First name: JULIA
Age: 29
Location: Yoshkar ola- russia
Report: got suspicious when she said she was in love with after 1 week,then i recived email from her....but from different address ( si tapped this address into google and there we have it.....shes already appears on several blacklists,but now with new email address,just thought you'd like to know.
First name: olga
Age: 26
Location: Russia
Report: Asked money for trip and mum
First name: Natalya
Last name: Zarnicyna
Aka: Natisha
Age: 36
Location: Cheboksary ,Russia
Report: She sent mails proclaiming love and passion for about six months alongwith dozens of photos.Wanted money for visa and air ticket.Disappeared after she realised that she wasnt getting any money.
First name: Evgeniya
Last name: Dmitrieva
Aka: Raka, zenya
Age: 31
Location: Russia, Divnogorsk
Report: One month and she loves me, she states she is flieing to Moscow for papers and plan ticket, then when she gets there she states she wants 1900.00 US dollars for ticket, and papers, I asked for name of contact at embassy no response.
First name: irene
Age: unknown
Location: enakievo ukraine
Report: say she is from ukraie. In her profile she is from latvia.
First name: yulia
Last name: chagina
Aka: Olga Zagaynova, Julia Chagina, Ekaterina Veselova, Ludmila Malishka, Ludmila Krashennikova, Marina
Age: 29
Location: yoshkar ola
Address: Lenina street 59a-12
Report: yulia and i write for long time befor she asked for moneys, we write for 5 months. she wanted to come to me, as for me to send moneys. as a fool i did, and sent 1500.00 us dollars. this was sent, and then her computer ended with virus , and had meld down. she wrote from cafe that all of russia having computer problems, and will be down for 1 week. i have many photos she has sent. dale, U.S.A.
First name: lizzy
Last name: marcos
Aka: sweetylove
Age: 20
Location: texas
On websites: myspace
Report: Hey guys i recived the same letter and the same pictures for an instant i thought it was true stupid of me but thank God i have a doubt and i did my search in the internet and discovered this page thanks for posted your comments here it were very useful her new page is this
First name: Maria
Last name: Oliveira
Aka: Branca
Age: 33
Location: Brisbane,Australia
Address: 1/96 Agnew street. Norman Park - Brisbane QLD,Australia
Phone: 61-7-38998963 or mobile 0412626029
On websites:
Report: She is a gold digger who has been caught several time on several Australian sites like and now she is on She keeps changing photos every week or fortnight.She is actually married and always asking money to help her mother`s operation.I have photo or her and her husband together to prove.
First name: natalya
Last name: malinova
Age: 31
Location: russia cheboksary
Address: tereschkova 15-41
Email: natalka377@yandex.rui wil
Report: i will do have bo know about natalya malinova, and she live in tereschkova 15-41. i have send her a letter to her address, but i get my letter back again.
First name: chelsie
Last name: Benson
Age: 30
Location: lagos nigera
On websites:
Report: wants to come to me acts like she is getting a airline ticket then suddenly looses her money now needs me to send money