First name: Svetlana
Last name: Pchelina
Age: 38
Location: Borisoglebsk Russia
Phone: +79058115793
On websites: Tinder, kusk
Report: She took contact with me on tinder. She wrote many mails to me She ask me for 260 Euro for paying for fake documents Hello, I hope, did not keep you waiting long? Now I can write for you the letter and tell about myself in more detail. My name is Svetlana. I am 37 years old. Friends to call me by Sveta. You can call me by Sveta. :) I live Russia, the city of Borisoglebsk(Voronez Oblast). My nationality - the Russian. What do you know about Russia? I have been married for 6 years. My marriage ended in 2018. My ex-man did not want to develop our marriage. My marriage was ruined. I have no children from this marriage. You were in marriage? Do you have children? I am the only child in family, I have no brothers and sisters. In free time I like reading books, movies, music, theaters, good food, walks, to spend time with friends and many other things. What do you love? For many years I have been fond of Nordic Walking. I like this hobby. I have a kind heart, I am a romantic, loyal, sincere woman. My identity: stable, contemplate, quiet, honest. My life is happy, but a missing component - division of love with the partner of true life. For me it is the first experience of acquaintance in the Internet, I am a beginner in the Internet acquaintance. Did you use the acquaintance website for a long time? Whether you had an experience of acquaintance to the Russian woman? I think that you are surprised that I from Russia. On a dating site there was other country. I had a bad experience with men of Russia. It is difficult to find good the man in Russia. That is why I made the decision to look for men in other country. Distance not a problem in the modern world. I look for the serious man to construct the future and family. Which is honest and sincere. Who ripened enough and is not afraid to take serious steps to lives. Who does not play games, who dreams of real family on the basis of love and respect. I hope our search is identical. I do not look for a game. I have knowledge English. We will be able to understand each other. It would be pleasant to me to continue ours about yours communication. I will expect yours letters and a photo. Svetlana
First name: Liliya
Last name: Sergeeva
Aka: Merrt
Age: 26
Location: Russia
Phone: +7 904 610-53-59
On websites:
Report: she said he did not have a passport, then said that his phone was broken, she lied that he could not come because of high fever on the day of flight. it defrauded me $ 500. she is a liar and a crook.
First name: Lililya
Last name: Shashlovaa
Age: 33
Location: Divnogorsk Russia
Report: Claimed to have received my e-mail from a dating agency, to which she had to pay money. Claims to be a surgeon in a small clinic. After a month of correspondence, she was going to get a visa to visit me in Canada. I know the procedure for getting a visa and she was not following it. Claimed she had to go from her home to Moscow to get visa. (It can be done on line) The distance is 3,300 km or a 5 hour flight. Never asked for money. Did not have a computer, had to use the one in the clinic. Could not receive phone calls as she had an old fashion phone. Lots of photos, but never explained what was in the photos. Photos has no date stamp or file information. She is 33 and I am 72.
First name: Ama
Last name: Nabrah
Aka: Josephine Nabrah
Age: 39
Location: Accra Ghana
On websites: Ashley Madison
Report: I met this female scammer online on the Ashley Madison website. This was over 1 year ago. My memory is that the website brought us together as based on our profiles the website system identified us as a match. She freely told me her real name is Ama, a common name in Ghana that means she was born on a Saturday. Indeed, we did seem to find common areas of likes, religion, and other things like foods, based on my feelings of what she freely told me were things she liked. After a number of months, we started to talk seriously about meeting or even having her move to my country. We began to plan, which planning involved building up a fund of money for her to get ready. She sent me documentation showing that she had an inheritance but was required to place certain amounts of money on deposit with the Ghana central bank. It has not been possible for me to verify independently her claims. To make a long story shorter, let me say so far we have tried 2 times to get her here. Always something happens, apparently unexpectedly resulting in failure of both attempts. One of the things has been extreme amounts of money extored at the Ghana airport by immigration demanding money for any Ghana citizen to leave the country. The other was increases in the amount of money the Central bank requires. She has freely given me quite a number of photographs, some involving family members. To send her money we have used commercial money transfer services, a major bank of my country, and even bitcoin. Frankly, I have strong feelings for this very beautiful person. One day, quite accidentally, I found out online about, and how to use Google reverse image capabilities. Using 4 of the images she has sent to me, all came up with a name and exact images of a female from an eastern part of the USA. When confronted she claims her photos are the ones copied and stolen.
