: Orlowa 15 Ulyanovsk city ZIP 432002 Russian Federation
Report: She imitated contact via my email. She said she messaged me on a dating site and did I get it? Already on her second email her name and email address changed from the first one. I was already suspicious so I checked out the pics she sent and found her using a different name on Instagram. I called her out but apparently she never read the email and just continued sending me an email every day with a few pics and short video clips. Finally on the thirteenth email she said she needed money in to show the authorities at the airport that she had cash (because she was a visitor) in order to be able to fly to me. Funny thing, I never gave her an address so who knows where she was flying LOL !!! Here's what she wrote for the money: And that means you can send me money here in Moscow through Western Union or other fast MoneyGram transfers. Her name was ALEKSANDRA EKIMOVA and she requested $440.00 Of course I didn't send any money, I've been trying for 14 years to try to find someone real but all so far have been scammers. I keep all their correspondence and pics and if I had the time I could give you 20 more at least. I used to have 3 to 4 going at a time. This is the first time I'm actually submitting any, only because I just saw the one I'm talking about on this site but a different name. Final outcome, I never answered her since the 3rd email and after the money request 2 days ago. I haven't heard anything from her.
First name: Oksana
Last name: Marhele
Aka: Veronika
Age: 27
Location: Kiev Ukraine
On websites: Victoriabrides
Report: Veronika, 27Validated Member profile ID: 6879456 Kiev, Ukraine Height 5'4.1' (1.65m), Weight 119 lbs (54kg) Veronika and I were messaging on this dating site for about two years. Her picture popped up which is exactly the same pic as the one on Oksana Marlele' scammer profile. There was no direct money transfer. Sometimes she spoke to me as if she was a different person ie. vulgar language. VictoriaBrides Veronika, 27Validated MemberMember's profile ID: 6879456 Kiev, Ukraine Height 5'4.1' (1.65m), Weight 119 lbs (54kg)
First name: Bianca
Last name: Anderson
Age: 25
Location: Manila Philippines
Report: She was pretending to be a lonely girl looking for some company. I just needed to send 300 to her manager as a deposit to keep her safe.