First name: alexandra
Last name: tostoiskvi
Age: 28
Location: London, England & Warsaw, Poland
On websites: many
Report: she will claim she needs help w/emergency travel, health, etc. she has very pretty pics that she uses. very heavy polish accent. she uses western union to request many large transfers.
First name: jesica
Last name: Williams
Aka: Mary Williams looks the same
Age: 30
Location: London, England
Address: 32 Kennsington Ghurch St w8-ln
On websites: TRUE
Report: I started chating with this person on February 2nd--2007. She has scamed me out of over $2000.00 -also I bought a ticket from London to Atlanta, GA. For her and her son supposly,. but when she was to take the flight she missed the plane --she said--and than her excuse was that her grandmother , had stroke. now she needs more money to help with teh medical bills.
First name: Vivian
Last name: Adjei
Age: 32
Location: Ghans Accra
Address: PO Box 188 Accra- North 002321
Email: or
On websites:
Report: She had been trying to get me to send her money. I had a PI check her out and he doesn't exist. I told her if she would meet with my man in Accra I would send her the money for so she could visit. she said no and wanted me to send it direct to her.
First name: olga
Last name: polcovnichenko
Aka: olya
Age: 27
Location: enakievo and makeyevka, ukraine
On websites: asia friend finder
Report: Conversed back and forth, then a translator said she was out of money in her account and I would need to send money Western Union to keep talking to her. I have full documentation of all letters exchanged and would like to bust whoever is doing this so guys don't waste money on a leech.
First name: Alexandra
Last name: Ignatieva
Aka: Sasha
Age: 30
Location: Russia/ Ukhta
Report: This little scammer's been e-mailing me since December of last year. At first our conversations were friendly, then her mom got sick and that's when she started asking for money. She even had the audacity to ask for bank account and routing numbers (all she ever got out of me was what time it was here). She sent me a copy of her passport and noticed her passport photo is the same one in her on-line gallery
First name: John
Last name: Roberts
Aka: John Roberts
Age: 36
Location: Berkeley,California
Phone: 234-543-8194
On websites: Yahoo/ Skylogic itlay
Report: Love scammer.uses cash flow problems along with car accident.can be found on singlesnet allday,this has been repoted.traced mail from ripenet/skylogic
First name: Karia
Last name: Fay
Age: 27
Location: Ebolowa
Report: Has sent various religious e-mails to my son and me. Stating she is helping street kids but wanting to come to US. Sends e-mails in English and Dutch, since she is stating she is from Holland, but was orphaned and adopted by a minister in Cameroon, who also has sent e-mails to my son, citing Bible verses. Telling story of needing money for her immigrant visa to USA. Saying she needs a total of $6,000 and only has $3,000 so far. Very persisting.
First name: samanta
Last name: udeh
Age: 23
Location: Ivory coast, Dakar Senegal
On websites:
Report: She contacted me.. but I found out that she is scam...
First name: Irina
Last name: Yakimova
Aka: irinalapka77
Age: 27
Location: russia
Report: try to get to fly her to america, started out friendly enough, then wanted me to go get a bank loan, when I told her i had a problem with that, she then wanted me to save up. when i didnt get backto her right away she quit writing. havent heard from her since.
First name: Ekaterine
Last name: Tarasovoi
Age: 27
Location: Zvenigovo, Russia
Address: Lenina street, 8
On websites:
Report: I emailed her for 3 months, she ran out of money for the internet cafe, she asked for travel money, I told her I would never send money. I planned to meet her and another woman, by sailing my boat to her, one stop on my round the world sailing trip. Then I found her picture on this site with another name.