First name: Beth
Last name: Urban
Age: 36
Location: Ghana, Accra USA Harrisburg, PA
Phone: (484) 696-5789, (407) 634-6453, (407) 785-6551
On websites:
Report: Initial contact on, she initiated the contact, profile said she lived in Harrisburg, PA. Immediately switched over to Google Hangouts. Texted back and forth for about a week
First name: natalya
Last name: churshukova
Age: 31
Location: rusland
On websites:
Report: deze dame deed erg lief maar kreeg naar de 2 mail al argwaan, ik bleef een tijd het spel mee spelen om zo meer gegevens te krijgen, wat ook lukte. alleen jammer geen telefoon nr
First name: Anne
Last name: Wilson
Age: 27
Location: Los Angeles
Report: from my view My definition to love is different from the book my definition of love is more thant just a look love is more than a work more than a song, more than a note love is more than a pome more than anything I've wrote love is reaching out to touch someone to be sue that they're there love is leaning in to kiss someone to remind them that you care love is looking her in the eyes and whispering in her ears love is cuddling when she is cold love is knowing they'll still be there
First name: Oksana
Last name: Koronovolva
Aka: Oxy
Age: 31
Location: Moscow, Russia
On websites: Instagram, Anastasia
First name: Jessica
Last name: Hartman
Aka: Maya Taylor, Nancy Furnell
Age: 32
Location: Brazil
Report: She scammed me out of $15,000 by claiming she loves me and is in Africa. Said she was going to get inheritance and needed money for lawyer. Said she wanted to be my wife. Watch for changes in her English abilities. There are many people involved in scam with her.
First name: Kimberly
Last name: Fischer
Age: 30
Location: Los Angeles Ca
Report: wicked woman has no shame
First name: Manuela
Last name: Pineda Buitrago
Age: 24
Location: Manizales
Address: Carrera 57C
Phone: +573234463711
On websites: Badoo
Report: Su verdadero nombre es Valentina Medina. Vive en Manizales, Colombia
First name: MARGUERITE
Last name: DUBOIS
Age: 36
Address: 13001
Phone: 33756847316
On websites:
Report: al pricipio es educada da gusto hablar con ella hasta que pasn 2 meses y te dice que est locamente enmorada de ti, como ya has hablado por la webcam y te ha ensenado llo guapisima que sale en las fotod empiezza pidiendote 200 euuros, para un telefono nuevo, despues le empiezan a pasar cosa horribles la detienen simempreen las aduanas y la acusan de algo, hizo un viaje por africa que lo empezo para acompanar a una amiga, la amiga se vino y se quedo ellasola en burkina faso, hasta queyo le dijese que nos podiamos ver, le pasa de todo, no puede salir del pais porque la acusan de haber robado algo, se tiene que que dar en un hotel de burkina y yo pagandole sus medicinas inttenta de nuevo venir a Espana a verme,esta vez es en marruecos dondeladetienen por asuntos de su vacuncion se vacuna y se paga y cuandoen casablanca va por fin a coger el aviona espaa la atracan y ladejansin sentido, hay que pagarle el hospital esta vez pedia el dinero lamujer marroqui que la salvo de morir y la llevo al hospital,cuando vuelv en si dice wue quiere venir a un hospital de espanahay que pagarleel vuelocuando ya la iba a tener cerca de micasa laamenazan por telefonoy le dicen que comollegue a cordoba al matan total que desapaerece 1 semana y despues dice que tiene mucho miedo y se haido a pariscerca de su madrey ahi esta queriendo venir a espana a verme
First name: Kashi
Last name: Naicker
Age: 29
Location: South Africa
Phone: 0673496514 and 0661155812
On websites: Facebook
Report: She invites guys on fb .1s u accept she starts sex talks and sends nude pics and wants pics of you aswell.she then blackmails you for cash or she will expose your pics and chats on social media The email address does not work so use the contact numbers
First name: Lisa
Last name: Jefferson
Age: 32-35
Location: Whittmore / Newberry South Carolina
Address: 75 Sims St
Phone: 970-369/9617
Report: Was chatting for a while , always had a sad story of no food and made arrangements to come to my home, sent a little money for transportation and never show