First name: Tenna
Last name: Flora
Aka: Lasisi o bilikis
Age: 39
Location: Bolton England
Address: BL111AD
Report: Befriended me via Facebook, and we chatted and sure enough she wanted to visit me here. To which she asked for the air fare I told her that I was in the UK in just a week's time, so we could meet up get her flight booked and I would treat her to some new summer clothing! Suprisingly she then said she wanted an i-tune card for her phone! I asked how much credit did she need ......................... $600 (NOTE Dollars and not GBP) Asked for her phone number and I'd send a credit to her, at this point she said hers had been stolen she was using her sisters phone. then asked for the $600 to be sent to Wells Fargo!
First name: MARLON
Last name: DUQUE
Aka: 33
Age: Unknown
Location: Phillipines
On websites: mingle2 and hangouts app
Report: Someone using this address tried to get money from me by paypal MARLON DUQUE ( canceled the following money request: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Money request details ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Amount: P5,000.00 PHP Date: Feb 27, 2020 Sincerely, PayPal
First name: Carine
Last name: Haddad
Age: 34
Location: Wallonne Belgium and Mali Africa
On websites: Tinder
Report: She tells you her mother is ill and dying in hospital. Wants to get money for her medicines. She then uses any photos you send as blackmail asking for money if she sends them to your contacts on Facebook
First name: Jane
Last name: Kendrick
Age: 30
Location: Erie PA
On websites: Instagram
Report: Was talking for a month stop reconnected and now asking for $
First name: Olga
Last name: Simonova
Aka: Viktoriia Goloeva
Age: 30
Location: Russia Barnaul
Phone: +79177175083 +79021029675
Report: I got an email from her and then she used the name Viktoriia. She sent me a lot of photos but I found that she used the photos to the Russian model Anastasia Shchepetkina. When I confronteded with this she said her real name was Olga Vladimirovna Simonova. But this is also a fake name. She is very clever and you have to stay away from here. She sent me a false visa and other documents. I orderer a background check of her. They found that she is not registered with that name in Barnaul and her phonenumbers is registered in Yoshkar-Ola city.
First name: Diana
Last name: Maxwell
Aka: Irina, Evgenia, Ayman, Mariya, Virginie Royer, Vivian Kamel, Rose, Lucy, Isabella Meri, Monica Duran, Caroline Duran, Rose Smith, Selena Siako, Cassandra Asiako, Micheal Howard, Belinda Sabga, Peace Davids, Elizabeth Foster, Sofia Manuel, Judith, Lisa Miriam, Juliet Nott, Nora, Makayla, Annble, Comfort, Angela Oniel, Elizabeth Gumara, Adara Hassan, Vivian, Alisha, Lizzy, Jessica Prisca, Joy, Kate Morgan, Berlinda Forson, Jamie Wardy, Patricia Hammond, Easter Moses, Doris Tamba, Denisa Gejdosova, Inessa Martynova, Tatyana, Elena Mirzoeva, Mariya Yankovskaya, Angelina Evgenievna Bogatyreva, Yuliya Vladimirovna Podlesnaya, Anastasiya Rakhimova, Denise Georget, Denise Dalienko, Elizaveta Abramova Andreevna, Polina Polinka, Anna Abramova, Kseniia Sydorenko, Nataliia Lyzohub, Mariya Bastrokova
Age: 28
Location: Dakar, Senegal; Angeren, Gelderland, Netherlands; Mummāsar, State of Rājasthān, India; Florida Ridge, USA; New Delhi, India; Banjul, Gambia; Wukari, Nigeria; Bogotá, Colombia; Cranbrook, Canada; Bethel, MN, USA; Texas City, Texas, USA; Bamenda, Cameroon; Nettelhorst, Gelderland, Netherlands; Arkansas City, KS, USA; Anchorage, USA; Tanzania; Accra, Ghana; Chicago, USA; Abia, Nigeria; Hunters Creek, USA; Kiev, Ukraine
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